Get targeted traffic to your website

My 5 Most Profitable Traffic Sources


My 5x Most Profitable Traffic Sources - of 2019.

This traffic made me $5 million:

This traffic sent 10 million+ clicks to my websites...

In fact, for some of these methods, you actually need to actively STOP getting traffic.

Like the time I KILLED 5,000 daily visitors to one of my top sites:

Deliberately killing 50% of your traffic?

Sound strange? Yes, these are weird & wonderful traffic sources.

I'll explain in a moment. Also...

I've omitted "obvious" traffic sources from my list.

No SEO, Google Ads, Facebook, etc.

I focus on the most profitable AND least understood traffic sources.

So, whether you're an expert marketer or a beginner, I guarantee:

You haven't EVER come across these traffic methods...

And even if you have, I'll give you a fresh way to look at them.

Oh, by the way, here's the video version of this article, if you prefer..


Most importantly...

ALL 5 traffic sources generate targeted buyer traffic in 2019 - for both newbie affiliates & expert marketers alike.

Now before we dive in, one important point...

All Traffic Is Not Created Equal

Internet marketers are obssessed with traffic.

But the truth is, we don't just want "yuuuuuuge traffic".

We want "the right traffic".

I'll explain with an analogy...

Since 2006, Ive made money with email marketing.

And sometimes, I'm asked:

"how big is your list?"

It seems like a revealing question - but it isn't.

My answer tells you nothing.

Say: "I have 100k leads."


But... are those 100k recent buyers of a $100k webinar I just did with Warren Buffet, selling to 90% of the world's CEOs?


Do I have 100k co-reg leads that I can't import into my auroresponder... so I can't even mail them?

The answer is the difference between a Fortune front-cover, and being one step away from a CAN-SPAM violation (and the inside of a prison cell).

Same number. But which is better?

It's the same with traffic.

"My site gets 100k visitors" means .........nothing.

Unless we can drill deeper and see the quality of the traffic.

Now, another word for "quality" traffic is "targeted traffic".


We ONLY want targeted traffic.

Targeted traffic is: warm, referred, pre-sold, engaged, relevant, desktop, "top 5 countries" traffic.

And of course, we want our visitors to actually be relevant & interested - ie "targeted" - to our offer.

This might all sound a bit abstract, so let's look at some cold hard data.

Here's a Google Analytics screenshot from one of my most profitable websites:

Spend a few moments looking through these numbers.

This is the kind of data you want to see in your Google Analytics.

Let's start with the relatively low "552 new users" number...

Sounds small: I've "only" brought in 552 users during this 7 day period. But...

• These 552 users returned for 1.65 sessions, viewing 3.68 pages per session.

• That's 3,351 pageviews in week 1 from those 552 new users, with thousands more to come

With remarketing via push, email, direct traffic, I expect to squeeze 5,000 to 10,000 pageviews out of these 552 visitors

And these are all targeted, relevant customers who are likely to be worth $0.10 to $0.50 for each pageview they give me

This is how you need to be looking at your traffic.

It's much better to have a few very engaged visitors than many unengaged visitors.

In other words...

1 visitor x 100 pageviews is better than 100 visitors x 1 pageview

You'll also note my low bounce rate and high average session duration time.

These stats are indicators of happy, engaged visitors.

When you see these types of Analytics stats, you're on the right lines.

Or, when you need to kill off 5,000 visitors per day (like my first screenshot) you aren't.

So don't chase "traffic".

Chase "targeted traffic".

With that point in mind, let's move onto how I settled on this list...

How exactly did I pick my 5 most profitable (and secret) traffic sources?

My 6 secret targeted traffic sources all met these criteria:

They all make me money - $5 million+ in revenue as an affiliate & product vendor (mostly with ClickBank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus)

Are these traffic sources capable of driving huge revenue? I need to be confident there's $xx,xxx,xxx up for grabs annually

Are they underlooked by 99% of marketers? If you read it in an ebook already, I didn't include it

Can the average person use them? I took into consideration, ease, time and cost

Can they be scaled to seven-figures and beyond? I cater for the ambitious

All five of these traffic sources tick these boxes.

So let's dive in to the list...


Traffic source #1: Direct Traffic.

I almost didn't put this at #1.

Because it sounds so... dry.

But, direct traffic is the only way you'll ever hit nine-figures.

There's 100 traffic methods that get you to $x,xxx,xxx.

Maybe 30 that can get you to $xx,xxx,xxx.

But only one will get your face on those Forbes covers:

Direct Traffic - AKA Type-in Traffic.

To understand the power of this, you just need to look at the number one website on the internet -

As the competitive analysis site, Similar Web shows, 94% of Google's traffic comes from direct type-in traffic:

That is how they got over 60 billion visits over the month of July.

And if you ever want to build driverless cars and party with Bono, it's a metric you need to become familiar with...


But... what exactly is direct traffic?

Direct traffic is when people "type-in" and go straight to your website, without a referral from another website or traffic source.

No clicks from SEO rankings, no social shares, no banner ads.

Direct traffic is the warmest, most engaged type of traffic.

Because people just take upon themselves to get off their backsides, and type your website URL right into their address bar.

For that reason direct traffic is also known as "type-in" traffic.

In the most part, these visitors come to your sites because they love it.

This brings a whole range of benefits.

Firstly, direct traffic tends to be highly engaged, targeted and warm.
Why else would someone return to your site, if they weren't interested, engaged & targeted?

Direct traffic makes you money.

Secondly, it's free traffic for life.
You don't need to buy ads or popunders. Leave that to those pathetic eight-figure marketers. Websites with 94%+ direct traffic refuse to buy ads out of principle. They'd rather plough their profits back into their product, to get even more direct traffic.

Direct traffic saves you money.

Thirdly, with direct traffic there are no "gate-keepers".
You can't be banned by anyone. Even regulators act toothless when confronted with high-direct-traffic sites. In fact, the only people who can "slap" you are your visitors, who can in theory vote with their feet, and stop visiting your site. But even then things like "network effects" make that unlikely. Once you reach "critical mass" and your "viral quotient" hits 6x, you can start turning up to VC meetings in loafers.

Direct traffic gives you balls.

Fourthly, direct traffic is best used by companies that offer their services for free.
As the oldage goes, if you aren't the customer, you're the product. If you aren't paying for a product, your usage is being subsidised by ads. And every click you make, feeds the machine with more and more data. So direct traffic comes with its own virtuous cycle for ad networks. The machine learning algorithm can refine its ads, and boost CPMs every time you take an action and return to the site. Direct traffic = repeat traffic = more data on each customer. Therefore...

Direct traffic means more $ per visitor.

Just reflect on how many times you've visited Google (or your favorite search engine or social network), and you'll start to see the power of direct traffic.

Direct traffic keeps coming back, with low bounce rates, high time spent on the sites, high engagement, high willingness to convert to sales and signups, etc.

I'm sold, Chris! I want to be a Silicon Valley Billionaire! Now pass me my cup of Direct Traffic!

The first step of getting direct traffic is accepting you don't have enough.

The next step is accepting that it's really hard to get direct traffic.

So here's how to get more - first in the "abstract", and then, some actionable ideas.

General Ways To Boost Direct Traffic

To get direct traffic you need to have three things.

• Firstly, a sticky engaging site (so people are initially impressed)

• Secondly, you need content that changes regularly (so people come back and turn into repeat/return visitors)

• Thirdly, you need monetization the changes (new ads or products that change - so you can sell new things to your repeat customers)

Actionable Ways To Boost Direct Traffic

Now let's look at a few actionable methods to increase your direct traffic.

In a nutshell, to get direct traffic, you need to give people a reason to return daily.

So here's some actionable ideas of how you can do that. You can...

Create a blog with new content added daily or weekly, but the key point here is that it needs to be added regularly.

Encourage user generated content. For example, forums or social media platforms - so others create the new content for you

Become an aggregator. You can aggregate and share other people's content like my sharing website,

Host a useful software "utility" tool on your website. For example, I built a rebill & recurring income calculator which allows people to calculate their recurring income very quickly and very easily:

It only cost me a few hundred dollars, but it's the only tool of it's kind

These are simple tools - but users could easily come back 100x, over the course of the year.

Create software that updates daily - e.g. my CB 250 software shows the top ClickBank affiliate products. I explain how to create these tools in more depth in the training for my Software Generator, but the basic idea is to build a software that displays data from CSV Excel files, API and JSON feeds, etc.

ADVANCED: build your own niche search engine or directory, such as my AI search engine, which is really a traffic search engine for finding profitable traffic sources.

Those are just a few ideas to encourage this type of repeat "direct" traffic.

But overall, I think the best way to get people to return to any site will likely involve software.

Specifically software that people can load in their browser, and use for free.

Server-based software that runs from "the cloud" and people think of it as "a website".

if you are interested in creating software, I would consider looking at my software generator tool, which is part of my DJK software suite.

OK, we've spent a lot of time talking about direct traffic.

I love it, but it's time to move on to my second most profitable traffic source...


#2 Traffic Source - Affiliate Traffic

Take a look at this screenshot, from my JVZoo Sellers Account:

I've only got 842 visitors. But I've generated $823 in revenue.

More importantly, if you look at the top few affiliates, you can see I'm getting EPCs ("earnings per click") between $1.60 and $2.40.

This was a new offer, and in just 3 hours, with these 4 affiliates, we are generating around $200-300 per hour.

$300 per hour equals $7,200 per day. Or about $2.6 million per year.

If you can find and sustain affiliate traffic, you can retire to an island somewhere (although you will probably be renting your villa from the guy who's getting paid from direct traffic).

Now, affiliate traffic is especially profitable with digital products.

And that's because of the high profit margins that you can make with digital products.

These 90%+ margins can then be passed on to the affiliates in the form of high (50-75%) affiliate commissions, which in turn gives them the financial leeway to promote your offer in many different places, and incentivizes them to send as much traffic as they can.

Compare the different profit margins of an info product (digital business) compared to even other online businesses such as eCommerce (which involve physical products):

The info marketer can in theory offer 96% commissions and still break even (and then make money on the backend, with upsells, affiliate promotions, etc).

Whereas the other business owners can really only offer 5-20% commissions.

If you were a super affiliate, where would you send your traffic - to the link paying 5% commission per sale or 75% commission?

And that's one of the reasons that having your own info product (software/ebook) business is so powerful.

Because it lets you tap into this huge, greedy base of affiliates who want to earn 75% of a $7-997 digital product...


STOP! Not everyone can get affiliate traffic!

Now before we talk in more depth about how to get affiliate traffic, one obvious point is:

You need to create & sell your own product for affiliates to send you this passive traffic!

If you want to create & sell your own digital products, but you don't know how to do it, check out my Day Job Killer Course. 50+ videos explain exactly how I quit my job selling eBooks and software. And then I give you 8 software tools so you can create and sell your own products, without all the headache I went through.

So why is traffic from affiliates so important?

Affiliates are an incredible source of free, targeted, warm, infinitely scalable traffic.

So, if you have a product to sell, and want to launch an affiliate program, keep reading...


Now here are the basics of tapping into the affiliate traffic.

• Firstly, you need to have your own product (ideally a digital/downloadable software/ebook product as discussed in my DJK training).

• Second, launch your affiliate program - i.e. join an affiliate network & offer a commission per sale, for people to promote your products. Your commission is typically 50% to 75% for digital products, and 5% to 20% for physical products.

• You will probably want to have an "affiliate page" or "JV page" with information about the product, including media, JV prizes, etc.

• Give your affiliates their affiliate link. Affiliates join your affiliate program and are given an affiliate link and then send traffic through it. Then when they make a sale, they earn an affiliate commission.

One benefit to having an affiliate program is that it's financially 100% risk free for the vendor - because the product owner only pays the affiliate when sales are generated.

For this reason, I recommend that you offer as high commission as possible - because as a product owner, there's always the opportunity to monetize on the back end. Taking that initial front-end sale that you paid 50-75% on, and then offering the customer upsells, recurring billing products, high-ticket offers, webinars, affiliate promotions, etc...


Affiliate traffic = very targeted traffic

You will find affiliates are experts at matching the right traffic to the right offer.

For example, in the health niches, the top affiliates spend millions on FB ads, media traffic etc, and know exactly what might work for a given product.

Even better: in the Internet marketing niches, it's mostly buyer traffic - many of the best affiliates are actually product vendors with customer lists - who want to generate additional revenue from their customers by sending affiliate promotions, via email/push/their websites etc.

And for this reason, in the IM niche, affiliate traffic often known as "JV traffic" - which is extremely targeted - with very high EPCs.


Recruiting Affiliates to send us traffic

So once we have a product and we want to get affiliates to promote those, how exactly do we recruit affiliates to send traffic?

Firstly, you need a product as already mentioned, ideally a digital product because this allows us to offer a very high commission.

I recommend you create software - because software has the highest perceived value & converts great.

Once more, check out my Day Job Killer Course for more information on how to create and sell digital products.

Secondly, list your product on an affiliate network. The affiliate network connects affiliates & product owners, and acts as a trusted middle-man to track sales and manage payments. Importantly, affiliates can find your product on a top-sellers page like the ClickBank marketplace, JVZoo top-sellers list or WarriorPlus login page.

For digital products, the best affiliate networks, ClickBank, JVZoo and WarriorPlus. A lot more on this below!

Thirdly, make sure that your sales page converts, before starting your affiliate recruitment. It's a bit of a chicken and egg thing, but the best way to find out how well your product converts, is by promoting it yourself first. Once you're starting to see high EPCs on a particular traffic method (PPC, email marketing, etc), you can then reach out to affiliates with your proof, and ask them to scale up your promotions.

Fourth, you need to pay out as high commission as possible. Remember, this is all passive income and passive customers that you'll be getting from your affiliates, so be as generous as you can afford to be. One additional strategy is to "launch" your product with some kind of cash contest (also known as a "JV contest"). These are very powerful on platforms such as JVZoo & WarriorPlus. Both platforms have "affiliate contests" built-in to their software. For ClickBank, you will need to use a 3rd-party tracking tool such as Runmycontest.

Those are what I consider basic requirements. Now here's 2 optional extras...

Create an affiliates page or JV page with lots of media and information for your affiliates.

In case you're wondering what a good affiliate program should look like, headover to ProClub Internet marketing Launches and click under a product to view the JV page.

Or alternatively, head over to my ClickBank Affiliate Program Software, the CB250 and click on the affiliate links you will find inside the product descriptions:

Do competitive analysis to find the best affiliates. Then steal them.

One of my favorite phrases is: "To become seriously wealthy, you must copy what the seriously wealthy are doing".

You can get clever & original when you're cruising through seven-figures. But start by ruthlessly cloning the best in your niche.

This is how you can easily answer the question:

"where are the biggest sellers in my niche getting their traffic?"

Chances are the product owner - and their affiliates - have done their homework, and found out that:

"For this product, email marketing is the best traffic, followed by media/banner ads, followed by PPC, etc"

This may have taken months of testing, and thousands of ad costs...

But you can easily work it out by seeing what traffic their site is getting right now.

Luckily, there are 2 great tools to run this kind of competitive intelligence.

Firstly, enter any domain into SimilarWeb to see a "traffic sources" overview, to find where traffic is coming from for a particular website.

For example, you can see that most of my traffic for Pro.Club comes from direct traffic (discussed above), followed by referrals and mail:

SimilarWeb isn't always super-accurate, but these are indeed my 3 biggest sources of traffic.

Next, we can drill down a bit deeper with SEMRush.

SEMRush lets you find paid keywords & media that are promoting a particular website. We can literally see the exact PPC keywords they're bidding on, along with any display/media ads they're running. These appear as "search" and "display" in the SimilarWeb "traffic sources" graph. So whenever you see high numbers under "search" and "display" for a domain under SimilarWeb, head over to SEMRush to drill deeper.

Sometimes, these traffic sources are affiliates, so look up marketing platforms such as SEMrush and Similar Web and work out where your competition are getting that traffic. Then match that to a particular affiliate - and then try and convince those affiliates to promote your offer instead.


Which Affiliate Network Are Best For Digital Products?

The 3 best affiliate networks for digital/info products are:

1) ClickBank - best for most digital products, especially diet/health offers
2) JVZoo - best for most Internet marketing software
3) WarriorPlus - best for MMO/IM ebooks/software

One question that always comes up when we talk about to fill your traffic is which affiliate networks are best for digital products, and the answer is it depends on your offer and your niche.

But there are really three I recommend.

1) ClickBank

ClickBank is the biggest affiliate network for digital products, eBooks and software.

Its' sheer size and scale makes it the best affiliate network for all "non make-money" digital products. It's especially powerful for health and diet offers.

The only problem with ClickBank is you tend to get some really crappy affiliate traffic (that's the "me killing off 5,000 visitors in a day" screenshot, at the start of the article).

2) JVZoo

JVZoo is really the best affiliate network for Internet marketing software.

The very tight integration that JVZoo has with PayPal ensures that all the offers in there are very "compliant" and non-hypey.

3) WarriorPlus

In 2019, WarriorPlus is the best network for "make money" type marketing offers - especially ebooks.

eBooks almost never enter the JVZoo top 10, but often rank high on W+ (although Internet marketing can often do well on Warrior too). WarriorPlus has more aggressive make money online and biz-op style offers - and also affiliates that are well suited to promote these types of offers.

(NOTE: There are many other networks I haven't listed here, from huge networks like Commission Junction to smaller networks focused on MMO like the Cash Network. But I suggest you focus on digital products, and that means you focus on these 3 affiliate networks).

So the answer to "which affiliate network to list your digital product on" really comes down to the offer and the niche.

That will tell you which of these three platforms you choose to promote your digital product on.

However, I'm not done with this topic just yet...


Estimating ClickBank, WarriorPlus & JVZoo Revenues: The Top 3 Affiliate Networks for Digital Products

The affiliate network you choose for your product is vital.

So I wanted to dig as deep as I could.

That's why I pulled up some stats here for the revenue of the three different platforms. Check this out:

Now let's break this down...

For the month of June, I took the top 10 offers in JVZoo & the top 10 offers on WarriorPlus and pulled up their stats.

The top 10 offers on JVZoo grossed $1.7 million in the month of June.

The top 10 offers on WarriorPlus grossed $700,000 in the month of June.

Multiply that by 12x, to get an annual estimate & we get...

The top 10 offers on JVZoo gross $21 million per year annual revenue

The top 10 offers on WarriorPlus gross $8.4 million per year annual revenue

Now of course, these are very much "low-ball" numbers.

I stopped at the top 10, so none of the "long-tail" is included (and number 11-50 are probably still pretty big product launches).

So, in practise it's probably closer we probably get something closer to an estimate of...

$30-$50 million annual revenue for JV Zoo & $10- $20 million annual revenue for WarriorPlus.

Next up is the biggest digital affiliate network of all, ClickBank.

ClickBank's marketplace doesn't display revenue, so it's much harder to estimate revenue numbers for a single product, let alone the entire network.

But Owler estimates ClickBank's revenues at about $200 million, and that sounds about right. Actually I'd peg it at closer to $250 million.

So let's add these 3 affiliate networks up, and we end up with somewhere probably in the region of...

$250 and $350 million per year minimum industry value for digital products.

Once again, this is a hugely underestimated "low-ball" number.

If we add in other affiliate networks, people selling via their own merchant accounts, etc... it's certainly closer to $500 million, or maybe even $1 billion.

The digital product space is huge.

OK, I've gone off track a bit here.

But the point I was making is:

Affiliates are sending $500 million+ in revenue to digital products like yours. So you should definitely consider creating an affiliate program to sell your product, especially if it's digital.

Of course, the first step to all of this is...

Actually having a digital product to sell in the first place!

I highly recommend creating your own product. It's a great way to get passive affiliate traffic just like I've been doing!

Listing Your Software & eBooks on Affiliate Networks = Free Targeted Traffic & Passive Income

This is just one ClickBank vendor account which brings in thousands of clicks ("hops") per day, which then gets me daily sales.

I list my product on the ClickBank marketplaces, affiliates send me free traffic, I pay them 50% and 75% commissions when they make a sale...

And I earn passive income without me having to do anything to get that traffic.

I discuss all of this inside my DayJobKiller course, with 50+ videos and 8 software tools. It's all about how to generate traffic & sales with info products.

Click here to preview everything included inside DJK (45 minute preview video)


Traffic source #3: Browser Push Notifications

This is one you probably have never even considered:

Browser Push notifications AKA Web Push Notifications.

've only been using push since early 2019 but I absolutely love it as a traffic source.

Partly, because so few people know about it!

So let me educate you on exactly what makes push so powerful.

It's a fast, free and easy way to send massives of targeted daily traffic.

Now the concept of push is really quite similar to email marketing:

people subscribe to your list... but the difference here is the visitors subscribe via browser push notifications.

With this type of traffic, clicks and opens are extremely high, very often above 10%.

I can often send 3-5x push messages a week, which is about 20x messages per month. And...

10% CTR x 20 days per month, = a total click-through-rate per subscriber of 200% - per month!

Hopefully you're starting to see the potential of web push.

So let's dig deeper into the benefits...


1) Push notifications are very fast & easy to send.

You can just quickly add the "opt-in code" to your website, to start collecting subscribers!

Then visitors to your site click "yes" in the push popup - and they are instantly subscribed to your push list.

At that point you can then send them notifications, forever (or at least until they unsubscribe/block your domain):


2) Push notifications are huge and visual.

As you can see from these example, they look great and they just suddenly appear in the user's browser window, which can be really quite impactful.

Push is "rich media" - and it uses the style and font of your browser/OS. It actually looks like an official Windows 10 notification!


3) Push gets huge clicks from small lists.

There's another benefit to web push's "rich-media" nature. and "stand-out" visuals: it drives a very high CTR.

It's possible to drive large numbers of clicks, commissions and sales - even from very small web push lists.

You don't need to worry about having a list of tens of thousands of people, unlike email marketing.

This is why push is great for anyone who has tried list building with email - and failed.

Hopefully you're starting to see why web push is so great:

Web push notifications send lots of traffic. It's very quick and easy to send the push notification message. The subscribers you get with web push are highly valuable. Plus, it's very cutting edge with very few marketers doing it - and far fewer marketers knowing exactly how to make push work.


4) Web Push Notifications are perfect for affiliate marketers

I'm seeing some incredible results with web push, promoting affiliate programs on WarriorPlus, ClickBank & JVZoo.

Sure, I'm still promoting via my websites, email lists, etc.

But web push is fast becoming my #1 traffic source for quick, easy affiliate commissions.

The stats just don't lie, when comparing email to push:

I've seen as high as $1 per subscriber per blast.

Contrast that to email where...

$1 per subscriber per month is viewed as the golden metric.

And remember: web push messages are very easy, taking as little as one minute to write.

That's especially true if you closely match the message to the sales letter of the affiliate program you're promoting.

The easiest way to do this, is just take a screen grab of whatever sales page that you're promoting, and cut out the 2 images. Then use the headline of the sales letter to create the text elements (especially title & CTA button).

You might think of this as "lazy" but it actually makes your push message "relevant" - which has the side-effect of boosting relevance and conversions.


5) Push is great for quickly testing how well affiliate programs convert

Because push is so simple, it's also a very easy way to use to test out different offers.

Then, only if a given message converts well, you can invest more time and roll it out across your email lists, websites you have in your network, etc.

Now I've just launched a new service called Push Pro, which is a complete auto responder for push with landing pages, templates, training, and various other components built in. It may well be available at the time that you're watching this. If so, then hit the link here:


Traffic source #4: Email Marketing... to B.R.A.N.D. New Leads

Email marketing is probably the most well-known traffic source on this list.

But... I'm not just talking about "any" type of email traffic.

I'm specifically talking about email marketing to what I call "BRAND NEW" buyers (keep reading)

Now, you've no doubt heard that "the money is in the list". And it's true:

I've had millions of email lists and send millions of clicks for my lists.

There's nothing like getting someone to subscribe today, and still continue to monetize the lead years down the line.

However, just like traffic sources...

All email leads are not created equal.

Many first-time marketers start out thinking they "want a big list".

But "a big list" does not equal a "profitable list".

In fact, having tens of thousands of crappy, unengaged leads can cause all kinds of problems:

Low open rates, low click-through rates, high complaints. You can even lose your autoresponder account (easily).

So what separates a "good lead" from a "bad lead"?

Well, I've actually created an acronym that explains what a good lead looks like.

If you're going to profit with email marketing...

You Want Your Email Leads to be "B.R.A.N.D. NEW"

I've even turned this acronym into an image.

Feel free to right-click and save it somewhere important:

We want our email leads to be:

Buyers - someone who buys your product is worth 10-100x more than someone who opted in to "just check out your free e-course". That's true even if they only paid $9.99 for a "free + shipping" trial offer. I can't stress enough how much more valuable buyers are. In fact, I almost exclusively mail buyers, and I've never had any issues with autoresponders. Most of the time, when you hear about "so-and-so getting banned by his autoresponder", it's because they were mailing non-buyers (and then didn't follow the other steps either)

Recent - new email leads have much higher clicks & engagement. In fact I've seen CTR half in as little as a week when mailing leads. Don't take it personal, though. It's not so much you as the nature of email leads. Initially people are really excited about a particular topic, and then as time passes their interest wanes. One day you're all about becoming an MMA fighter, and then a week later you've moved onto becoming a games designer. We've all been there. People change their minds, and the leads become stale. This is another reason many successful marketers delete their unopens (e.g. people who haven't opened your email after, say, 60 days). You'll hear this referred to as "list hygeine", and some autoresponders do it automatically (eg SendLane), whereas with some ARs like Aweber you need to buy a third-party tool (AWProTools).

Accepted - it's obviously a legal and ethical requirement that people on your list have clearly opted in - ie that they WANT your emails. But it's also good practice. Engaged leads who know they gave consent to subscribe are the only ones who will open and click anyway. Funny story: I once sat next to a guy at a conference and asked him what he did for a living. Quick as a flash, he replied "I'm a spammer". Turns out he was sending over 100 million emails a day, but was barely pushing six-figures. There are easier ways to hit six-figures that don't result in prison sentences. And if you're sending 100 million emails a day to engaged buyers well... then... your company has a market cap of $100 billion+. Trust me, make sure you send to people who have clearly opted in.

Niche - we need to make sure our leads are interested in a certain topic, eg "bodybuilding" or "keto diets" or "video creation software". The more we can segment our leads like this, the more we can tailor content & promotional emails, which results in higher opens and clicks... and of course more money in our pockets. I would also recommend you focus on niches that you understand very well. Being an "expert" on a topic will make it far easier to sell to your leads, and say the type of things that get them opening your emails.

Driven - Following on from this, our leads should be looking for a clear benefit. For example, get ripped abs, make money, get more traffic to their website, etc. The more passionate they are about accomplishing that goal, the more driven they will be to open our emails, click on our links and take the action we want.

What Stats Do You See on a B.R.A.N.D. NEW List?

In case you wondering, here's what's a perfect email from this type of brand new, recent buyer lead list looks like:

As you can see, from just 2,600 subscribers, I've got 1,300 opens and 650 clicks, which is a pretty impressive 25% click through rates.

That's a 25% a click through rate, not from the opens but from the entire list itself.

So it is possible to generate some really impressive stars if you're working with high quality, brand new leads.

Sounds great... but how exactly do we get leads in the first place?

There are a few options.

Method one is to sell a product and build a buyers list. This is the method I recommend, because it results in the kind of a clicks and opens you see above, and a constant stream of traffic which looks like this:

Note how I'm sending 500-1,000 clicks a day, with a mixture of both followup and broadcast emails.

If you do want to sell your own product, then I suggest you check out my Day Job Killer Course, which I've mentioned earlier on. After all, the best way to build a targeted list, is having your own product and promoting to your customer list. And the best way to do that is by buying this course.

Method two is to create a lead magnet or giveaway with the squeeze page.

I discuss that elsewhere on this block, and it's not as good as building buyer leads. If you're going this route, I suggest collecting push subscribers instead of email subscribers, as discussed above.


Traffic Source #5 - Buying ads on niche websites.

Banner ads are as old as the Internet itself, stretching back well into the 90s.

Today banner ads get a bad rap as people think they're "old school" and "don't work any more".

Text ads (like with Google Adsense) or also seen as old hat.

And most marketers who want to "buy media" will look at more modern methods like Native Ads using networks like Outbrain.

But this misses out one of the most profitable traffc sources out there:

Buying ads on small independent niche websites

I'm talking about picking up banners and text ads on very targeted niche websites.

Very often, these sites have their own independent advertising system.

They are "off the radar" to anyone outside the niche, and you won't find them on Google's AdSense display network.

This means that the competition is very low because very few people know about them.

Although that doesn't necessarily always result in cheaper traffic. After all, the traffic is so very targeted and the website owner is deep in the niche themselves. So they know the value of their traffic, and price it accordingly high.

However, from what I've seen the traffic on many of these niche independent websites, is extremely targeted, which means we can find buyers and qualified leads much more easily than we can on some of the mainstream networks.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that...

It's possible to generate a full time living - from just 1 ad, on 1 website, promoting 1 offer.

Hopefully that got your attention.

Remember also that, because so few people know about these opportunities, you can be the only person running ads there for years.

I actually know a guy who basically built an entire seven-figure business by leveraging one of the most popular Internet marketing forums in this way.


Ads on Single Websites That Made Me $xx,xxx+

So let's look at a few examples of independent sites that I've generated five figures from - in the internet marketing niche...


#1 - JVZoo Hot Topics

JVZoo Hot Topics are ads directly inside of JV Zoo's log in page.

They aren't cheap at $350 per day (and sometimes you'll be sharing your spot with up to 3 other advertisers). Secondly, to qualify, you need to promote a JVZoo offer (either sales page or JV page) within the platform. But I can certainly tell you that this has resulted in some very targeted leads and sales for me in the past.

#2 - Muncheye Featured Listing

Muncheye is a calendar for Internet marketers to list their new product launches.

If you want to launch a new marketing product, you can just throw up a listing on there for free.

However, Muncheye also has a "featured ad" paid option for $50.

This gives you highlighted text for your launch day (as shown above), and it also gives you a big banner ad on the particular days that you are going to run.

So, if you're thinking of launching your own Internet Marketing software, I highly recommend these ads as a way to promote to a large number of targeted super affiliates.

#3 ClickBank Ads

CB has various ads - which are great, again, for affiliates recruitment - so you promote your JV page.

But you can also run ads to a sales page (provided the product is sold via ClickBank).

CB offer many type of ads (both for the entire network, and individual marketplace categories).

The best performing ads are login ads, which you can see here:

Of course those are just 3 examples.

But you'd be surprised how many there are... now that you can start looking.

And in case you wondering...

Where can I find niche websites to advertise on?

Well, guess what: I actually built a traffic search engine for this purpose, called AI Search.

Simply visit AI Search, check the ads box and you'll see that there are almost 10,000 sites with advertising platforms that you can check out:

If you don't feel like checking out AI Search, the other option is a simple Google search:

[keyword] + advertising

For example

[Internet marketing forum] + advertising
[dog training] + advertising
[affiliate programs] + advertising.

That will throw up a list of small independent websites that you can run ads on, and target in this way (albeit without the fancy features inside AI Search).

Oh, and in case you wondering...

How to create ads to target these sites?

Guess what: I also built a tool for that too, the Banner Bot.

Essentially what I did was
1) found hundreds of banners for top offers on ClickBank, JVZoo, etc
2) switched up the design, the colour scheme, images, styles, etc
3) and then I made all of the best ones spinnable inside a cloud based tool.

So, with the Banner Bot, these 50 proven banner templates can be changed and spun to promote any product affiliate program - on any website - in seconds! Just login to the tool, enter a few details about the product you're promoting, and over 50 banners are instantly created.

So click below to create the Banner Bot if it's something that you're interested in:


Conclusion - Most Profitable Traffic Sources

So there you have it.

The 5 most profitable traffic sources of 2019 are:

• #1 - Direct Traffic - when people "type-in" your website
• #2 - Affiliate Traffic - when affiliates promote your site for a commission
• #3 - Web Push Traffic - from a "web push notification" list you have built
• #4 - Email Marketing - but only to "B.R.A.N.D. New" buyer leads
• #5 - Buying ads on niche websites - if they are very targeted

This list was never intended to be exhaustive.

I just wanted to open your mind to some fresh new traffic methods that make money.

But, if you want even more ways to get traffic, here are 10 bonus traffic sources that capable of generating seven figures and up.

I know this because it either generated seven figures for me, or for marketers who I personally know.

The 10x "runner-ups" traffic sources of 2019 are:

Retargeting - resell to people who visit your site for pennies? A no-brainer
Look-alike audiences - ...then let machine learning find even more people like that? Also a no-brainer
YouTube Ads - still cheap ...even today, with massive inventory & very targeted traffic (eg placements)
Solo ads - massive traffic source for list-builders, make-money & Internet marketing
Native Ads - when people say they are "buying media" often this is what they mean. Minimal compliance issues
Google PPC - still monster traffic, but CPCs keep rising
Bing PPC - much lower traffic than Google, but more loose ad compliance
Facebook Ads - the traffic source of choice for many marketers in 2019
SEO - one piece of advice: put your time into great content, and not the latest algorithm change
Google Display Network - huge inventory of sites to run ads on. Just make sure your offer converts first

My advice is to start with my top five and then proceed onto these next 10, which are also great.


A few final points about getting traffic.

Firstly, to really make use of all of these traffic sources, you really need to have your own product. And of all possible types of product, I recommend you should create a digital product. And...

In order to learn how to create and sell a digital product, I suggest you check out my Day Job Killer course (50 training videos & 8 software tools!).

If you prefer the super-easy life then you should an affiliate of digital products: in that case, check out my Affiliate Bots 2.0 software suite (37 software tools in one offer!)

Secondly, remember that this is only my experience and I promote info products, so what works for ME may be different to what works for YOU - especially if you're not selling digital products - e.g. if you promote a music app, then Spotify Ads may be worth a look. If you're a personal trainer, selling an hourly service, and looking to reach all fitness-fanatics in a 2-mile radius, then Facebook Ads will be the way to go.

Whatever you're looking to sell online, find similar competitors who are selling the same kind of products issue and apply some competitive intelligence, as discussed multiple times in this article. For example, you can use Similar Web to look at the breakdown of traffic that your competitors' sites are getting - and that will tell you what traffic's working for them and then you can start to look at getting that same type of traffic yourself.

Thirdly, the best traffic sources will vary heavily from niche to niche. For example, if you have a watch eCommerce brand, you're probably going to want to look at social traffic, in particular Instagram and to a lesser extent Facebook. If you're selling an eBook or instant marketing software than affiliate traffic and affiliate recruitment will definitely be your priority.

Fourthly, irrespective of the traffic you focus on, you must always be working on your EPC. If your offer converts, then you'll basically be able to buy traffic anywhere and scale it up easily. Good traffic won't fix a bad offer (although you can still sell some of a bad product, if the traffic is really very good).

One last point: remember that the best traffic is the traffic that your closest competitors are already getting. So be sure to use competitive intelligence tools such as AISearch, SEMrush, Similar Web, and Keywordaveli to find out what your competitors are doing.

OK, I think that covers it. Hopefully it's been useful and I've talked about some traffic sources you haven't really considered before.

In any event, remember that these are the traffic sources that have made me millions of dollars, so don't be so quick to dismiss them.

I suggest you look into depth at all of them.

So thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next article. Cheers!

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