Build a list with email marketing, push notifications & more

List-Building Shortcuts - Squeeze Page, Niches & Lead Magnets

In our last post, I looked at why you should build a list.

Now I'm going to teach you how to build a list.

Specifically, I'm going to show you how to list-building - using three shortcuts.

My 3 shortcuts relate to:
1) choosing your niche
2) creating the lead magnet
3) creating a squeeze page.

This last one is absolutely vital - because everyone gets the squeeze pages wrong!

And don't worry, I'll give you my own squeeze page and point out the common errors that people make.

Just a quick recap in a few points, first though.

Prefer to watch rather than read?

Here's a video version of this article:

Now let's dive in...

Recap: List Owners Make the Big Money ($100/day to $10,000 per day)

Here's what a fairly common 5-day week looks like for me (I try and take most of Friday and Saturday off):

Those are my revenues as a vendor.

But I also make money as an affiliate:

Point is: list owners are the ones making the really big money.

That's especially true in the Internet marketing niche...

Which is the perfect niche for list-builders, because there are so many products we can promote.

In fact, you could send 5x emails a day and still not promote every affiliate program out there.

And that's because...

In the internet marketing niche, there are 40+ launches happening every single week you can see from this screenshot taken from MunchEye over a seven day period.

And these are just the launches mentioned on MunchEye.

You'll find even more on ProClub's Internet marketing product launches page.

A typical week in the Internet marketing niche might see $500,000 to $5 million in sales. And 60-90% of these sales comes from email marketing!

And that's only one niche.

There's no doubt about it, there are millions of dollars up for grabs for list-builders.

I'd guess the internet marketing niche - across JVZoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank alone - is worth $100 and $300 million dollars per year.

That's $30k to $100k per day that goes into the back pockets of affiliates and vendors like you.

Just look at revenues of the top 10 on JVZoo & WarriorPlus, over a very average 30-day period:

Luckily, both JVZoo and WarriorPlus display full stats, so I can estimate revenue for each product.

How many affiliates are making a full-time living doing this?

We can also answer that question pretty scientifically:

WarriorPlus is unique in that they gives affiliates their global ranking on WarriorPlus.

Mine bounces around from #10 to #50, depending on what I'm promoting on a given week.

Here's how it looked at the time of me writing this article:

So we can say: "the 29th top affiliate on WarriorPlus earns about $5,300 a month".

But: remember this is only one platform I promote on.

I can easily make $5k on WarriorPlus, $2k on JVZoo, $3k on ClickBank, etc.

That's about $10k per month in affiliate commissions.

And that's probably true of other affiliates like me.

So we can guesstimate that a #29 ranking on WarriorPlus equates to $10k/month in affiliate commissions, across all platforms.

Let's assume that WarriorPlus is just a small part of the Internet marketing space.

Just in the same way that an iceberg only has a small part actually visible.

I think it's reasonable to assume that the number of people making $10k per month isn't 29... it's not even three times that.

It's probably 10-20 that - ie 300-600.


And here's where things get interesting...

I've been anywhere from #7 to #50 on a given week on WarriorPlus.

And I can tell you it's waaaaaaay harder to go from #8 up to #7 than #50 to #49.

In other words, the difference betwen the 50th and 49th top affiliate might only be a few hundred dollars.

But the difference between #8 and #7 might be $5,000 per month in affiliate commisions.

And I suspect the difference between #1 and #2 is closer to $20-50k per month.

This is just what statisticans refer to as Pareto/Power Law distribution.

• So, there's maybe 2-3 affiliates making $20k+ per month from WarriorPlus...

• But there 29 affiliates making $5k per month from WarriorPlus...

• And there are probably 100-500+ affiliates making $3k per month.

Add in other networks (JVZoo, ClickBank, etc) and that number increases expontentially.

So, it's not unreasonable to think that...

There are 5,000+ affiliates making $3,000 per month - promoting internet marketing products

And almost all of them will be using their lists to make those affiliate commissions.

No matter your spin on the stats, though, there's huge potential within the internet marketing space - and specifically using email - for people to quit their jobs.

And as mentioned in my earlier training, this isn't just something I'm seeing myself.

It's something my students are seeing too:

I ran a survey, asking: "How much money have you made with internet marketing?"

The answers varied heavily depending on whether people had built a list before.

Of those who haven't built a list, only 6% of them had made over $5,000 online. In the group who had build a list, 50% have made more than $5,000 online.

Conclusion: having your own list increases your odds of hitting "job-killing" income levels by over 800% percent!

Sounds great, but...

99% of people FAIL to build a list - for the same 7 reasons

Before you dive in, ask yourself:

Does this sound familiar?

Because 99% of people fail for the same reasons.

Some of the most common reasons people haven't built a list:

•"I would love to build my own list, but don't know how."
• "I don't know how to create the squeeze page."
• "I don't know how to get traffic."
• "I don't know how to create a lead magnet."
• "I don't have the money to do everything."
• "I wouldn't know what to emails to send to monetize my list."
• "I wouldn't know what type of niche to sell in."

Chances are, at least one of these applies to you.

In fact, there's a good chance they ALL apply to you.

Only 4% of people were not interested in building their list.

The other 96% DO want to build their list but haven't done so for all of these reasons.

The good news is that I'm one of the 1% who DID make it work

And I'll show you exactly how we proceed through this training...


How To Become An Full-Time List Marketer in 5 Easy Steps

So how can you become a full-time list marketer?

Well, I've developed a simple five step process:

Step one, we choose a proven six-figure niche or topic - ideally one where others are already successfully building lists (I'll show you how to check this scientifically n a second)

Step two, we create/license a lead magnet (a freebie to encourage people to signup). This is important, because the value of the lead magnets that we give away is very important and will determine how well the entire system works.

Step three creates a landing or squeeze page to collect our leads - ideally one that breaks even within 24 hours. Quickly breaking even is one of those things everyone seems to miss (until they lose money and give up list building).

Step four, get traffic using my top three traffic sources - in the Internet marketing niche these are the main 3 traffic sources to build a list with. And they are work great in other niches too.

Step five, build a followup sequence that takes us into profit and beyond. I like to queue up emails for 7-14 days, with a mixture of promotions and content.

Don't worry about any of these steps, I have various copy and paste shortcuts that I'm about to give you throughout this training.

Let's start with niche selection...


Step 1: Before We Create Our Landing Page, What Niche?

Once we decide "we want to build a profitable list", the next question is:

What niche should we build our list in? What type of customers do we want to collect?

We need to ask this question, before we create a landing page...

Before we create our squeeze page... before we get traffic...

And before we build out our followup sequence.

The issue is that not every niche is suited to list-building.

For example, the diet niche on ClickBank is huge (perhaps $50-100 million in revenue).

But the mass traffic these sites get predominantly comes from social, media and paid ads.

This is partly down to the customer profile: many of these customers buy once, and never buy anything else - either from the product owner, or affiliate programs they recommend.

But they aren't selling to hardcore fitness guys, they're selling to people who are only half-hearted about losing weight.

Building a list of "lose fat" guys would result in fairly untargeted leads.

Don't get me wrong: there are sub-niches within fitness that are more suited to list-building (eg muscle building, keto, cross-training, etc).

But the broad "mass market" diet niche is not "dominated" by list-builders...


What exactly is a niche?

A niche, is simply a targeted, proven topic.

A niche is a group of people who are interested in a specific offer or topic, who we can market to.

The key point there is "...who we can market to".

Choosing an established, proven niche makes it much easier for us to market, build a list, sell and promote affiliate offers...

Because many established "niches" already have affiliates, websites, customers, magazines... an entire "mini-ecosystem" that we can tap into.

"What niche do we focus on?" is the question that sets the tone for everything.

Just look at this keyword cloud from the top 100 ClickBank offers, to see how many niches there are:

There's at least over 100 niches on ClickBank alone.

When it comes to niche selection, the possibilities are endless:

• Should we build a list of forex traders, and sell them trading systems?

• Should we build a list of bodybuilders and sell them protein powders?

• Or maybe we should build a list of dog owners, and sell them dog training products?

There are many niches we can target, but...

For 90% of budding list-builders, there's ONE niche I recommend.

It's a niche you're already familar with...

So here's my first shortcut:

I suggest that we focus on the internet marketing niche.

Part of the reason is that there are so many sub-niches as you can see from the above image.

You can build a list of PPC marketers... or ClickBank affiliates... or JVZoo Sellers.

Another reason: you understand the niche.

After all you're reading this article (and you know it's profitable - you've probably bought products in the niche).

Also, there are many traffic sources in the niche.

And it's an evergreen niche, so you know it will still be here in a few years time.

Finally, it's scalable: you can pivot from the internet marketing niche into bigger, more mainstream markets such as business to business and SAS platforms.

If the Internet marketing niche doesn't appeal, no stress.

There's a way to find unlimited "list-friendly" markets in just a few seconds.

All we need is a few domain names of top-selling products in a niche...

And a free competitive intelligence tool called SimilarWeb...

Find Niches That Work For Email List Builders: Enter Top Domains Into SimilarWeb & Look For 5% "Mail Traffic"


My first shortcut to niche selection was simply "target the Internet marketing niche".

The second shortcut is a little bit more involved.

But it's a guaranteed way to find out if the niche you're considering is a good one to build a list in.

What we're going to do is build a list of the top selling products in a niche - on platforms like JVZoo, Warrior, and ClickBank.

We want 5 top-selling domain names that are related to the niche that you're looking to enter

You can quickly browse all the affiliate programs on JVZoo, Warrior, and ClickBank in one place:

The ProClub homepage, which contains links to my CB250, Warrior50 & KingOfTheZoo Software tools:

Once we have 5 domain names, let's head over to the market research site, SimilarWeb.

Specifically, we are looking for any site that has email traffic of above 5%.

This tells us that a sizeable portion of their traffic comes from email lists. That means we can probably build a list in this niche too.

Simply go over to SimilarWeb and enter the domain name.

We want to see on the traffic sources is traffics of at least 5% under mail.

I won't search 5 domains here, but I will give you one clear example.

Let's compare JVZoo and ClickBank.

JVZoo is focused on Internet marketing and we know that this niche is great for list-builders.

ClickBank, however, is much less focused on Internet marketing. In fact, the biggest niche is "lose weight", which is much less focused on email and more about display advertising, social referrals, etc.

Let's see if these assumptions are matched with what we see on SimilarWeb:

It looks like the data matches our assumptions.

In fact, JVZoo does indeed have more than 1200% of traffic from mail as compared to ClickBank.

6% of it's traffic comes from email, which is above our threshold - compared to 0.4% for ClickBank.

This is the kind of number that we want to see to know that the niche we're looking at is all about email.

So find a niche with a few products getting more than 5% of their traffic from email.

Or just stick with the Internet marketing niche...

And now you're ready to move onto the next step...

STEP 2 - How To Create A Lead Magnet

The second step is to create a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is basically a freebie that we give away to encourage people to signup to our list.

For example, here's one of my squeeze pages offering "FREE SOFTWARE" and a "FREE WEBSITE" as lead magnets:

Giving away value before you ask for something ("reciprocation") is a powerful pyschological tactic.

Eban Pagan called this "moving the free line".

And the more value we deliver early on, the stronger the relationship we will build.

And by the way, it doesn't just apply to list-building with squeeze pages.

I'm currently generating over $30,000 per month basically from giving away high-value software.

In fact...

I'll Give You "Give-Away" Rights To Some Of My Top-Selling Software!

So keep reading!

Now that we've chosen a niche, we need to create a lead magnet to give away.

This is the "freebie" bribe that gets people to signup to our list:

Welcome to my squeeze page. If you sign up to my list I will give you a free "lead magnet" as a bribe. I will then send you promotional emails to sel you stuff. Sound like a fair deal? If so enter your name and email here.

1) Your Lead Magnet Should Be Digital

When it comes to choosing a lead magnet, I recommend is that you focus on digital products.

That's because we can instantly deliver them, which is a very important high-conversion point ("sign up for instant access" converts much better than "sign up for access in 7-10 days"),

Secondly, I recommend you give away digital products because it's free for us to deliver digital products.

Whether a lead magnet is an eBook, software, WordPress theme, white paper PDF, etc, there's no shipping costs or physical variable costs involved.

However, as well as being digital, there are two other requirements to your lead magnet:

2) Your Lead Magnet Should Be Relevant To What You're Selling

Maybe you're building a list to sell your own product.

Maybe you'll be promoting products as an affiliate (e.g. the 5 products we entered into SimilarWeb earlier).

Either way, you want to make sure your lead magnet matches whatever you'll be selling.

So, if you were selling my Affiliate Bots offer, you would want to offer a leadmagnet focused on affiliate marketing.

If you were selling my Day Job Killer offer, you would want to offer a leadmagnet focused on creating & selling your own digital product.

There's no point collecting 100,000 leads if they aren't interested in what you're selling!

2) Your Lead Magnet Should Have a HIGH Perceived Value

We want our lead magnet to be a "no-brainer".

Anyone who hits our landing page should think "I can't believe they are giving this away for free!"

That's the difference between our squeeze page converting 50% of people to signups, and only 10%.

Software has a very high perceived value, especially if its been sold before ("get the free software that others paid $xx for!")

Another way to increase perceived value is to back your lead magnet up with proof ("this software generated 5,000 visitors to my website").

How to Create A Lead Magnet?

Many people panic when we start talking about lead magnets, but it's actually not that difficult if you know you're doing.

Here are some shortcuts.

Lead Magnet Shortcut #1, you can outsource an e-book creation on Upwork or Fiverr for as little as $200, and many of the top-selling products on platforms such as ClickBank were actually built using this simple method.

Lead Magnet Shortcut #2, you can licence resell rights, for example, from the website IDPLR or from the JV Valley tool, which is part of my DayJobKiller suite:

Lead Magnet Shortcut #3, you can create your own product.

This is obviously the method with the highest perceived value.

The easiest way to create software is undoubtedly with my Software Generator, which is inside of Day Job Killer as well.

Alternatively, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars creating software from scratch like me! Not for the faint-hearted...

Now if even all that was too hard for you...

Let me GIVE YOU the EXACT high-value lead magnet I give to my customers!

Since you've read this far, i'm in a generous mood, so...

Lead Magnet Shortcut #4 - Download my own lead magnet! Since I'm feeling generous, I'll just give you the exact software and training that I'm currently using to build my list.

Download my lead magnet freebie here

So choose one of my lead magnet shortcuts, and move onto step 3...


STEP 3: Create a landing/squeeze page that BREAKS EVEN within 24 hours

Now you know your niche, and you have at least one lead magnet.

What we need to do now is build the squeeze/landing page:

This is basically a one-page website that collects leads and adds them to our list.

This page will "sell" our lead magnet - and encourage people to signup - in return for them signing up to our list. It's almost a kind of ethical bribe.

The basic promise of a squeeze page is:

Welcome to my squeeze page. If you sign up to my list I will give you a free "lead magnet" as a bribe. I will then send you promotional emails to sel you stuff. Sound like a fair deal? If so enter your name and email here.

Importantly though, there's one thing we want to do.

It's something 99% of squeeze pages completely miss:

We want to break even so that we can profit as fast as possible, ideally within a few hours.

This is the stage where many people fall down and their dreams of building a list fall apart.

They set out to build a list of thousands of people... and they do it. But with a catch...

They soon realise they've built a list of freebie-seekers, who don't open and click their emails... and definitely don't buy!

Let's look at this in greater detail since it's a very important point.

And something I see almost no-one discuss in 2019...

PROBLEM: How most people build a list

Take a look at this example. This is how most people build a list - using these kind of squeeze pages.

There's headline, video... maybe some bullet points, and a sign up form.

Pretty typical, right? This is how 99% of people try and build a list.

Now here's why it's a problem

The problem here is that many people just blindly track the leads that they collect, ignoring the main factor which is sales.

They pay no mind to sales, merely hope to break even somewhere down the line.

They blindly follow the maxim, "It's all about the list", ignoring what type of list they are building.

Everyone focuses on "getting leads" without asking the question:

Are these leads I'm collecting actually likely to buy from me?

That's why many people use such simple pages with absolutely nothing on it - other than a headline and a signup button.

Because they're interesting in building a "big list" when they should be focused on building a "buyers list".

There are some major, major issues with this approach:

Most focus on the quantity of leads and not the quality of leads.

There's a few major problems with this kind of thinking:

Firstly, it makes tracking very hard. Of course you can track sign-ups, but if the follow-up sequence and the redirect are the only way that you're generating sales, you won't get many sales immediately. That means you need a huge number of leads ("sample size") before you can even start to estimate buyers. So you won't be able to track conversions from different traffic sources and different split test variations. At least not wih the one metric that you should care about, which is sales.

Secondly, you will probably lose between 80%, 90% of your money on day one if you're buying traffic from solo ads, Facebook, YouTube, etc. That's going to be a pretty difficult pill for most marketers to swallow. This is an especially big problem where you can't be sure about the quality of the traffic you're buying. For example, a lot of solo providers have junky traffic - filled with freebie seekers who love to sign up... but are loathe to buy a thing.

Thirdly, you won't know if your traffic is profitable. I've already mentioned this, but it really goes without saying that a lead is not the same as a sale, and so if you're only focused on and only tracking sign-ups, you're not really tracking the right way.

Finally, your ad scent and relevance are all wrong - and you're putting off buying customers - a typical "off-the-shelf" bare-bone squeeze page simply won't match what you're selling. So the right type of buyer won't even sign up. In fact, the very best customers are actually more likely to buy than sign up. For example, if I'm searching for something (say a tool to find my competitors' backlinks), I'll happily hand over $47 if you can convince me you have a quick software that does the job. But if you try to funnel me into some elaborate squeeze page funnel, I'll bounce and buy elsewhere. Even if you have a product sitting on the other side of the squeeze page, I'll never know...

For all these reasons, it's vital we take the squeeze page and infuse it with a few extra buy links.

So we can build a list and monetize on day 1.

Here's what I mean...

Here's how MOST people's squeeze pages look


A typical squeeze page has the page itself. Then, when people sign up, they are redirected: either to an affiliate link redirect, or a redirect to the marketers' own product, or possibly a thank you page.

And at the same time, the subscriber is added to the list, and starts to receive the followup email sequence with an welcome email, day 2 email, day 3 email, etc.

Here's how MY squeeze page looks

In contrast, my own squeeze page model looks very different:


As you can see we have the squeeze page in the middle of the diagram.

But there's one key difference: on the squeeze page itself, there are multiple links going to offers I can monetize (all links to my own products, but they could just as easily be affiliate links).

In fact, there are over 20 links that I monetized with on this page!

And yes, I do also have the sign-up itself, which leads through to my affiliate redirect.

And that also adds the subscriber to my usual email sequence as discussed.

But as you can see, this is a very different page, monetized much more aggressively from the start.

PRESENTING: The Ultimate Squeeze Page

Enough talking - let me just give you my current top converting page:

On this ultimate squeeze page, we have the usual signup form... and a lot more besides:

* we have nav bar links that monetize
* we have tab buttons that monetize
* we have a video which is actually pre-selling the product the subscriber will see once they sign up
* we even have multiple summary boxes describing all the products I have for sale

There are many different way for me to monetize on day one with this kind of page - while also collecting the signup.

And most importantly of all, this method lets me segment my customers right away: so the person buying "Affiliate Funnel Bots" will see an upsell flow and email sequence all about resell rights and funnels, while the person buying "Video Bots" will be put into the video/Youtube segment.

4 Tips: Create a landing/squeeze page that BREAKS EVEN within 24 hours

Let's just run over some of those tips in greater detail on how we can create a landing or squeeze page that breaks even within 24 hours.

Tip one, used tabs to promote different affiliates offers. If you're really pedantic like me, you can actually match the link or keywords and the colour of the button to the actual sales pitch you're promoting. So the "Get Traffic" link is light blue, and it redirects to my "Affiliate Traffic Bots", which is a light blue design. The "Affiliate" link is dark blue, which matches my "Affiliate Bot" offer. The "Sell Products" link is light purple, which matches my "Affiliate Funnel Bots" colour scheme and style. You get the idea...

Secondly, rotate and change these tabs based on what is getting clicks. Track everything and see what people click on and then what people buy. You can start to remove any link that isn't getting clicks and certainly, after a while, not getting sales.

Tip three, match the design of the squeeze page to the offer that you're promoting, as this will increase relevance and ensure that the ad scent of your landing page is the same as the ad scent of your main offer. My page here for my squeeze page has got the same design style and the same font as my Affiliate Bots offer, which is the page that people will see once they sign up to the squeeze page.

Tip four, on the squeeze page, embed the sales video from the offer that you're going to redirect to on the squeeze page - that is, if you redirect sign-ups to a particular offer . So my squeeze page has my Affiliate Bots video so that anyone signs up will be already pre-sold on the product that I actually want to sell them.

FREE DOWNLOAD: The Ultimate Squeeze Page

I'm actually going to give you this ultimate squeeze page as a free download.

In fact, I'm going to go one better - and also give you giveaway rights to everything that's on this page.

And... FREE DOWNLOAD: Giveaway Rights to 7x Software Tools:

Yup, I'll not just give you the squeeze page template.

I'm also going you the giveaway rights to all 7 software tools!

Here's what this means: you can essentially download this squeeze page and just drop in your own signup code.

Then queue up the download link to my 7 tools in the day 1 email...

And that means you can give the customers these 7 tools for free.

So you can start running traffic to this offer, and immediately build a list using the same methods and tactics that I've talked about in this video.

No need to reverse engineering everything. Simply copy and duplicate all the work I've done!

Click here to download my squeeze page, welcome email sequence & $20k software giveaways


OK, we've covered a lot today. Including the first 2 steps in my formula:

STEP 1: Choose a proven $xxx,xxx niche/topic
STEP 2: Create or license a "lead magnet" (high-value)

but we're just getting started...

If you want to see the FULL training so you can...

FINALLY: hit $5,000+ per month with list-building...

Then you need to register for the next session here:

Click here to see how I'm profiting with list-building right now:

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