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What The $£*? Are Web Push Notifications?

Presenting: my newest and most profitable traffic source - for list-builders, Internet marketers of all kinds.

I'm talking about web push notifications...

The NEWEST way to build a list in 2019, 2020 and beyond!

And to do it without needing a huge email list of buyers like this...

I do a full webinar on push here, for my sold-out PushPro product.

But in the meantime, enjoy this article explaining why I'm so hyped about push.




If you prefer, you can watch the video version of the article here...



So let's dive in...

So the question today is...

What Exactly Are Browser Or Web Push Notifications?

Let's look at push notifications are, how they work...

And, of course, how you can make money and start building a list using web push - TODAY!

I hope you're as excited about this as I am, because...

Push notifications are a great way to build a profitable list very quickly.

I should know.

I tested it.

Just take a look at this screenshot...

1,000 Subscribers - Email Vs Push:

As you can see, this one blast did $188 commissions from just one push message.

And it only went out to just 1,000 push subscribers!

That's an insane stat!

And it's the main reason I love push so much...

Push Is Perfect If You Want To Build A List - But Demand Fast Results

Just look at all these juicy benefits...

With push messages...

• You can very quickly build a profitable list using push notifications, and...

• You can very quickly reach a "job-killing" level of income from a very small number of subscribers, since...

• Push subscribers are worth much more than the kind of leads you get with email list building.

In a nutshell...

Push sends much higher clicks than email on a per subscriber basis.

And higher traffic means a higher profit, every time you hit the broadcast button.

And I do mean HIGHER...

IN FACT: I've Seen THESE types of numbers with push:


Why is push so powerful?

• It's cutting edge - with very few marketers using push (and even fewer doing it correct).

• It's also because push is very easy to set up.

• Plus, the messages you send with push are very simple.

Now I can hear you scream out at the computer screen...

"YES! Chris, I'm sold - now give me my push subscriber list!"

OK, OK, all good things.

But, let's back up a second. Firstly...

What Exactly Are Web Push Notifications?

I know. I know...

It sounds all "new" and "mysterious".

But the good news is...

Web push is actually very simple to setup!

Here's how it works:

STEP 1) Visitors subscribe to your website via their browser.

You simply add one line of code to your website.

Then people get a popup message asking them to subscribe:


YES - they can subscribe on both desktop and mobile browsers. And...

YES - visitors subscribe to your website or domain directly.

That means there's no autoresponder or middleman involved. So..

NO - you cannot be banned or blacklisted by anyone. EVER!

But let's keep going...

STEP 2) You send them messages (both broadcast and followup, just like an autoresponder)

Once they've subscribed, you can then send them web push messages.

And you do it directly and instantly into their web browser, whether it's Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari.

And the good news just keeps on rolling in!

YES - you can send unlimited followup and broadcast messages just as you could with an email subscriber.

YES - with push there are no deliverability issues. If you send a message then you know it will be delivered with absolutely certainty.

So... It's Kind Of Like Push Notifications On My Phone?

Not really.

Web push (also known as browser push messages) are different to the kind of notifications that an app would send you on your phone.

For a start, app notifications have been popular for over a decade.

But browser notifications is something that's really only started to be used over the last year or two.

That means there is a "newness" factor with web push (have you seen how clogged up your phone is with notifications!)

Secondly, web concerns desktop devices - and...

In 2019 desktop is STILL where the money is.

So what do you get if you combine a new list-building method with a focus on desktop users?

Huge Profitable Traffic!

This still from my PushPro site sums it up nicely:

Push allows you to drive huge amounts of traffic to your own website or affiliate links...

Because push delivers huge visual images with clickable buttons right into your subscriber's browser window.

And it does it instantly, directly, and with lots of visual content, text content, and also a call to action button:

What a great combination!

Plus since very few people are doing it, you don't need to worry about inbox blindness.

Because who wants to compete for mental space with 20,000 other marketers?


With push, you're the very likely the only marketer that's going to be sending these messages to your subscribers.

That's definitely true in 2019, and it will likely stay true through most of 2020 (I hope!)

That means much higher click-through rate and much higher profits.

And remember, this isn't theory. I've tested this:


Push Is Great For Media Buyers!

Oh, and check this out...

Since so few people are doing push...

Not only do you get high subscription rates...

But when people do subscribe, you can also stand out much more.

And drive higher opens and clicks than you otherwise would be able to do with email marketing.

And that means push works up to 1000% better when it comes to buying traffic.

That's true whether you're buying media on solo ads or Facebook ads.

Or from general affiliate traffic, Google Ads, YouTube instream ads, and...

OK you get the idea.

Push is weird and new. And weird and new is a schema violation and a pattern interrupt.

And those things equal subscribers.

Push Is Great For Lazy Marketers!

I should know - I'm a lazy marketer.

And let me tell you...

Push is very easy to get started with.

Way easier than any email autoresponders I've come across...

You simply add one line of optin code to your website...

(and yes it works with all websites, WordPress, ClickFunnels, Shopify etc)

Then, whenever a browser sees the popin and clicks yes to sign up, they are instantly added to your list...

...and you're instantly able to start sending them push to their browser...

And while we're talking about sending messages...

Most importantly of all...

Push Notifications Get 300-100% More Clicks Than Email!

That's 3x to 10x the traffic... and with similar EPCs.

And guess what...

Push Messages Are Faster & Easier to Write Than Email.

There's much less in the way of copy and creative writing.

Here's how the different components of a push message look inside my (now sold-out) PushPro software:

BTW, if it's still running, check out full webinar on push here, where I show you even easier ways to create push messages!

Push Messages Does Away With The Main Downsides Of The Traditional Email Autoresponder.

Firstly, push doesn't require a (very expensive) autoresponder.

Secondly, unlike with most ARs, you can't be banned by anyone. EVER!

There are not autoresponders or email service providers to worry about.

It's just you sending direct messages to your subscribers!

Now let's look at...

How The Subscribe & Unsubscribe Process Works With Push

Firstly, you get an optin code from your push service software.

Here's how that looks for my PushPro software:

Then, you paste it to your website, and then whenever people visit your website in their browser a popup that looks like this appears:

Of course, when visitors click the yes button, and they're subscribed.

It's that simple.

But let's dive a bit deeper.

Because, web push is a strange beast.

For example, let's ask:

What Are People Subscribing "To" Exactly?

When a visitor subscribes, their specific browser is subscribing to your specific domain.

So in theory, someone with say, five browsers spread across multiple devices would be able to subscribe five times.

One person. 5 subscriptions!

Likewise, you could in theory have five domains and subscribe the user 25 times - five domains x five browsers.

Now obviously... don't do this!

It would result in people just unsubscribing from all of your lists, which is not a good thing.

But I'm just mentioning this so you understand specifically what the subscription process is, and the fact that it involves browsers and domains.

Now it's very easy for people to opt in to your push notifications, but...

It's also very easy for visitors to unsubscribe from push and actually block your domain.

Secondly, web push only works with HTTPS domains.

If you have a https domain, then great.

If your site is HTTPS they will simply subscribe directly to your domain.

Otherwise you will need to use the domain of the push service you choose (with PushPro, I let you choose from 5 domains when you create your embed code. Many push services just let you choose a subdomain like

But let's not get too hung up about this...

Which Domain Delivers The Web Push Messages Makes No Difference

Because, again, there are no deliverability issues to worry about.

I just want you to understand the technical aspect of domains when it comes to push.

Next question...

Is Push Subscription A 1 Click or 2 Click Process?

Well in theory you can have "one click" push.

But it's probably best you use "double optin".

Here's why almost every marketer uses double optin...

The initial visual popup that you see is only there to sort of pre-sell people:

To explain and give some context to the actual popup that will follow and subscribe people.

Look at this screenshot you can see that I use a two step optin for web push:

That's because the first popup looks good, and really explains to the user what they're getting for subscribing, i.e. it pre-sells them.

It's popup two that's the "real message" that actually subscribes that particular visitor's browser to your domain.

BTW, you can see here it looks slightly differently in Chrome and in Firefox, but it's really ugly in both cases.

Would you subscribe to the 2nd popup only? Without the context of the first message? Probably not.

Also a few other points about how web push notifications work...

Once You Send A Push Message, It Is Instantly Sent. However...

It sits on the push server waiting for them to then open their browser.

So if the visitor logs in a day later, then it will suddenly appear the second that they open their browser.


Web Push Is Especially Great With Desktop - ie BUYER - Traffic...

Let me be absolutely clear about this:

Web push is especially powerful when it comes to desktop traffic.

In my experience, desktop is only 30-50% of traffic, but it's 70-90% of buyers!

So of course it makes sense that that's the traffic we want to focus on.

And it just so happens that push sends especially prominent messages on desktop!

Also Web Push Is Especially Powerful With Chrome on Desktop...

That's because of the call to action button and huge image that Chrome allows us to use:

That actually works great for us..

Because Chrome is by far and away the biggest browser, with as much as 80% of all users using the Chrome browser.

How Can Push Help Me Make Money, Grow My Business & Build A List

So let me give you a few great examples of how you could use push notifications in your business.

ANY INTERNET MARKETER can use the basic idea of offering a freebie or lead magnet to collect subscribers - for example the lead magnet could be a piece of software, an ebook, a 7-day training sequence. Just make sure, whatever kind of lead magnet you decide to give in return for an optin, that it's relevant to the offers that you want to market to that particular person.

AFFILIATES can collect subscribers around a particular niche topic, for example giving away a free training course on how to get traffic. Tnd then they can deliver a followup sequence to those subscribers selling traffic related software.

ECOMMERCE MARKETERS can collect buyers immediately after they've purchased, and then send those customers upsells, promotional information, or information relating to their order.

LIST BUILDERS can add the push optin code to their thank you page once people have subscribed via email, and in the process double up their leads, so each optin is not only signing up via email, but also signing up via push!

And lastly...

ONE BAD USE CASE - which is immediately showing a popup, a single optin popup, as soon as people hit your website (iie only this one on the right):

Immediately showing that single pop optin to cold visitors is bad.

They won't know what the rationale for you asking for them to sign up is, and they'll just click the block button.

Here's why that's a whole word of bad...

Once someone clicks the block button it becomes very difficult for them to opt back in.

Even if later on you build a relationship and the person does want to receive notifications from you, they probably won't easily be able to do that (without fiddling with their browser settings - who does that?)

So the moral of the story is this:

No matter what your exact use case for push, make sure that you use the two step optin process. And only request a subscription when there's actual context and reason to do so (ie you're offering them something of value and they know it).

I'm Ready To Build My Push List! Now Tell Me About Automation!

If the 21st century was an article, then "automation" would be the keyword.

As Marc Anderrson says "software is eating the world".

And software is how we manage our push lists.

In fact, we automate our push lists with a "push service".

These work in the same way as an autoresponder manages your email list.

So just to run through the jargon...

• PushPro (only accessible via this link - if it works) is a push service in the same way that AWeber is an email autoresponder.
• You can test multiple optin messages by using different tracking codes to add to your optin codes. You could therefore track different lead magnets.
• Just like with an email autoresponder, you can set up a followup sequence

NOTE: I recommend that your followup sequences should be a mix of content and promotional messages - just like an email autoresponder

NOTE: Followup sequences with push can be especially powerful, because if you're getting a 10% click-through rate and you're using a 30 day followup sequence, then it's theoretically possible for you to drive 300% CTR over the course of the first month!

That means each subscriber is on average clicking on three of your links!

That's pretty powerful!

NOTE ALSO: you can queue your followups at the exact same time as when the user subscribed.

So if someone subscribes to your push notifications at let's say 3PM EST, then all future followup messages will be sent at 3PM EST.

That's a great way to ensure that we're delivering to people when they themselves are active in their particular timezone.

• You can also use PushPro to send broadcast messages - messages that go out to all subs at a set time.

I typically recommend sending between three and five per week, and I recommend focusing on a niche where you can promote multiple affiliate offers with many new offers launching each week (which is one of the reasons I recommend the internet marketing niche).

• You can also use PushPro to segment users into multiple lists, for example you could segment based on the page users subscribe, or the domains that they subscribe. You could segment between your free signup leads and your buyers. You can of course segment between different niche interests. But either way, I definitely recommend you try and segment your subscribes into different lists.

• Lastly you can split-test both broadcast and followup messages to see which images are working best for you.

OK, I think we're just about done here.

If you're at all interested about taking your list-building to the next level, then you need push.

I think it may be the best kept secret in Internet Marketing right now.

And if you're at all interested in push, you will want to check out my webinar "list-building for affiliates in 2020" here

Or just click on the banner below:

NOTE: You'll need to choose a time where you have a free 2-2.5 hours.

And a pen and pad.

And... an open mind (this really is a NEW list-building technology!)

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