Build a list with email marketing, push notifications & more

Build A List To Make Money

I'm a huge proponent of creating and selling your own product.

It allows you to make money directly from the sales of those products.

It gives you a customer list that you can promote affiliate programs to.

So that a "regular 5 day week" for me in 2019 looks something like this:

But there's an elephant in the room, something I've not really talked about.

And it cuts to the heart of where money is made online...

I only make 5.2% of my sales, directly from the products I sell

It's all about what happens after the initial sale that makes you money.

All the money is in what we call the "backend".

That's partly upsells - which make up about 45% - but more than 50% of my profits come from my customer lists.

And no these "lists" are not just email lists, which we will discuss later on.

Oh, and by the way...


If you prefer, you can watch the video version of the article here...



But don't take it from me that "your list is important".

Take it from over 200 of my own customers...

There's only one question that separates those who make money: Do you have a list?

In a recent survey (July 2019) to my customers, I asked the question:

how much money have you made with internet marketing?

I then decided to segment the 220 customers who answered this into 2 groups:

1) those who had built a list
2) those who had NOT built a list

Which of these two groups had made more money?

The answer was as clear as day...

Of those who had built a list, 50% of people had made more than $5,000 online.

Whereas only 6% of those who hadn't built a list were doing the same:

Here's my conclusion:

Building your list increases your chances of making job-killing income by 800%!

And by the way, list-building goes hand-in-hand with having your own product.

Because a recent customer list ("buyer list") is the best type of list you can have.

For example, in February, 2007 I had one of my biggest ever days, selling an ebook on ClickBank:

You may have seen that before...

But here's what most people don't know...

A few weeks later, in March 2007 I promoted a PPC Spy tool to my new buyers list...

(this was before KeywordSpy and SEMRush etc, when the idea of a "PPC spy tool" was cutting edge).

This software actually automated one of the key methods I talked about in my ebook, and so...

I made over $150,000 recurring in affiliate commissions, promoting this product.

Now this product (the original "DayJobKiller") set the record for most CB sales at the time, with over 6,000 units...

But it was the backend - and specifically the list - that accounted for well over 50% of my profits.

Fast forward more than a decade, and that's even more true...

In fact, today, I make more than 90% of my money from the leads and not from the front end product.

And by the way this is true for many other successful marketers, businesses and individuals also.

Let me show you the real reason that I I sell products...

The REAL Reason I Have Products: Lead Gen...

The reason I market my frontend products so aggressively (37 software tools for $17, anyone?) is lead generation.

It's all about getting happy customers on your list and then marketing to them.

It's all what happens after the initial sale is made.

It's all about list building and lead gen.

Check out this earnings screenshot - divided into two columns:

On the left hand side we have profits that I've made from products that I'm selling.

On the right hand column we have just two of my affiliates accounts.

Both of these are over a three week period, by the way.

And you can see I've generated $5,854 in three weeks from selling these products. Not bad...

But I've generated more in affiliate commissions, $5,967 over the same period - from selling additional products to these leads.

..Include Software Dev Costs? JV Prizes etc? I take a loss!

In fact, this isn't even the full picture.

If you include the cost of developing software - often between $5,000 to $12,000 per month...

And the JV prizes I might pay out for a launch or content...

I sometimes take a loss to bring in new customers into my business.

I don't mind because...

All the money is in the relationship & the list

You've probably heard this before, but I really want to drill it into your mind.

So let's look at even more stats.

Here's a screenshot, breaking down my revenue over the last 30 days:

I've split my income into 3 numbers:

1) frontend profits (that I make from the sales of the "frontend" product I'm selling)
2) backend products (that I make from upsells and promoting my own products to my lists)
3) affiliate commissions (that I make from promoting other people's affiliate programs to my lists).

This is what a successful Digital Marketing business looks like in 2019:

Front end sales is less than 5% of my overall profits

Affiliate commissions account for 45 to 50% of my profits

Backend profits account for another 40 to 45% of my profits

You can see that ALL the value in my business is generated from the relationship, the back-end...

And specifically I'd guess over 70% of my $20-40k/month income comes from my list building.

And in this training series, I'm going to show you...

How to tap into this additional 95% of profits, which is until now has been hidden away from you.

And by the way, I am certainly not the only one that's following this model.

In fact...

• You can look at the most valuable companies in the planet.

• You can glance at the world's highest paid celebrities...

• You can even size up the most powerful people on the planet, and...

They all profit from a variation of this "list-building" theme.

They all benefit from repeat customers, users, followers - and lists....

The world's biggest companies, top politicians & best paid celebrities all profit from lists

Amazon - the world's biggest company (by market cap). It's no co-incidence they also have the biggest customer database in the planet with over 300 million registered cards and paying customers. Also note how aggressively they push "Amazon Prime", their recurring program (a great example of a "recurring backend")

Apple - are increasingly about the recurring income they can make from existing customers - with services and new phones. They've given up on trying to get new customers. They now are trying to make more money from their existing loyal customers. And they are trying to tie these customers into more and more lists - credit cards, Apple Music accounts, etc.

Microsoft - a B2B business that makes most of their money from selling Windows to existing customers and add on software/services to those same customers.

Netflix has only one product, and makes most of its money from retaining those customers. It will only eve be profitable if people who sign up once, continue to pay for years and years into the future. They might be a glossy tech/movie company... but it's all about low-tech long-term customer value, lists and the backend.

Facebook and Google - despite their "tech" credentials these are essentially advertising companies, who make between one and $10 per month per user for each customer they retain. Those companies become most profitable once a user has used them for a long period of time, and they've built up a data profile about what that person wants. Chances are, you've used these types of platform many, many times.

Oh, and by the way, it's not just companies (whether small internet marketers like me or huge tech conglomerates) who fall into this mould of being dependent on the list.

Celebrities in 2019 - are judged by their Facebook fans & Twitter followers. Dwayne Johnson, the Rock, has got over a 100 million Facebook fans and Twitter followers and it's no coincidence that he was the highest paid celebrity last year. The same is true for sports-people.

Politicians even rely on social media to reach out to the electorate, cutting out traditional media channels. President Donald J. Trump is arguably the leading proponent of social media use. And he was of course elected president, the most powerful position in the world in 2016.

So, YES if you want to take over the most poweful organisation in human history - the US Federal Government - then you need a list too!

For every aspect of life and the economy 2019 it's really all coming down to lists, audience and reach.

But we'll put our world domination plans on hold for just a second.

Let's return back to internet marketing...

Here's why List Building is the #1 thing you need to do

Building a list is THE #1 way to quit your job in 2019 - because what you're really building is an asset - in the form of a customer list - that you build once and monetize forever.

Customer list = an asset you can monetize forever ($0.30 to $10 per month) - quite conceivably, you can build a list once, and then generate anywhere from 30 cents to $10 per month for each lead that you add to your list. The cliche about "making money from the beach" becomes reality when you're a list-builder. Best of all, once you find a proven system for generating and monetizing leads, you can really set it and forget it.

In fact, you can actually predict your income months in advance, which I'll show you in just a second.

No product needed: you don't even need a product to build a list - I've built a list by selling products, but it doesn't have to be this way. Many of the top affiliates don't actually have a product. I'll show you how in the next training sessions...

You can do it with very little capital. In fact, you can get started today with just a domain, a $4 a month hosting package and an autoresponder (actually, you don't even need that - keep watching).

It's easy to do. There's no staff logistics, no formal education required, no overheads or huge expense

Passive Income: I've already said this, but it's worth repeating: you can setup your list once and monetize forever.

HUGE POTENTIAL! Over $2 million/month up for grabs in the IM niche alone

Many of the top Internet marketing niches are dominated by marketers & affiliates who use email marketing and list building.

In fact, there's a minimum of $2 million per month up for grabs in the internet marketing niche alone.

The Internet Marketing niche may actually be the best niche for list-building.

Check out these exclusive stats that I've compiled:

Nice pic right?

It shows the top 10 selling products for revenue on JVZOO, WarriorPlus, alongside an estimated online revenue for

Now, JVZOO and WarriorPlus are very much internet marketing only platforms.

ClickBank is more of a mixture from different niches, but we can certainly see that even from JVZOO and WarriorPlus, there is at least $30 million per year in revenue.

And this is only from the top 10 products by the way.

Once we include the long tail of product #11 to 20,000+ (or however many products are on those two platforms), we could easily be talking $50 million up for grabs just on JVZOO, WarriorPlus.

And that doesn't include ClickBank.

Nor does it include the millions and millions in sales that happen outside of these three most popular affiliate platforms for internet marketing.

And the reason I've picked the Internet marketing niche?

It's completely dominated by email marketing.

So, for these reasons, I think that building your own list is the number one method to profit online.

Here's a few more benefits to email marketing & list-building in general:

• You can get started with a $4 hosting account
• You can earn $100 to $100,000 per promo
• You can setup a passive "followup sequence"
• You can build a product AFTER you get the list
• There are VERY LOW variable costs ($1k/month list & $100k/month list cost the same)
• There are now MANY WAYS to build a list - email, Facebook, retargeting, push notifications
• There are MANY WAYS to drive traffic with a list - solo ads, YouTube ads, Facebook ads

That last point is increasingly important...

In 2019, when it comes to list-building, email is NOT the only game in town

In fact, many of the top marketers I see are increasingly moving away from email...

While becoming more and more reliant on list-building.

Confused? Don't be...

In 2019, there are many different ways to build a list:

Email marketing. The "obvious" way to build a list, and still powerful (but becoming less and less important every year)

Social media. The next "obvious" way to build a list - through FB fans, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers etc.

Retargeting. One of most profitable ads you'll ever run are retargeting ads, often through Facebook & Google's huge networks.

Push Notifications. This is currently my secret weapon, and I'll be writing many more articles about it.

And let me tell yuo...

The real profits come when you lead the way with a new list-building technology

And that brings me onto "web push" subscriptions.

I'll be talking about this a lot over the next few weeks...

Just look at the fast profits you can get from a small push subscriber list, alongside some of its benefits:


Here's what it comes down to, though...

List-Building lets you make your first $5,000... become president of the United States... become the world's highest celebrity... conquer Silicon Valley... and quit your job

And do it all far more quickly - and "out of nowhere" by list-building.

Just remember that survey from my own customers - very probably typical Internet marketers like you.

The stats don't lie:

OK, we're almost done.

But let me just demonstrate in conclusion what exactly I'm proposing here.

Here's how you can quit your job with a small number of subscribers.

When people hear that you can quit your job by building a list, they immediately think that you need to have thousands and thousands of subscribers per day.

But the truth is...

PROOF: it's possible to quit your job with just 10 subscribers per day.

But don't take my word for it.

I've built a simple software to calculate $earnings per subscription!

I'll give it you for free right now.

To use it, simply visit the List-Building & Email Subscriber Income Calculator here, then...

1) Enter how many subscribers you expect per day
2) Enter the dollar value of the subscriber on month one
3) Enter the monthly subscriber value after that
4) Enter the kind of monthly unsubscribe rate that we expect (attrition)

The software will generate an estimate for the total revenue we can make from those leads on a monthly basis:

You can see that even if we put an extremely low number in, let's say 30 subscribers, with very very low earnings per subscriber, we break through the $1,000 per month recurring revenue number at literally just month two.

But what I want you to do is to play around with this and in particular, don't pay too much attention to how many daily subscribers you can get.

It's all about how you monetize those subscribers on month 1 and beyond.

So play around with subscriber revenue calculator here.

And then here's what I need you to do next...

ACTION STEP: Write Down Your 12 Month Financial "$ Per Day" Goal, Turn It Into Leads & Put It Somewhere Prominent For Daily Review

Doing that will make everything I've talked about here much more concrete and real.

Done it?

OK, great.

Time to wrap this up...

This is the first post in a very powerful training series I'll be doing.

All about list-building in 2019.

For now I'd like you to take one action step, which is to write down your 12 month financial dollar per day goal - then use my subscription calculator tool to turn that number into leads. Then print that off and put it somewhere prominent for daily review.

I'd definitely recommend you spend a few minutes playing with the subscription revenue generator tool to see exactly how it's possible to quit your job and reach your financial goals using the power of list building.

In my next post, we'll have some more free software, some more free training...

And I'll show you exactly what I'm doing to generate huge profits using list building.

Click here to proceed to Article #2: ShortCuts to Building a Profitable List - including Free Squeeze Pages, Email Sequences, Lead Magnets & My #1 Niche

Want to go direct to the training?

Click here to see how I'm profiting with list-building right now:

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