Build a list with email marketing, push notifications & more

How To Build Web Push Notifications On Your Website

This article looks at how beginners should look to build a push subscriber list for their website(s).

How to add the push notification code, how to build your first web push list, and how to convince people to sign up to your browser push list, etc.

It basically covers the core steps to getting started with web push/browser push, along with the different components needed!

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All of the information you will need is actually preloaded inside of PushPro (demo on this free masterclass)

This is simply to help with understanding the fundamentals of push marketing - the basics of web push...

So, let's dive right in...

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What do you need to build a browser/web push subscriber list?

In order to build a browser or web push up a subscriber list you will need a website to actually add the opt-in code to and to collect subscribers from!

This is something that comes free with the instant push pages software along with the DoneForYou websites (found within the website sections of PushPro).

•You will also need a push service, the software which collects and manages your push subscribers in the same way that an email autoresponder manages your email leads. PushPro is a unique push service, built by marketers for marketers like you.

•A lead magnet is also a requirement. This is a free giveaway and the reason people will subscribe to your list.
(This has been completed for you and you can be found within the DoneForYou template section. Various lead magnets are available to give away).

•Relatively targeted warm traffic is a must, whether it's from your own website, solo ads, website ads, Facebook ads or similar. More training is given on this training as well as a cheat sheets for current top solo providers.

•It is also recommended to queue up a follow up message sequence so as to welcome any new subscribers. Your followup sequence can build trust (giving away free articles, reports, software, lead magnets, etc). And your followup sequence can also monetize your new subscribers (promoting your products, or affiliate programs).

• When writing your messages use emojis, numbers, keywords and non-alpha numerical characters ($£*@~# etc). If in doubt, there are various messages that can be used within the DoneForYou template section of PushPro. These templates are useful to promote relevant affiliate offers along with broadcast messages and combine push with all the list-building methods such as email and retargeting.


Tips to increase your success with web push notifications:

Push is a powerful list-building technology.

But it becomes even more powerful when combined with list-building methods and marketing tactics.

Here are some basic tips to get your brand new browser push list off to the right start...

Start with what works. Scan your market and see how others are building a push list. Begin to break down what they are doing... while you copy it. Or simply join PushPro and use the proven templates provided. As you become more familiar, start to create your own push learning pages and write your own push messages. But.. start with what is already working.

Choose a proven niche. Want to build a push list... but not sure which niche works best? Internet marketing is a great, profitable niche for list building so it will pay to start with this. It also means that you can tap into great traffic for list building such as solo ads.

Don’t forget to test! Test your opt-in messages and lead magnets that you give away - as well as different landing pages, split test broadcast messages and split test follow-up messages. The data from this will give you all of the feedback you need. Many push autoresponders (including pushpro) let you split-test both followup and broadcast push messages.

Value is important so gain trust from your subscribers by using follow-ups and freebie giveaways. Use broadcast messages to sell and market to people with affiliate promos. Try to strike a balance between not marketing too aggressively and giving high value content. This will prevent a lot of people from unsubscribing from your list.

Profitable traffic in, profitable traffic out. Don’t forget about warm, profitable, targeted traffic, be it solo ads, Bing pay-per-click or thank you page traffic (or any of the most profitable traffic methods I discuss here). The warmer the traffic, the warmer the leads, the better the push subscribers... and the more clicks and conversions you will get.

Oh, and if there's just one power tip then it's this...

POWER TIP: There's no point blasting to 1,000 push subscribers... if no-one clicks! For that reason, I suggest you write your push messages from proven templates. Either subscribe to a few push lists in your niche (to see what works), or start with the proven templates inside PushPro (demo and training here).

REMEMBER: PushPro includes template websites, template follow-up messages, template lead magnets, and template broadcast messages that have already been tried and tested by high earners.

Web Push subscriptions are an extremely powerful tool to list build, even more so when you're building the right type of list using highly targeted leads.

If you're at all interested about taking your list-building to the next level, then you need push.

I think it may be the best kept secret in Internet Marketing in 2020!

And if you're at all interested in push, you will want to check out my webinar "list-building for affiliates in 2020" here

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NOTE: You'll need to choose a time where you have a free 2 hours.

And a pen and pad.

And... an open mind (this really is a NEW list-building technology!)


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