BUILD YOUR BONUS - Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of buying a product to get 5x bonus softwares? Here are the most common questions...

Q. How can you afford to give away this valuable software as bonuses?

Firstly, all the tools here were built for our own personal use as marketers, so any extra profits is a "bonus". Second, we have been selling software since 2007 - and have sold over over 100,000 copies of software to customers around the world. The software you see here has cost us thousands to build, but we've already more than recouped our costs (and more besides) for each tool.

So we decided to put some of our best-selling, most popular tools on one page, for anyone to get as a "bonus" when they buy a product we recommend. We get paid our "affiliate commission" and you get 5 softwares (often worth more than the product you're actually buying!). Talk about a "win-win" situation!

Finally, here's the main reason we built this page: we want you to check out ProClub and become a loyal customer, so this page brings new people to our site, and introduces them to the insane software we sell to marketers like you daily!

Q. How does the process work - how do I get my bonus software?

It's simple. First, browse through our list of recommended products for this week, and find one you want.

Once you have chosen your product, choose the bonuses you want ("step 1"), by checking the boxes on the left-hand side.

Secondly, when you have selected your 5 bonus softwares, click "step 2 - click here to purchase" and buy the product we recommend.

Finally, once your purchase is complete, return back to this page and click "Step 3 - Click Here to get instant access to your Software".

That's it! We will then check your details on our system (matching your IP to the product that was just purchased), and you will then be able to create your ProClub account - and choose the 5 bonus softwares you want from our entire selection.