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How to Get Free Traffic in 4 Steps

Dear Free Traffic Seeker,

What follows is a the quickstart guide from my Traffic Bots training system:

Over 3,000 people have paid for this content, so enjoy it!

I added this to my blog, so you can sample the package - and learn more about how to drive free targeted traffic to your website and affiliate links.

And if you like it, preview the Traffic Bots software, or keep reading for a full breakdown of all the tools:

OK, let's dive in ;-)



When we talk about "traffic" we simply mean visitors to your website.

For example, here's a Google Analytics screenshot for one of my website's traffic over the last 30 days:

As you can see, this one site has had 1,105 unique visitors (users), who have returned for a total of 2,275 visits ("sessions"), and visited 10,296 pages etc.

I didn't pay a penny for this traffic, which is awesome.

In fact, getting lots of visitors to your website is really the holy grail of Internet marketing.

Simply put, the more visitors you can get, the more money you will make.

Also, while we want lots of traffic, we also ideally want free traffic. That's especially true when you're starting out and don't have a boatload of money to throw at ads.

Of course, not all traffic is created equal - and it's vital we get traffic that is targeted to the kinds of products we want to sell.

I'll return to that point later on, but first let's look at some of the different types of free traffic you can get online:

Search traffic (SEO) - this is where people search Google/Bing/Yahoo for a keyword, your website is ranked there, and people click on it. This is probably the "oldest" form of free targeted traffic online, and still the biggest referrer of traffic (For example, back in 2013, Google went down for around 5 minutes one Friday night... and traffic fell by 40%.. across the entire Internet). As well as being a humongous search of traffic, search traffic is available in every single niche you can think of. This "SEO" or "free search traffic" is what we will be focusing on with the Affiliate Traffic Bots system (actually we'll be getting traffic from Google and YouTube - even though you think of YouTube as a "video hosting" site, it's actually the 2nd most used search engine after Google).

Social traffic - this is where you build a following of people on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, then post to your fans/followers, who then click through to a website. This can be an awesome source of traffic, but is still in my mind second to SEO. There are a few reasons for this, but one of them is that people aren't on these sites to find things/solutions/products. They're there to socialise and interact. Don't get me wrong, Instagram and Facebook can still drive tonnes of targeted traffic... but it's just not in the same league as Google (In 2015, Facebook went down three times over the course of a week: there is no drop in traffic across the wider web; perhaps all that happened was a slight boost in office productivity).

List traffic - this is probably the only traffic source that is on par with search in terms of targeting and the value of each click sent (also known as "earnings per click" or "EPC"). In fact, building a list allows you to send traffic to any website or offer by building a list once, and sendig to your list again and again. This is true, whether we are building an email list, a retargeting list... or even using a new list-building technology such as "web push notifications". Even 50 years after the first email was sent, it's still the king of traffic... but it also requires a little bit more time and skill to build and nurture your list, so it's more for intermediate marketers who have got started with SEO, social or PPC traffic.

Overall, then the best type of traffic is free traffic.

And the best type of free traffic, especially for beginners, is search traffic or SEO.

I'll talk about how we can get free traffic from Google and YouTube search in just a moment.

But first, let's look at exactly where we send this free traffic when we get it.

Now the truth is, you can really send it anywhere - and the best place is your own ecommerce site (selling software, training packages, apps, or clothes).

You'll always make more with your own product/service to sell.

But for most people who want to start off the easy way, the simplest way to monetize the free traffic is with affiliate marketing...

And that's the monetization option that we'll be focusing on for Affiliate Traffic Bots



Since 2005, I've made $2 million from being an affiliate.

You can think of affiliate marketing as a "four step" process.


1) Find a proftable affiliate program
2) Promote & send traffic to an "affiliate link" then...
3) People click on this affiliate link & buy the product...
4) We earn a commission - for being a "middle-man"

It's a very simple system, but it's vital that we do it right.

That's where Traffic Bots system comes in..

We'll look at the system in just a second, but first let's explore the power of affiliate marketing in a bit more depth...



I'll just say it...

Affiliate marketing is one of the top businesses on the planet, if you can make it work.

In fact, the only thing better than being an affiliate is having your own product (but that's a discussion for another time).

Compared to any traditional business it is a joke.

And.. even compared, to any other online business... it is incredible.

When you're a millionaire affiliate, it feels like you're riding the greatest wave on the planet.

In 2019 AFFILIATE = an awesome profession, and here's why...

• make six figures up and still maintain freedom in your life
• no customer service, no staff, no overheads & low costs
• and yet the income potential is practically unlimited.

Take it from someone who knows...

You need no prior experience marketing online - I lay everything out for you, step-by-step. My methods are simple, and run contrary to popular affiliate techniques. Whether you are a seasoned affiliate, or a complete newbie, the cash will come just as quickly.

No hard work or long hours - Affiliate marketing (when done the right way) is the easiest business online. And you will have a lot of leisure time on your hands - you could quit your job and join me in the world of the cash-rich, time-rich self employed affiliate.

Very little start-up costs - when done correctly, there are almost no set-up costs in becoming an affiliate. It's always free to join any affiliate program, the traffic you get is also free, and with my Titan system, you don't even need a website (although it definitely helps).

A billion different angles - there are literally billions of products you can promote as an affiliate, from ClickBank ebooks, to JVZoo software, to anything you can find on Amazon. And there are a million different traffic tactics to use, from Google SEO to Facebook ads, from email marketing to YouTube traffic.

Infinite scale, but start small - your first affiliate campaign can be setup in just a few minutes. And from there you can expand as aggressively as you want. With the Affiliate Traffic Bots system, you can work the hours that you want to work (an hours work a day for $2,000 a week, anyone? It's possible), and potentially enjoy the freedom that very, very few others enjoy (the only other guys making that much are the top of the class professionals, but they work sixty or seventy hours a work).

And it doesn't even stop there...

In a nutshell, being an affiliate allows you the best of both worlds - insane potential for maximum income...

And yet complete freedom to do what you want because of the masses of free time you will have on your hands.

And YES, that's time that can be used to do what you want, and spend your money

(and trust me, having lots of time and money really forces you to think about what you want - since the options are basically unlimited).

Of course, just being an affiliate isn't going to make you financially free.

Which brings me onto the very reason Affiliate Traffic Bots was created...



As an affiliate, it seems there's a million things to think about:

Squeeze pages... headlines... HTML.. affiliate cloakers.. TIDs...

It's easy for a newbie - or even a pro affiliate - to get overwhelmed - and give up.

But... if we really break it down, there are only two BIG factors..

TWO BIG factors that determine how successful you are as an affiliate:

1) The affiliate program you choose

2) The traffic method you choose

Get both of these right and you're rolling in commissions.

Get even one of these wrong, and you won't make a dime.

Luckily for us, I've devised a new system that lets you nail both of these factors...

By forcing you to choose 100 of the top affiliate programs..

And then promote each of them on 10-1,000 of the very best keywords.

It means there are basically 100,000 possible keyword/affiliate program opportunites up for grabs right now.

(In fact, if you opted for the PRO upgrade, you can promote an INFINITE number of offers across an INFINITE number of niches and keywords!)

Now whether you're a basic or pro member, Affiliate Traffic Bots is an incredible, mind-blowing system.

But it only works because of these 2 rules...



At the start of this guide, I told you:

Since 2005, I've made $2 million in affiliate commissions.

But how does that break down?

Did I make $1,000 from 2,000 different affiliate programs?

Or, maybe $10,000 from 200 different affiliate programs?

Well, here's what's interesting: a few promotions have made a huge chunk of my overall profits.

In fact, my best ever promotion was back in 2007 for a product called "Undercover Profits".

That single promotion - which lasted a week - made me over $180,000.

That's over 10% of my total earnings as an affiliate... in 10 years... in the space of a week.

Just to put that in perspective, if I had made that same $180k every week since then, I would now be sitting on $102.96 million!

Obviously, that hasn't happened, and my $2 million feels pretty pathetic now that I think about it!

But that's the exact point.

Opportunities like that are extremely rare, because:

All affiliate programs are NOT created equal.

In fact, you can make literally 100,000x the profit from choosing an awesome affiliate program, compared to a terrible one.

That means we need to think very carefully about the affiliate programs we promote, before we even think about anything else.

Luckily, I'm just going to GIVE you a list of the top affiliate programs every single day, across the best niches.

But it still pays to understand what the best affiliate programs have in common:

Secrecy - the best affiliate programs are by their very nature "secret". If everyone knew about them, there would be lots of competition.

Time-sensitive - following on from this, the best opportunites only last so long. Maybe it's a launch that lasts a week, or hot new product that appears out of nowhere, or a sudden price-drop that sparks demand. But the longer an opportunity is around, the less it becomes an opportunity.

High commission - it's much easier to make $1,000 by earning 50% commission on a $1,000 product than by selling 1,000 $2 products. That's especially true given the next rule...

Targeted traffic on tap - for any incredible affiliate program, there are people online who will want to buy it. Some of them may literally be about to buy, others may not even know about the product yet. But we need a way to reach these people, and send them through our affiliate link...

And that brings me to the second rule - which is all about driving the right type of traffic to the right affiliate program...



We know that it's vital to choose the right type of affiliate program to promote.

And we know that for any of these awesome affiliate programs there will be many potential customers.

But how do we actually reach these customers?

Well, as I mentioned earlier on, for 99% of people the best place to start is Google.

It's world's biggest search engine, with over 3 billion searches per day.

That's 100 billion a month, or over 1 trillion searches per year.

And every one of these keyword searches gives us an opportunity to rank our website and suck in the free traffic.

But here's the key point - the potential profitability of these keywords can vary wildly.


Now there are several ways to assess the profitability of a given keyword.

The first way is run some ads, test and see for yourself.

So we literally take an offer, buy traffic on a keyword (Pay per click/"PPC") and track your metrics.

This is of course the best and most accurate method... but it's also the most expensive!

And with 100s of offers and billions of keywords, that probably isn't the cheapest experiment you could do!

The second approach is to try to reverse-engineer what makes a good keyword.

So we can look at a keyword and, with a bit of know-how, "predict" how profitable (targeted) it will be.

For example, the best types of keywords are very often what I call "product name" keywords - where a person is searching for a specific brand/product or service - e.g. Macbook Air 11 inch, iPhone 7 32GB, Gold's gym 5th avenue NYC, Affiliate Traffic Bots etc.

These are the most profitable keywords because the person has already spent days, weeks or months researching how to lose weight, or what the best laptop is.. and they're now literally about to make a purchase. These are the very definition of BUYER KEYWORDS, and are as close to a targeted email list as you can get without going to the trouble of building one.

I discuss "product name" keywords (and the other types like "product genre" keywords) inside my Affiliate Titan guide.

But in Affiliate Traffic Bots we're actually going to take a different approach, something I call "following the money".


There's a phrase that I love:

"to become seriously wealthy, you must copy what the seriously wealthy are doing".

Now, of course, there is always a place for innovation, and for clearing your own path.

But, especially when you're starting out in something, the best starting point is often to blindly replicate what the best are doing.

And that definitely applies when it comes to search marketing, SEO, and getting traffic from Google.

Now here's how the approach works...

Let's say I'm looking to promote a new webhosting company I'm launching.

Can you think of some keywords that might be relevant for my offer?

"Web hosting" is obviously a good one. Also, "host my website".

And I'm sure with a pen and paper, we could come up with a few keywords pretty quickly.

But there's a much simpler way to do it - and that's by looking at the keywords that other marketers are already appearing on.


We could copy keywords that our close competitors are ranking for on Google...

Or we could swipe the keywords they're advertising on (and paying money for) with Pay Per Click.

PPC keywords are especially great to steal - if anyone has been running ads on a keyword for a long time, chances are that keyword is profitable for them (provided they're tracking their results).

So, if we were to appear on that same keyword... with a similar offer... we should make some money, right?

Well, yes, and it's pretty hard to argue with the logic.

But that's why there are several "competitive intelligence" or "ad spy" software tools that do exactly this.

However, there is a way to take things even beyond this and that's by...

1) Looking for multiple competitors on a keyword
2) Rating each of these websites by how similar they are to the offer we want to promote.

This takes our "copying the best" method (that many other marketers are already doing) and pumps it full of steroids.

Let's look at each of these two ideas:


Take a look at this screenshot:

Notice how there are three people running ads (actually there are four but I didn't want the screenshot to get too big!).

If just one web host was paying to advertise here, it might be a mistake.. or one really big advertiser pushing hard to spend their budget for the week.

But for an entire cluster of marketers to be running ads, it suggests there is definitely something here.

And indeed this high level of competition is shown in the cost on Google Ads for this one phrase:

That's a staggering £10.34 a click (around $13 for each click).

Obviously lots of people are clambering over each other to get this traffic, pushing the bid price higher and higher.

If we could rank on this keyword we could do very well indeed - even 100 visitors a day could bring us $10,000/day in commissions!

The point here is that many advertisers on a keyword means the keyword is very likely to be profitable.

But that does come with an additional catch...


Secondly, even though these are all web hosts, they may be slightly different to the type of web host that I want to promote.

For example, let's look at those three advertisers in my example - Amazon ("AWS") is more for hosting big scalable corporate sites (all our software is hosted on AWS and big corporates like Snapchat host their images there), whereas GoDaddy is much more "newbie friendly" and focused on small businesses and individuals (Godaddy are known for their mass market Superbowl ads).

So, we need to think not just in terms of how many competitors are running on a keyword... but also how relevant and similar those competitors are to OUR particular offer.

This is something, I'll return to in depth later on...

But for now, just know that we've absolutely taken care of this with our Niche Money software.

And the Affiliate Traffic Bots system as a whole is built for us to discover and exploit these kinds of big money niche/keyword opportunities...



Affiliate Bots is a software & training package focused on getting free traffic and earning affiliate commissions.

The tools let anyone promote Amazon/ClickBank/JVZoo/any type of affiliate programs... using YouTube/Google SEO traffic.

So you get free traffic from both YouTube & Google for that keyword, then turn it into affiliate commissions

(well, actually you can monetize however you want, but we will focus on affiliate marketing for the purposes of this system)

Here's how the system allows ANYONE to get FREE Traffic & affiliate commissions:

• STEP 1 - Browse our "Niche Money" database and pick from our hand-picked niches and download the top keywords for each

• STEP 2 - Search these keywords with our "Keyword Titan" software to find low-competition keywords on YouTube & Google

• STEP 3 - Target the keyword with free traffic - via a website. Find a domain with "Domainaveli" then install "Titan WP Theme" to make your website, <-- Free Google traffic

• STEP 4 - Target the keyword with paid traffic - via a website. Create a website with uBub and promote on Bing (SEE THE "BING QUICK START GUIDE" for this) <-- Free Google traffic

• BONUS TOOL- Find new product launches and affiliate programs with our "ProClub" homepage

It's the easiest way to get free traffic from Google & YouTube, and turn it into Amazon/ClickBank/JVZoo commissions!

Now let's dive in and look at each of the software tools, and how the system works in-depth...




1) Niche Money

Database of the top 100 niches, with keywords pre-loaded for each niche.

Choose your niche, and it will display all your competitors (PPC and SEO).

Then, rank these based on relevance (how similar they are to your offer), and export your competitors top keywords


2) Keyword Titan

Keyword research tool. View $ value of keyword, total searches, CPC, PPC competitiveness & SEO competitiveness.

Enter keywords from Niche Money into Keyword Titan, to find which ones you can rank for on Google and YouTube.


3) Website2Image

This tool creates "campaigns" you can import into Image2Video (tool #4) to create videos.

The software is pre-loaded with the top CB & JVZoo offers, which have paid millions in affiliate commissions.

Choose one and the sales letter is displayed as an image. Now click and drag to select parts of the sales letter to export.

Finally click to export this "affiliate campaign file" into Image2Video, which is up next...


4) Domainaveli

Awesome web-based domain research tool - simply enter a keyword to find the best domain names.

Try the "suggest" button to generate possible names, and choose from different extensions/TLDs.

All domains are ranked automatically by our proprietary domain valuation, instantly presenting the shortest, most keyword-rich names.

Also the "premium domains page" contains dozens of hand-picked names for 15 of the best affiliate & ecom niches..

Once you've found the perfect name, register it, then it's time to install our premium WP theme (discussed next)...



5) DoneForYou WP Theme

A WordPress theme focused purely on free traffic. Super-fast install, and ready to go "out the box".

Focused on monetization... yet 100% compliant for Google SEO traffic...



6) ProClub

A collection of all the new product launches in the Internet marketing niche.

Search & view product price, filter by JV prize, commission.. even low Google & YouTube SEO competition.

Hover to preview the JV page, one click access to the affiliate request/link..

And view email updates from the JV email list - updated hourly!




Before you get started with Affiliate Traffic Bots, you'll need a few things.

Firstly, there are two things you MUST have:

Affiliate Traffic Bots software - Upon joining you should have received an email, with links to the ProClub:
- Niche Money, Keyword Titan, SitesDB & Website2Image- you should have been sent an email with your login
- Image2Video (video creator) - you should download the software and install on your PC/Mac
- Titan WP theme - download this from the download page and review the instructions that come in the zip
- Domainaveli - access this from the download page and bookmark it - for whenever you want to find a domain
- FlipDB - access this from the download page and bookmark it - for whenever you want to find Flippa sites
- AutoMailer - download this from the download page and review the instructions that come in the zip

A YouTube account - we're going to be creating videos with the Image2Video (video creator) software, so we'll need a Youtube account to upload the videos to. I suggest you create a generic channel for now ("todd's best products") unless you already have a specific niche or domain in mind (then call you channel something like "bodybuildingreviews" or "yourwebsitecom").

Secondly, there are a few optional (but recommended) things:

A Website - you can make money as an Affiliate Traffic Bots without a website (the videos you create rank and get free traffic, and we can promote our affiliate link within the description of the YouTube video), but we highly recommend you do get a website.

Having your own website means we can make more commissions AND it means we're more likely to get free Google traffic (so we rank our video AND our website for the same keyword!)

The goal is for articles on our site to rank on Google for our targeted keyword and we get free traffic when people search that keyword and click through to our site ("SEO"). It's cheap and easy to setup a website, and it means you get both just free YouTube views AND Google traffic for your keyword. Who wouldn't want that?

RECOMMENDED: Don't have a website? Check out my Done For You Website offer here. Here are the type of sites you get:

An affiliate account with Amazon, ClickBank and/or JVZoo - to earn affiliate commissions, you'll need to sign up with an affiliate network. The first thing I suggest you do is create a free JVZoo affiliate account here, then create a free ClickBank account here. Both accounts only take a few moments to create, are free, and are open to residents of almost every country. Amazon is slightly trickier and only accepts affiliates who have websites. Also, be aware that Amazon runs separate affiliate programs for each country. So your USA affiliate account won't earn you sales from people in Australia etc, and vice-versa. I suggest you simply signup with the (USA) affiliate program - as 70% of Amazon's revenue comes from the US (over 44% of US households of Amazon Prime accounts). Remember: you'll need a website with some content to get approved with Amazon.

Without a website you won't be able to join the Amazon affiliate program, and you won't be able to make money with Amazon.









There are several tools included within Affiliate Traffic Bots, and the system broken down into a number of steps:

• STEP 1 - Browse our "Niche Money" database and choose from the top niches and discover the most profitable keywords for each

• STEP 2 - Search these keywords with our "Keyword Titan" software to find low-competition keywords on YouTube & Google

• STEP 3 - Choose from affiliate programs inside "Website2Image" - then export 5-15 images to make a "video slide file"

• STEP 4 - Import these images/slides into the "Image 2 Video" software to create your video review <-- Free YouTube traffic

• STEP 5 - Also target the keyword with a website. Find a domain with "Domainaveli" then install "Titan WP Theme" to make your website, <-- Free Google traffic

• STEP 6 - Find even more traffic opportunities with our brand new "SitesDB" & "FlipDB" software tools (20 niches, 3,000 URLs - 18,000 traffic opportunities!)

• BONUS TOOLS- Find new product launches with our "ProClub" tool & build your list with our "Auto Mailer" autoresponder

Now let's look at each of those steps in depth...



One of the most important choices you will make as a marketerl is choosing your niche market.

The niche is really the "topic" that we will be focusing on, and it will determine the affiliate programs/offers we can promote, and the keywords we choose.

If we get the niche right, even a newbie could absolutely clean up... but get the niche wrong and even the greatest marketer won't be able to make a penny.

Luckily for you, I've been marketing online for over 10 years, and I know which niches are profitable, have lots of keywords we can target, and many affiliate programs we can promote.

And I've pre-loaded all of these niches inside the Niche Money software, along with hundreds of the best keywords for each niche included!

Now let's look at how the Niche Money tool works...

STEP 1: Choosing Your Niche To Research

You will need to login to Niche Money with your email and password, which will have been sent to you inside an email "Welcome to Affiliate Traffic Bots":

Start by Logging Into Niche Money Here

Once you login, you will then be sent to the "search" page which is really "step 1" of the tool:

1) At the top you can see we have several pages - search, domain, keywords. We will move, left to right, from page to page, as we dig deeper into the niche

2) If you are a PRO user, you will be able to research your own niche keyword (searching any niche keyword with Niche Money). If you have not upgraded to "pro" then your searches will be restricted to the pre-included niche keywords in the table below.

3) You can see that there is a table which includes all the niches, listed with several columns:

• Category - this is the category of the niche (eg "electronics"). You can filter by categories with the dropdown box above the table
• Google searches - the "exact match" number of searches for that keyword (note: this number is only for the one keyword and is "exact match" - so it will seem small)
• CPC - the average Cost per Click for that niche keyword on Google. Broadly, the higher the number, the more profitable - and expensive on PPC - the keyword is.
• Competition - the estimated competition on Google search, across both PPC and SEO, for a given keyword.
• Earnings per day - the total value of all the keywords we have found for this niche (so the estimated amount the traffic is worth daily)

4) Once you see a niche you like, click on the blue link to proceed to the next step...

STEP 2: Rating Competitors Domains (For "Relevance")

Once you click on the niche, you will be redirected to the "domains" page.

Essentially, this page displays all the competitors in your chosen niche who rank for keywords (via "SEO"), or pay for traffic with ads ("PPC").

Niche Money has a database of 100s, even 1000s, of these websites in your niche.

We are going to export their keywords, but only after we have reviewed and rated all of the competing domains.

1) Here you can see the domain name of the first website. We can click on the link to visit the website in a new tab (which I recommend)
2) In the middle, you can see the number of SEO and PPC keywords that domain appears on, along with the total value $ of all their keywords (pay particular attention to any site with lots of PPC keywords)
3 Finally, we have the rating score. The idea is that we can click here to rate domains out of score of 1-5. The higher the score, the more we care about a domain and want to see its keywords. By default domains are rated as 1 star.


There are many keyword "spy" competitive intelligence tools out there.

But what makes Niche Money special is that we can extract keywords from multiple competitors at once, AND assign varying relevance/importance ratings to domains we think are very similar to ours.

For example, let's imagine we were selling a product like Affiliate Traffic Bots and wanted to find great keywords to promote on. In an ideal world, we would find a competitor who is selling a traffic guide/software package, priced at a similar price, marketed in a similar way, using the same style of website, etc. If we found this kind of a "carbon copy", we would assign a score of 5/5. If, however, we found a site that was close (for example, Internet marketing focused on getting leads rather than getting traffic), we might assign it a score of 3-4. If we saw another site that was focused on something completely unrelated (for example, making money with surveys), we might assign it a score of 1-2).

The 5 star rating that we give a domain will determine how many of its keywords we extract and also how highly we score those keywords.

PPC keywords are also scored more highly than SEO keywords (because if an advertiser is paying to appear on a keyword, they have probably spent time researching the keyword, and are perhaps tracking their conversions - so there's a good chance they are making money).

We then add up the relevance score for all our advertisers and assign it to each keyword. So if a keyword appears for two domains that we rated highly, its score might be 20. If its a PPC keyword, its score could be as high as 40. Whereas if it only appears once for a domain we rate low, it might only have a score of 2.

When we click through to the next page, having rated all the domains, we will be able to see what the top keywords are for our chosen niche.

It's a very scientific approach, and you'll be amazed to see how quickly - and accurately -it throws up the best, most profitable keywords, even in niches you know nothing about.


So how do we decide what score to give a domain?

NOTE: I discuss how to rate the domains on Niche Money in a very detailed training video inside the members area which you can watch here. I highly recommend you watch that video. Watch that video and then read on...

Firstly, note that a default rating of 1 star or lower will result in the domain being ignored, and none of its keywords being extracted.

Secondly, don't be afraid of leaving domains as 1 star. In fact, you should try to leave most domains as 1 star rating.

You should only rate very few domains (perhaps 1-5) as high as 5 stars, and then rate maybe another 1-5 with a rating of 3-4. Obviously, this will vary depending on the niche, but the point is don't go rating every domain 5/5!

Thirdly, there are some specific factors we need to consider when deciding what to rate a domain:

• Can we copy what makes this site popular? Could we create our own version of this site - or can we find an affiliate program for a similar kind of site?

This is probably the most important factor. We are obviously not just interested to see how other people are making their money - we actually need to be able to copy them.. take their keywords.. and put up a similar offer. Otherwise, the whole exercise is pointless.

In fact, the ideal is to find a site with an affiliate program, running PPC keywords that we can just steal. This is how you should be thinking when it comes to finding extremely similar offers.

For example, returning to our "dog training" search, if we click on the first site, we can see it is the American Kennel Club website:

Now, as a British person who doesn't own a dog, I can't say I know much about the AKC, which is why its always worth clicking on a site and taking a quick look around.

And here's what their about us page says about them:

"The American Kennel Club is dedicated to upholding the integrity of its Registry, promoting the sport of purebred dogs and breeding for type and function. Founded in 1884, the AKC® and its affiliated organizations advocate for the purebred dog as a family companion, advance canine health and well-being, work to protect the rights of all dog owners and promote responsible dog ownership."

Hmm. This isn't looking good. To me this seems to be some kind of huge corporate entity, charity or association, founded in 1884.

Could we quickly create a competing website and then beat this site at its own keywords?

Well, they've been going since 1884, may well be funded or somehow verified by the US federal government, and I'm guessing they are probably run as a charity anyway.

It seems pretty unlikely to me that I could quickly come in and steal the AKC's keywords, launch a competing website and beat them and their 130 years of history overnight.

Besides it's not even clear how/if they are making money, let alone how I could find a similar website with an affiliate program, or launch my own service.

This is definitely a site that I would leave as 1 star rating and ignore.

Very generally, the best sites are fairly small and run by small businesses who are promoting a handful of products. You can easily find an affiliate program promoting a similar offer. This is not what we see in this AKC example.

• Is the site a direct marketer, aggressively hunting for profits? Is the domain name optimized and focused on getting sales and conversions?

Our goal is obviously to rank, get free traffc and then turn a fairly quick profit with the traffic we get. We want to get traffic that will make us big money, quickly. And that generally means we will want to promote websites and offers that are highly optimized and focused on conversions, and therefore we want to pay attention to any site that is doing the same thing and rate them highly.

We generally want to avoid big corporate looking sites with lots of links going nowhere, and pay attention to simple landing pages, sales letters and ecommerce sites, that are all about getting a sale.

For example, take a look at top of my sales letter for my Affiliate Titan site...

Here's a screenshot of the top part of the site - the first thing you see without scrolling ("above the fold"):

All you have here is a sales video that autoplays, and an order button. You really only have two choices here - watch the video and click to buy, or leave the site.

This is quite clearly a site focused on getting the sales. There is no about us page, or mission statement.

This is definitely a marketer who is focused on getting the sale (yes, me!).

And if you saw me running a site like this somewhere, you can believe I've carefully selected my keywords, am tracking everything and I'm making money.

If you were selling software/training for affiliate marketers and saw me on some keywords, you would definitely rate me 5.

Now this is an extreme example - and in 2019, it's rare to see a site quite this focused on the conversions on Google.

But the point here is that we do prefer sites that are focused on conversions and selling something, rather than a general info site.

Another way to look at is: we want as many of the pages on the site to be selling products, or at least focused on getting people to take action.

Let's take a look at another site from our "dog training" search -

1 You can see the "live chat" link and popup that appears. This is a tactic used by many marketers to encourage engagement and get people to interact rather than just leave the site. This is a good sign.

2 Always look the nav bar of the site. Ideally we want the links to say things like "shop, products, order now, get started"... we want a savvy marketer who is ranking for lots of buyer keywords. Here we can see a "programs" link to their product. It's prominent and the first link on the nav bar. Another good sign

3 Videos are powerful and a great sales tool. The title also actually calls this a "commercial" which is of course another very good sign that these guys are here to make money.

4 Finally on the right, we have a lead form - which is intended to get people to signup and then they can presumably call you and try to sell you something, based on the information you've given them. Another good sign.

Contrast these sites (affiliatetitan=very focused on selling, animalbehaviorcollege= quite focused on selling) with the AKC site (not really focused on selling):

Let's have another look at the AKC site, and see where we can click when we land on the page:

1) first look at the nav bar - you can see there are 6 links at the top, but only one ("shop") is focused on selling anything
2) next look at the links on the page - how many links are there, and how many go to a product page? Generally we want fewer links, and the links that there are to be focused on selling. In fact if we scroll down the AKC page we can see they have literally dozens of links - going to articles, how to guides, free content etc.

Hopefully you can see how the sites we rate most highly are focused on monetization, and are often selling a specific product in a fairly aggressive way.

• Does the site have many PPC keywords compared to SEO keywords?

This is another give-away that the serious marketers have shown up.

As I say, we are most interested in PPC keywords, as the website owner is putting his/her money where the mouth is - which means the data is more useful.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the first 3 sites here:

You can see the first site ( has $7 million worth of SEO keyword rankings (!), but only $8,000 worth of PPC keywords.

If we were to rate this one highly, we are likely to get a lot more low-value SEO keywords than high-value PPC keywords. The gold would be lost in a sea of useless SEO keywords.

Compare that with, which has quite a few SEO keywords, but is spending almost as much on PPC as they are getting in free SEO traffic.

If we rate this one highly, we're likely to get a lot of juicy PPC keywords - words that must be valuable because they're willing to spend $90,000 a month on them!

• Another giveaway that a marketer is in charge - ask yourself, is the domain "keyword rich"? If so, it suggests a savvy marketer.

Does it have a marketing word like "secret, guide, ebook, magic" in the title?

Also, .com domains are "commercial" whereas ".org" are generally organisations.

Contrast with

The first one sounds like a direct marketer we want to rate 5 stars, while the latter sounds like a corporate association that we can ignore and rate <1 star.

NOTE: I discuss how to rate the domains on Niche Money in a very long and detailed training video inside the members area which you can watch here. I highly recommend you watch that video.

So watch the Niche Money training video, re-read the above guidelines a few times, then start playing with some niches yourself...

You will want to review each domain - clicking on the site, reviewing their keywords, and rating them.

Aim to rate a few domains with 4-5 stars, a few more with 2-3 stars, and leave the rest as 1 stars.

Then click "export keywords" to move to the next step:


STEP 3: Exporting our keywords

You will now be redirected to the "keywords" page which will display all the keywords found for the domains you rated.

1 As you can see, domains are arranged by our relevance score.

The higher the relevance score, the more important the keyword is.

Remember, a higher relevance score means more of the domains we rated highly are appearing on that keyword, and probably for PPC rather than SEO keywords.

You'll often find a mix of keywords you could have guessed with completely surprising results. The method really does work when it comes to finding the big money keywords!

2 You can see that our search has generated 525 keywords. However, Keyword Titan is an expensive beast to maintain, so we can only search 10-20 of these keywords at once on Keyword Titan (basic members can search 10, PRO members can search 20).

So I suggest you uncheck all, and then check the 10-20 you like the look of (probably the ones with the highest relevance score, but you can also use your judgement as to which keywords may work with your chosen niche/the offer you are considering promoting).

3 When you are ready, click to export the keywords, which will export a CSV file like this...

Or click to "launch keyword titan" and instantly search these keywords.

If we don't uncheck and manually select our keywords then by default, the first 10-20 keywords will be searched on Keyword Titan.




At this point we have chosen our niche, and found the most profitable ("relevant") keywords for our niche.

But there's no point finding profitable keywords if we can't rank and actually get free traffic from them!

And that's where Keyword Titan comes in - by letting you find which of our "money" keywords we can actually rank for on YouTube and Google.

Visiting Keyword Titan will load up the search page which looks like this:

1) We can search keywords on Keyword Titan in a few ways.

Firstly, we can type into the box and enter the keywords one line after the other, like this:

first keyword on this line
second keyword on line 2

Secondly, we can click "browse computer" and import a CSV file that we exported from Niche Money.

Thirdly, we can search direct from the "keywords" page of Niche Money.

2) Each time you search Keyword Titan, you will have credits removed from your account. Each KT search costs 1 credit - basic members start with 250 credits, and Pro members get 1,000 credits. You can request additional credits by emailing support. Pro members have essentially unlimited credits.

3) You start off on the "search" page, review your keywords on the "review" page - and then can save any keywords you like on your "saved" page.

So let's enter our keywords and click on "RESEARCH KEYWORDS" and start our search.

Wait a few seconds and you will be redirected to the "review" page:

1) we can click a keyword to open it in Google search. It's always worth having a quick look to size up the competition and try to understand a bit more about what Google (and therefore people) think is a good, relevant website for our keyword

2) There are a number of columns here (click any to arrange by that result):
• $ value - the total value of the exact match keyword (monthly searches x CPC).The higher the better
• Searches - total number of exact match monthly searches.The higher the better
• CPC - the average cost per click advertisers are paying for the keyword.The higher the better
• SEO profit - how easy it is for us to rank a website/video for that keyword on Google. The higher the score the better
• YouTube profit - - how easy it is for us to rank a video for that keyword on YouTube. The higher the score the better

The basic idea: we want to find a keyword with a high SEO profit and/or YouTube profit, then we can create a video/website/article that ranks for that keyword.

If the "SEO profit" score is high we will want to create a domain/website targeting the keyword, using Domainaveli and the WP Titan theme.

If the "YouTube profit" score is high we will want to create a video targeting the keyword, using Website2Image and Image2Video.

Also: "good" numbers are highlighted blue - so if you see a lot of blues for your keyword, it's a good sign.

3) PRO members can also research the niche using the "research" link (PRO members only).

Both basic/pro members can click "search" to enter the keyword on Domainaveli (to find a good, keyword-rich domain to target the keyword).

4) scrolll down to export all checked keywords as a CSV file, or save them to our saved page:



So at this point, we've found a niche and found the most profitable/relevant keyword using Niche Money.

Next, we found which of those keywords we can actually rank for on Google/YouTube with Keyword Titan. Just to recap...

If the "SEO profit" score is high we will want to create a domain/website targeting the keyword, using Domainaveli and the WP Titan theme.

If the "YouTube profit" score is high we will want to create a video targeting the keyword, using Website2Image and Image2Video.

So here we are going to look at creating a video by combining Website2Image and Image2Video

(this is always a good default option, as YouTube videos can get us traffic on both Google and YouTube.. and with the Affiliate Traffic Bots system, it's very quick to do!)

So let's login to Website2Image:

1) When we login, we will be redirected to the "browse popular" page.

This page contains all the ClickBank & JVZoo affiliate programs we can promote.

We choose an affiliate program, click to "create slices" from the sales page, then export our zip file (of "image slices") ready to be imported into Image2Video and turned into a slide-based video.

2) Basic members can only create slices/videos from the affiliate programs pre-selected on the "browse popular" page.

PRO members can take a screengrab of any website on the Internet, which will then appear on the "my library" page.

3) Remember that we have a niche/keyword in mind. So we now need to find an affiliate program that matches our chosen keyword.

Since we're looking at the "dog training" niche, we will want to select the "pets" niche and click filter to find a relevant product to promote.

1) You can see we have a product called "brain training for dogs" which looks like a perfect match. I can definitely imagine a video for this product ranking on a keyword like "how to potty train a puppy" and converting really well.

Now, if we right-click on the link, you will see it is the ClickBank hoplink (, which can be used as our affiliate link. In the case of JVZoo offers, the link will be the affiliate info page.

So make a note of the affiliate link, and click on the link and have a quick look at the site.

2) If we hover over this blue box, we can quickly see a preview of the site. This is useful when we want to quickly scroll through a category with many products (eg the Internet marketing niche).

3) Once you have found a product you want to promote, click on the "view & create slices" link.

It's on this page we can "cut out" slices from the sales letter and build our campaign.

4) Once we have created our images, they will appear under "export images" and we can then export this file, ready to be imported into Image2Video.

OK, time to get started...

So let's click "view & create slices" for our affiliate program - and start to build our campaign...

You'll then be redirected to a page which lets us "slice" the sales letter for the site.

The basic idea is we are going to "cut out" slices of the sales letter to build our campaign file. Each image we select will be turned into a slide in our video.

It's basically a very fast way to create a rapid video... that also happens to pre-sell our product!


1) To start cutting out slices simply drag your cursor across the image. You will see the area you selected becomes clear and the rest of the image becomes fuzzy.

Aim to select between 5-15 slices for each product you want to promote.

Each slice should be in a rectangular shape (think of the shape/aspect ratio of a video - our slides will need to match that shape - roughly 6x4), and as large as possible.

Try to find blocks of text, headlines, images, testimonials, etc that look good and fit into a nice narrative that follows the theme of the sales letter.

2) To remove a selection, click the delete icon in the top right corner of the area we selected

3) click here to remove all selctions and start again

4) when you're happy with your selections, click this button to export all your images.

You will now be redirected back to the "browse library" page and there will now be an option to "export images".

Click this to download the images as a web2image zip file.

Now let's head over to "Image2Video" to turn this zip file into a video!



Now download Image2Video from the download page, and install the software.

Open the software up and you'll land on a page like this:

1) We'll definitely want to add music to our video to make it engaging.

You can import an audio file (mp3) of your own -this could be a voice over (perhaps you can create a short script based on the same sales letter you've just cut images out from, and get someone on Fiverr to record it?). O

r you can use one of our royalty-free music tracks by clicking on the blue library icon.

2) Next we can choose our default background colour or image. You can import your own background image, or click the blue library icon to use one of our royalty-free files.

3) Now with Image2Video, we can manually select and import up to 12 images (for example, images we made ourselves).

4) However, I recommend that we click the IMPORT ARCHIVE button to import the zip file we just created with Website2Image - this is definitely the fastest option.

So click this and then import the zip file we just created:

This will immediately import our zip file and display our animated video. We're in business!

1) Remember, the basic idea is that each image is turned into a slide. You can see the slides/images at the bottom ("the timeline").

Each image we "cut out" from the sales letter has appeared here as a slide in our video animation, so have a quick watch and see how it all looks.

2) click here to mute/play pause/skip back and forward

3) for each slide we can replace the image by clicking the pictureicon

Most importantly, we can click the animation icon to change the default animation shown

There are 9 different animation styles to choose from. Hover over each to preview, then click to select the one you like.

I suggest you alternate between different styles to keep your video engaging.

4) Clicking on the timing icon will change the duration of that slide (by default, the slides are 5000ms = 5 seconds).

5) You can also click "x" to delete slides and click "=" to drag slides into diffferent positions

6) When you're happy with your video, click to render and save your video as an MP4.


Now we need to upload our video to YouTube.

Create your free YouTube account, and click the upload button in the top-right hand corner:

Your video will now start to upload:

1 Your title should simply be the keyword you are targeting (Affiliate Traffic Bots.. how to potty train a puppy...etc ).

2 Your description should also be short and sweet, and focused on your video's title and your main keyword. Don't overthink it.

3 Your tags should just be a few variations of the main keyword you are targeting and your title

4 Make sure your video is set to public

5 When ready click "publish"

NOTE: If you want more information about how to optimize your videos and channels, you should definitely check out my Video Titan course, which contains several guides and 4 software tools on video and YouTube. It's my best-selling course, and with good reason - you can see why it's so popular (and very likely immediately decide to sign up) by clicking here



In the previous steps, we looked at how to create videos to rank on Google/YouTube.

As I say, this is our goal when Keyword Titan shows us a good "YouTube profit" opportunity.

But what if we see a good "SEO profit" opportunity?

Well, then we want to create a website with content, focused on our chosen keyword.

And we can do this with Domainaveli and WP Titan theme.


Firstly, visit Domainaveli and enter the keyword you're targeting in the search area and click "find domains":

You can also search keywords on Domainaveli directly from Keyword Titan, with the "search" link on the "review" page:

This will now display the very best available domain names for your chosen keyword:

1) you can enter the keyword into 1 form field, or across both. Experiment to get different results

2) Domainaveli intelligently suggests domain names based on the category you choose here.

3) Clicking "surprise me" will throw random words into the two boxes - a great brainstorming tool.

Oh... speaking of brainstorming, try typing 1 or 2 letters into the box for suggestions:

See what happens if we type "d-o-..":

4) You can search up to 10 extensions (TLDs) at once. Check and uncheck until you find the search you like

5) Domainaveli ranks domains based on our unique valuation algorithm. The algorithm looks for keywords in its database, prefers shorter names, and prefers .com to other extensions.

6) Click here to register the domain with our favorite registrar, NameCheap

7) You can also click here to search the word you are searching back on Keyword Titan (obviously this will only work if the phrase you are searching is inside Keyword Titan - keywords can always be used as domain names, but the reverse is not always true).

8) Click here and my team will create a website for you, for your chosen keyword!

9) You can also click here to load the "premium domains" page, which lists recommended names we have hand-picked for the top 15 affiliate and ecommerce niches.

So choose and register a domain name, get your hosting account setup and move onto the next step

NOTE: Clicking the "create your website" button will get you a website setup with full hosting, WordPress etc. This will be the "easy done for you" option that many people need!


Before you install the Titan theme, you will need to have registered your domain, setup your hosting and installed WordPress.

Now simply download the theme from the download page, and follow the instructions inside the file to install the theme and plugins.

Now, finally, you will want to start adding content to rank on, and get free traffic from Google.

While detailed SEO is outside the scope of this guide, I will be providing training videos on this topic soon.

Also, in any event, its actually fairly simple - provided you start with the right foundation (Titan theme) and keyword (which you obviously have).

So, simply create 300-750 word articles and post them to your site. Then rinse and repeat.

Be sure to include the keyword you are targeting in the title, and mention it between 3 and 10 times in your article (5-10% "keyword density").

You can also add videos you created (in step 4) to your website, which will make both your video and website more likely to rank and get traffic.



Up until now, we've been focused on free SEO traffic on Google and YouTube.

And this is certainly a great starting point. However, SEO isn't the only traffic game in town.

And that's where the SitesDB & FlipDB tools comes in.

SitesDB & FlipDB will get you thinking beyond SEO, and to other types of targeted traffic.

Let's look at how SitesDB works, and then we can look at how to use the tool.

(FlipDB works in a very similar way, and SitesDB is arguably more powerful so we will start with that first).


Sites DB is a database of 3,000 websites across 20 ecom/affiliate niches - totalling over 10,000 individual traffic opportunities.

For each of the 20 niches, we searched 20-50 keywords and stored the top ranking PPC/SEO sites on Google (with the age of the domain, number of backlinks, Alexa rank, thumbnail preview & more).

Finally, we scanned each site for various traffic opportunities, such as:

• Is the site collecting leads? JV opportunity...
• Does the site have Google Adsense? If sense you can run media ads
• Does the site have its own advertising program? An opportunity for ultra-targeted cheap traffic
• Does the site have a Facebook or Twitter presence? You can reach out for a blast or target the interest with FB ads
• What is the Whois email for the site? You can always reach out to them directly with just a quick click
• Does the site have an RSS feed? If so it suggests content is on the site (i.e. possible backlink opportunites)

Finally, save the site to your own personal list of sites and then target the traffic opportunities with our training...


You will need to login to SiteDB with your email and password, which will have been sent to you inside an email "Welcome to Affiliate Traffic Bots":

Start by Logging Into SitesDB Here

Once you login, you will then be sent to the "all sites" page which is really "step 1" of the tool. You can also save sites (which will then appear on the saved sites page):


There are thousands of sites inside SitesDB, covering many niches and traffic types.

We will need to filter the results down to the top 10-100.

So scroll down and let's filter to just the few sites you want to target:


1) This will only show sites in as specific niche. Note that there are some niches that overlap slightly (eg "make money" and "Internet marketing"). You can also filter by keyword (see #4)

2) By default all traffic opportunities will be searched for, but you can filter by type here.
• Adverts - shows sites with their own adverts page (this includes sites that are on networks like Google Adsense, and also sites running their own advertising platform).
• Adsense - sites that have Google Adsense code. You can target many of these sites via Google Adwords' site network (just targeting that individual site, or searching the site on the Display Planner for more ideas)
• Affiliate - this will show sites that have an affiliate program for you to promote (actually, it shows sites with alink with the word "affiliate", so it will occassionally throw up the odd false positive)
• Email list - sites that are collecting leads. You can reach out to the owner and ask him to promote your site/product via an email blast
• Facebook/Twitter - sites that link to their own FB/Twitter fanpage. You can either reach out to the site owner and ask them to promote your site to their fanpage, or alternatively their site may show up as an interest via Facebook/Twitter ads
• RSS feed - sites that have an RSS feed have lots of new content. This suggests an SEO authority site. If they have ads you could look at backlink opportunities, like guest writing or buying links.
• Whois email - many sites have an email for the owner so you can instantly email them to ask about possible traffic opportunities

3) You can also filter sites by their vital statistics:

• Age - this shows how established a site is. Older sites are likely to be more popular and better run, plus any backlinks you receive will be more powerful from an SEO point of view.
• Alexa - this shows how popular the site is. The lower the number the more traffic the site gets. Anything under 100,000 gets a good amount of traffic, while anything under 10,000 is very popular indeed.
• Backlinks - this shows the number of links pointing to a site. This is useful for SEO purposes, but also shows how much of an "authority" the site is.

One benefit to targeting sites with high age, low alexa and high backlinks is that they are often "authority hubs" and many smaller sites will see you being promoted on there, and want to promote you too.

4) Enter a keyword here to filter your search. This will search both the title of the site and also keywords the site ranks for

5) Once you're happy with your search, click here to apply the filter

6) You can arrange sites by age/recency/popularity etc here

Now let's scroll down and look at the sites that appear for our search.


For each site in the database, we have included a card which contains detailed information about that site.

Here's what each piece of data means:

1) For each site you can see a clickable link and thumbnail preview and description. It is recommended to spend a few seconds previewing as many sites as possible, before saving them. Often a few seconds research will teach us knew things about niche

2) Quickly glance at the age and number of links for the site. Here you can see the site has been online for 14 years and has over 1,000 links so it is very much an "authority" site.

3) Once you have reviewed the card for the site, you may want to save it. You can then access any saved sites from the saved sites page (at the top of the page):

4) Any opportunities found for the site will be displayed here. Note that some of these opportunities are clickable links. So for example we can click on "affiliate" to load up the StreamSend affiliate page ( or click on the whois email to open up an email for the owner of the site.

5) At the bottom of the site, we have some very useful information. Firstly, we have the "alexa rank" which shows us how much traffic the sites get. This site has an Alexa of 47,200 which is very respectable so it is a popular site. Secondly, we can see the monthly value of the traffic the site gets from both SEO (free traffic) and PPC (paid traffic). You can see that this site receives $66,300 of monthly SEO traffic and they are also spending $18,400 on Pay Per Click traffic on Google each month. So overall this site is probably making at least $80,000 from it's traffic. The site is certainly worth taking a closer look at, and saving for later.


One of my favorite nice research resources is Flippa.

In case you've never heard of Flippa, it's an auction site where you can buy and sell websites (and domain names).

I've actually sold a domain name on there for $142,500 back in 2013 (the highest selling domain of that year), so it's a great resource to sell sites and domains.

However, Flippa is also a great resource for niche research - because when you sell a site on Flippa you have to disclose your income, where you get traffic from etc.

That makes it a great place to get intel, but its also a great resource for us to get traffic.

After all, whether these sites sell on Flippa or not, they have affiliate programs, email lists, Facebook pages etc... basically ways for us to partner with them, buy ads, etc... pretty much get traffic!

Now here's how to use FlipDB (it's very similar to SitesDB):

1) This box lets you filter all sites by their declared monthly earnings. Maybe you only want to focus on the most profitable niches.

2) Here you can arrange by SEO and PPC $. These are essentially the monthly value of traffic the site is getting from SEO or PPC keywords.

3) The opportunities we display are: whether the site has an affiliate program, whether they are building an email list, whether they have a Facebook or Twitter page, whether they have a video, and if they have an Alexa rank of under 100,000 ("high traffic"). You can see these appear as small icons which you can click on

4) Finally, you can click here to research the site on Flippa



The Affiliate Traffic Bots package is really a self-contained system to get traffic and make money as an affiliate.

But since we launched v1, a lot of people have asked for us to focus on 2 specific areas:

1) Focus more on the Internet marketing niche

There's no doubt about it - the Internet marketing (or "IM") niche is THE best niche for people to focus on.

For a start, it's a niche you understand (after all, you're a buyer).

Secondly, there are literally hundreds of products to promote... every week!

And these products can be promoted via email marketing, PPC, SEO and YouTube.

That basically means there are typically 4 ways to profit with 50-100 products.. every week!

That's a lot of opportunites and angles to profit!

Intoducing ProClub - product launches in the Internet marketing niche

That's why we built ProClub.

ProClub is basically a database of new affiliate programs and product launches, happening right now on ClickBank, JVZoo & WarriorPlus.

Now here's how to use the site:

Firstly, visit ProClub at Then...

1) Look at the date to see when the launch is going to happen. You can hover over the product name to get a quick preview image of the JV/affiliate page

2) A good filter is the JV prize. Generally, the bigger the JV prize being offered, the bigger the launch is going to be (after all, who would offer a prize of $10k for the #1 affiliate if they weren't confident it was going to be a launch that generated $100,000+ in sales?)

3) One really awesome feature of Pro Club is the updates column. This lets you view update emails that have been sent out to the JV/affiliate list for a particular product (without needing to signup to the list). Often these emails contain updates about the number of units the product has sold, special contests being run.. or maybe just useful intel about the product launch.

4) Two VERY important metrics for us are the YouTube and Google competition numbers. These tell us how difficult it will be to rank for the [product name] keyword on Google or YouTube SEO. For example, you can see only 3 people are ranking for "Targeting Academy" on YouTube right now, so we may decide to create a video review targeting the "targeting academy" or "targeting academy review" keywords.

RECOMMENDED; I highly recommend you bookmark the ProClub site and check back on it daily. Even if you haven't considered the Internet marketing niche before, I can tell you it's certainly a great opportunity.


2) Focus more on email marketing & list building

Another important area that many customers have been interested in, is email marketing and list building.

And once again I can tell you from experience that it can be very profitable to build an email list.

However, it can also be quite expensive to get going with list building, and one of the main costs is running an autoresponder.

That's why we've included a new tool, AutoMailer, with Affiliate Traffic Bots.

Intoducing AutoMailer - an unlimited autoresponder software, so you can start building a list

AutoMailer lets you build an unlimited email list, and send unlimited emails - for life.

To get started with AutoMailer, you'll need to download the zip file from the download page, then follow the instructions inside to get the software setup.

I'd advise you to start getting traffic (with the Affiliate Traffic Bots system) first, and then you can start list building down the line.



Now you've created your first campaign - your video is live, and your website is live.

The next step is to launch more campaigns, grow your YouTube channel, and rinse and repeat - across all the niches, keywords and affiliate programs inside Affiliate Traffic Bots!

With an almost infinite number of niches and keywords to target, and the incredible tools you have in your hands, go out and make 2019 your year...

Also, one final point - as a Affiliate Traffic Bots 3 customer, you've been added to my email list which contains masses of free training, videos, PDFs and more.

So keep your eye out for my emails, enjoy the training... and of course... get started with the AFFILIATE TRAFFIC BOTS system!


Not already a member of Affiliate Traffic Bots?

I hope you enjoyed the training guide, and can see the potential of the software!

If you're not already a member, preview the Traffic Bots software, to see what you're missing!


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