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The #1 Mistake 99% of Websites Make - with Web Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications - The #1 Mistake 99% of Websites Make:

In this article we're going to look at the #1 mistake people make when building a list of push subscribers.

It's something you need to do before you even look at building a customer list with web push...

Hint: I've included this in the navbar of my pushpro list, right at the top.

Can you guess which it is - websites... lists... optins... followup messages... broadcasts... or subscribers?

Which comes first out of all of these?

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OK, now either keep reading or watch my video on "getting started with web push" here:


And let's dive in...

In order to build your first 1,000 subscriber list there's one thing you need....

The #1 Component That 99% of Push Marketers Miss: The Website!

Now, the number one component of any business is your website.

And if you want to build a profitable list of push subscribers, you need a website to collect your leads.

"But Chris... I already have a website"


You may have "a website". But you don't have THE website you need.

See, there are many types of website.

One popular type is the "list-building website".

And it's a very popular type of website.

After all, list-building = profits, leads & money.

In fact, websites that build lists are my #2 most profitable websites of all-time.

This shouldn't come as a shock to you - everyone knows "they should build a list".

This has been taught since the dawn of the Internet.

I learned it back in 2005, when Facebook and YouTube were baby startups.

List-building is not a new concept in 2020, and that's why...

It's been drilled into every marketer's head: "thou shalt build a list!"

Hence, when it comes to email marketing, most people get it right: they use a squeeze page giving away a lead magnet.

However, list building with push is different.

And it isn't 2005 any more.

That's why... when it comes to building a push list on their website, almost everyone gets it wrong.

In fact, 99% of marketers collect push subscribers... on the wrong type of website... and in the wrong type of way.

Your website is like the foundation of your house.

Get the website you collect push subscriptions wrong, and the whole thing falls apart.

So how can we fix this, and build a push leads skyscraper?

Firstly, let's start with the basics.

A website is mandatory in order to embed the code on and to start collecting push subscribers.

You create your optin code with your push autoresponder, then export your opt-in code and embed it onto your website! This will allow you to collect push subscribers.

It sounds so easy:

• Simply copy and paste your push opt-in code onto any website(s) and you can start collecting subscribers.

Then you start building high-value, targeted push leads... worth $10-30 per month, right?

However, it isn't that simple.

And you should not just "build a push list on all pages of your website".

You need to think deeply about how and why you are asking for permission, from the subscriber's point of view.

When should you collect web and browser push notifications?

Here are the times when it's right to ask for a web push optin:

• Adding your push code is not recommended for every single page of a website.

• Start by adding your push code to the "Thank you" pages (when people sign up or buy from you).

• Think about the value you can deliver - product updates, lead magnets. Justify the subscription request.

REMEMBER: Push is an invasive technology, so only ask people to say "ALLOW" to push when they have already say yes to you before (eg a newsletter signup, blog subscription)

You might think "yeah whatever Chris... so I annoy a few people.... but I will still build a push list.

"So... I will just go ahead and stick my push option code on every page of my site anyways... who cares!"

But consider this...

• An aggressive push popup with no context or explanation will likely result in the visitor denying your request. Which means...

• You have just set a precedent that "when your business asks the visitor to comply, they say no". This is commitment and consistency working against you.

Humans are creatures of habit, and now your potential buyer is inclined to say no to every call to action you throw their way.

But this isn't even the worst part of asking for the push subscription too early...

With push there is a technical reason you want to avoid people saying no:

• Visitors can not only leave your site, they can block your entire domain... so they will never subscribe... EVER.

• I'll say that again. Anyone clicking the "No" or "Block" button isn't just saying "no" once... they can potentially block your domain from requesting web push subscriptions FOREVER.

That means, even if you do manage to build trust later, and they want to subscribed, it is difficult for them to do...

(Aside: How difficult? I dropped $20k building a browser push autoresponder and I've never done it. If you think it's tough convincing someone to subscribe to push, trying asking them to launch their browser settings, unblock a domain they already blocked from push.. and then subscribe).

So when should you ask people to subscribe to your push list?

Here are the 4 rules for when and how to ask for a web push subscription:

• Only request a push subscription from people who have already said yes to you (ie. customers, subscribers)

• Offer your visitors a “freebie” or lead magnet or product updates - some reason to say yes to your push subscription.

• Do not just blindly drop optin codes onto your homepage (unless you like high bounce rates... and being blocked for life)

Go double optin. Do NOT add single opt-in codes to any website under any circumstance. Use double optin to provide context and boost optins:

Oh... and even when you do all that, there's something else to consider:

We've talked about "how to build a push list on your website"...

But what about the website itself? See...

If you're building a push list with anyone other than ultra-targeted buyer traffic...

You need a landing/squeeze page specifically for web/browser push

I bet you didn't even know that such a thing exists, right?

Don't worry. Neither does the Internet:

Don't worry it's not your fault.

Either Google's spider is stuck in it's web... or no-one has even considered this.

Marketers get it wrong as they don’t have the tools to allow people to create landing/squeeze/opt-in pages which are specifically for push.

But push is different and therefore you should use a Landing Page SPECIFICALLY For Web Push.

You wouldn't build a list from an article page. You would use a squeeze page. So why aren't you applying the same logic to your push requests?

• Just like an email squeeze, give away a lead magnet using a two-page process. Page one explains and sells the lead magnet in the same way that a normal squeeze page does.

• There’s then a button to click through to go to page two and it's at that point that the user is presented with the push opt-in pop-up for them to subscribe.

• This step is vital in order to collect subscribers. Build your websites and welcome sequence around this initially conversion. Dont right, it sets the tone for every other metric follow-on, the number of subscribers you collect, the number of clicks you can drive from broadcast, follow-up messages and overall profits.

And in case you're wondering, yes I thought of this.

How I Made Landing Pages For Web & Browser Push Notifications... Done ForYou

In fact, it's so important I did it twice.

It's actually Done For You with my Instant Push Pages tool inside PushPro.

Or, if you prefer to host your own landing pages, I give you 5x DoneForYou Pages (which you can of course then tweak to any other niche).

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So here's the main take-away...

Think carefully about why and how you ask for the push subscription.

My testing shows push subscribers are worth waaaay more than email leads. But.. only if you do it right.

If you're at all interested about taking your list-building to the next level, then you need to start building a push list.

I think web push may be the best kept secret in Internet Marketing in 2020!

And if you're at all interested in push, you will want to check out my webinar "list-building for affiliates in 2020" here

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NOTE: You'll need to choose a time where you have a free 2 hours.

And a pen and pad.

And... an open mind (this really is a NEW list-building technology!)

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