Profit as a ClickBank & JVZoo Super Affiliate

How To Make Money As An Affiliate - on ClickBank, JVZoo & W+

I've been making a full-time living online since 2005.

In 2019, I profit with 2 methods, both of which involve digital products:

1) I sell my own digital products on ClickBank, WarriorPlus & JVZoo:

2) I promote other people's products - as an affiliate marketer - by joining their affiliate programs on ClickBank, WarriorPlus & JVZoo:

In this guide, I will focus on Method #2 - promoting affiliate programs.

So this is...

My Free Guide to Profiting as an Affiliate Marketer - with ClickBank, WarriorPlus & JVZoo

I'll include articles, case studies, videos & more...

PLUS, I'm going to give you something powerful...

Something that cost me over $20k to create for you...

7x FREE Affiliate Marketing Software

The only thing better than a proven system is..

The software to automate this system!

That's why, throughout this article, I'll give you links to...

7x affiliate marketing software that cost me over $20,000 to develop.

Here's a preview of the tools you're about to get:

This might sound generous of me...

But actually I have over 70 Internet Marketing software tools inside ProClub.

Yes, 70 software tools...

Use ProClub To Find 70+ Software Tools For Affiliates, Video, Websites, Traffic & More

You can use the search bar at the top of this site to find them.

For example, for the keyword "affiliate", there are actually 30 tools available:

Many of these tools are free - and all of them have training videos to preview the tools.

So search ProClub and see what you find - e.g., here's a direct link to the "affiliate" software tools on ProClub

OK, let's dive in...


Who Am I?

My name is Chris.

I've been marketing online for well over a decade.

Here's one of best ever days with the ClickBank affiliate network:

That was all the way back in February 2007!

I've sure been around the block a few times since then.

And in that time, I've seen many changes in the Internet marketing landscape.

For example, in early 2019, I started using "browser push notifications" in my affiliate business.

It's already generating great results for me - after just a few months of list-building with push...

For example, check out my commissions from this 3-day promo for a WarriorPlus offer:

There are always new methods like that entering the Internet marketing game.

But... this guide is for beginners who want a simple method that works.

So let's keep things as simple as possible.

In this guide, I'm giving you a system that worked in 2009. It works in 2019. And it will work in 2029.

I'm going to focus on one of the most consistent & easiest methods to get started with:

Promoting affiliate programs with free buyer traffic

I can tell you, this system works very well for affiliates on ClickBank, JVZoo & WarriorPlus, especially "beginners".

Trust me: I've trained up over 100,000 students (people who paid for my ebooks & software)

And, in case you're thinking, "Chris, I already how to get free traffic"...

You don't know this exact system, and you definitely don't have my software...

After all, I place a premium on automation & software to scale my affiliate business:

Every month I spend between $5,000 and $10,000 developing unique software:

Very few affiliates have a $30k month ... then re-invest 30-50% of that back into software R&D.

But for me, this kind of "generosity" is how I create great software, create value and get loyal customers.

It's because of reasons like this, I'm confident that...

You'll get a lot from this article, whether you're a six-figure Super Affiliate or just starting out.


Quick Links

This is a thorough guide, so I'll give you "quick links" in a moment.

But first a suggestion: read all of this guide in the order presented.

Especially if you intend to focus on ClickBank, WarriorPlus or JVZoo.

Promoting digital products on these types of affiliate networks is my specialty...

So please, read ALL of this in the order presented...

That said, here's a quick "table of contents"...










Since 2005, I've made $2 million from being an affiliate.

You can think of affiliate marketing as a "four step" process. You...

1) Find a proftable affiliate program
2) Promote & send traffic to your "affiliate link" then...
3) People click on this affiliate link & buy the product...
4) You earn an affiliate commission - for being a "middle-man"

It's a very simple system, but it's vital that we do it right.

That's where this guide comes in..

We'll look at the system in just a second, but first...


I'll just say it...

Affiliate marketing is the greatest business on the planet, if you can make it work.

Compared to any traditional business it is a joke!

And.. even compared, to almost any other online business,... it is incredible.

When you're a millionaire affiliate, it feels like you're riding the greatest wave on the planet.

In 2019 AFFILIATE is an incredible online business, and here's why...

• make six figures up and still maintain freedom in your life
• no customer service, no staff, no overheads & low costs
• and yet the income potential is practically unlimited.

Take it from someone who knows...

You need no prior experience marketing online - I lay everything out for you, step-by-step. This method is simple, and runs contrary to popular affiliate techniques. Whether you are a seasoned affiliate, or a complete newbie, this can work for you

No hard work or long hours - Affiliate marketing (when done the right way) is the easiest business online. And you will have a lot of leisure time on your hands - you could quit your job and join me in the world of the cash-rich, time-rich self employed affiliate.

Very little start-up costs - when done correctly, there are almost no set-up costs in becoming an affiliate. It's always free to join any affiliate program, the traffic you get is also free, and with this affiliate system, you don't even need a website (although it definitely helps).

A billion different angles - there are literally billions of products you can promote as an affiliate, from ClickBank ebooks, to JVZoo software, to anything you can find on Amazon. And there are a million different traffic tactics to use, from Google SEO to Push Notifications, from email marketing to YouTube traffic.

Infinite scale, but start small - your first affiliate campaign can be setup in just a few minutes. And from there you can expand as aggressively as you want. With this system, you can work the hours that you want to work (an hours work a day for a full-time income, anyone? It's possible), and potentially enjoy the freedom that very, very few others enjoy (the only other guys making that much are the top-of-the-class professionals, but they work sixty or seventy hours a work).

And it doesn't even stop there...

In a nutshell, being an affiliate allows you the best of both worlds - insane potential for maximum income...

And yet complete freedom to do what you want because it can be automated, freeing up your time.

And YES, that's time that can be used to do what you want, and spend your money

(and trust me, having lots of time and money really forces you to think about what you want - since the options are basically unlimited).

Of course, just being an affiliate isn't going to make you financially free.

Which brings me onto the very reason this artcle was created...


As an affiliate, it seems there's a million things to think about:

Squeeze pages... headlines... HTML.. affiliate cloakers.. TIDs...

It's easy for a newbie - or even a pro affiliate - to get overwhelmed - and give up.

But... if we really break it down, there are only two BIG factors..

TWO BIG factors that determine how successful you are as an affiliate:

1) The affiliate program you choose

2) The traffic method you choose

Get both of these right and you're rolling in commissions.

Get even one of these wrong, and you won't make a dime.

That was true in 2005 in when i started out. And it's still true for me in 2019:

Luckily for us, I've devised a new system that lets you nail both of these factors...

Without even thinking about it.... at no cost...

And do it automatically 6,000 times, each and every month!

It's an incredible, mind-blowing system.

But it only works because of these 2 rules...


At the start of this guide, I told you:

Since 2005, I've made $2 million in affiliate commissions.

But how does that break down?

Did I make $1,000 from 2,000 different affiliate programs?

Or, maybe $10,000 from 200 different affiliate programs?

Well, here's what's interesting: a few promotions have made a huge chunk of my overall profits.

In fact, my best ever promotion was back in 2007 for a product called "Undercover Profits".

That single promotion - which lasted a week - made me over $180,000.

That's over 10% of my total earnings as an affiliate... in 10 years... in the space of a week.

Just to put that in perspective, if I had made that same $180k every week since then, I would now be sitting on $102.96 million!

Obviously, that hasn't happened, and my $2 million feels pretty pathetic now that I think about it!

But that's the exact point.

Opportunities like that are extremely rare, because:

All affiliate programs are NOT created equal.

In fact, you can make literally 100,000x the profit from choosing an awesome affiliate program, compared to a terrible one.

That means we need to think very carefully about the affiliate programs we promote, before we even think about anything else.

Luckily, I'm just going to GIVE you a list of the top affiliate programs every single day.

But it still pays to understand what the best affiliate programs have in common:

Secrecy - the best affiliate programs are by their very nature "secret". If everyone knew about them, there would be lots of competition.

Time-sensitive - following on from this, the best opportunites only last so long. Maybe it's a launch that lasts a week, or hot new product that appears out of nowhere, or a sudden price-drop that sparks demand. But the longer an opportunity is around, the less it becomes an opportunity.

High commission - it's easier to make $1,000 by earning 50% commission on a $1,000 product than by selling 1,000 $2 products. That's especially true given the next rule...

Targeted traffic on tap - for any incredible affiliate program, there are people online who will want to buy it. Some of them may literally be about to buy, others may not even know about the product yet. But we need a way to reach these people, and send them through our affiliate link...

And that brings me to the second rule - which is all about driving the right type of traffic to the right affiliate program...


We know that it's vital to choose the right type of affiliate program to promote.

And we know that for any of these awesome affiliate programs there will be many potential customers.

But how do we actually reach these customers?

One way would be build an email list. It's always a good idea to build a list. In fact, the best traffic source probably still IS list traffic... whether it's an email list, a retargeting audience or a push notification list.

But it just isn't the simplest option for most people, starting out...

So what is the best traffic source for the 99%?


Now, I'm sure you're aware of Google.

I still remember the first time I heard about the site, back in 2008.

An Internet-savvy friend of mine literally walked up to me, poked me in the chest and said "Google" ...and walked off.

No other explanation was needed.

That was how much better "Google" was than any other site online (let alone the search engines of the late 90s... any remember altavista?)

Since then it has of course grown into the world's biggest search engine, with over 3 billion searches per day.

That's 100 billion a month, or over 1 trillion searches per year.

But this brings us onto the next rule - the potential profitability of these keywords can vary wildly.

You can see this in the massively different prices advertisers are willing to pay for different keywords.

Google's own "Keyword Planner" tool (create a free Adwords account, click that link, and play with the tool) will show you the wide differences.

Let's try it for two random keywords - "web hosting" and "coupons":

As you can see, the suggested bid for the keyword "web hosting" is worth over 20x more for each click than "coupons" (in fact, the tool isn't entirely accurate - the actual number is probably closer to a 50x difference).

In other words, people are typically paying more than 20x for each click.

Now you'll notice a few things about the keyword "web hosting": firstly, it's a two word phrase (generally multiple word searches are worth more as people know exactly what they want, so the intent has been refined).

But more importantly this keyphrase is profitable because it's what I call a "product genre" keyword.

And that brings me to the funnel of how people get into different types of products:


Do you remember when you first got interested in Internet marketing?

It's possible you heard about it from a friend.

But more likely, you just woke up one day and thought:

"you know what... I want to learn how to make some money".

Since you had no idea, you probably just blindly searched "make money" and clicked through a few links.

Maybe you signed up to a "paid surveys" offer - or a "get rich quick" type offer initially?

That didn't work out for you, It never does...

At this point many people just give up.

The fact you're reading this tells me you didn't.

Perhaps you did some more research and heard about things like "SEO" and "PPC".

Perhaps you stumbled onto ClickBank and JVZoo and began purchasing specific types of products focused on "affiliate marketing" or "list building".. topics that meant little to you at the start of your journey.

If you look back at your journey (and your Google search history) you'll see how more and more refined your searches have become.

You started off searching "make money" as an Internet marketing newbie.

After a few years of learning you're now searching advanced phrases like "affiliate marketing" (or perhaps even something really technical like "clickbank affiliate contest software jv prizes").

This is important because...

We can actually tell a lot from a potential customer from looking at their searches.

Someone searching "how to lose weight" is likely just starting out on their journey to dieting.

Whereas someone searching for a specific cardio exercise may be six months into a serious weight loss plan.

Same person, but different levels of knowledge and experience.

And most importantly for us, different levels of buyer intent.

I refer to this as the "keyword funnel" and it's a very important concept because it will make us a bag of money if we get it right.

Here's how it looks:


Interest - to start with someone takes an "interest" in a topic or thing. Maybe they want to lose weight, get rich, build a treehouse for their kids, or get a new phone. Perhaps they saw an online ad, heard about a friend doing it, or they just decided they wanted to make a change in their lives. They may have no knowledge about how to accomplish the benefit they want, but they get an emotional feeling that "I want to get xyz product/benefit/object".

Research - maybe 100 million people decide they want to make more money every year, but only some even take the idea far enough to research how to do it. Since there are a million ways to make money (or build a treehouse, etc), the searches at this stage are very vague: "make money fast" or "get rich quick". After reading a few articles, the person may settle on a method like "make money blogging" or "make money with list-building". As they get more knowledgable, they will often focus on one area ("I want to lose weight and have decided to do it by signing up to a gym" or "I want to make money and have decided to do it by blogging"). These types of searches tend to be high volume (10,000 to 10 million searches a month), but are still fairly vague and so can be moderately difficult to monetize.

Product genre keywords - If you've decided you want to lose weight... and do it by joining a gym.. the next step is to search something like "gyms london" or perhaps even "discount gyms london" or "gyms with a swimming pool london". If you were a gym based in london, you could imagine this would be a pretty awesome keyword to advertise on - way better than a much broader keyword like "lose weight".

I call these super-profitable keywords "product genre keywords" because they describe a genre/type of product - e.g. lightweight laptop, coffee maker with grinder, smartphone, web host, etc.

The type of person searching this typically has done a bit of research and knows what a "web host" or "gym" is, and they're looking to see a list of possible purchasing decisions. Then they can review them all and pick the best one.

However, at this stage they haven't decided on which particular product they want to buy.

Product genre keywords are excellent keywords to advertise on (via PPC) or rank for (via SEO). But they are not quite the best keyword around, and that brings us to...

Product name keywords - Once the person has looked at all the available gyms, they are likely to settle on one particular gym - in the right location, at the right price, with the right features etc. They have done their research, they've made a decision... and they're almost ready to sign up, but first they need to run just one more search - on the name of the product or service itself.

I call these "product name" keywords because the person is searching for a specific brand/product or service - e.g. Macbook Air 11 inch, iPhone 11 64GB, Gold's gym 5th avenue NYC, Affiliate Bots, etc.

These are the most profitable keywords imaginable because they are all focused on a particular product.

And all we need to do is get our affiliate link in front of them before they buy.

The person has already spent days, weeks or months researching how to lose weight, or what the best laptop is.. and they're now literally about to make a purchase. These are the very definition of BUYER KEYWORDS, and are as close to the ultimate traffic source - a targeted customer list - as you can get without going to the trouble of building one.

Imagine if we could appear just before they're about to buy and get them to click on our affiliate link... it's almost free money! What's almost cheeky about this is that other people (maybe even affiliates) have done the hard work of teaching, educating and marketing to them.. and gradually pushing them towards the buy line.. and then we appear at the last minute, do minimal work and grab the commission. The cheek!

These product name keywords are insanely profitable, and can typically generate "earnings per click" (EPC) of between $1 and $100 for every visitor we send to the affiliate program's website. Just think about that for a second. Most marketers start off with a goal like "I want to make $100 per day" and then conclude they need to get thousands of visitors to their website to do that.

But actually, if we get even just TEN people clicking through who make us $10 each, then we hit our goal.

It's these exact type of "product name" BUYER keywords we'll be targeting with this affiliate system for beginners.

In fact, every month I'll give you SIX THOUSAND of them to target.

This represents literally hundreds of millions of dollars in affiliate commissions to be made every month!

And what we'll be doing is ranking for the product name keywords on Google, so when people search "Affiliate Bots" or "iPhone 128GB", our website appears as a free listing (via SEO).

This can be a time-consuming process, but since we'll be doing it with my Rapid Video Rank software, it's much faster and easier to do.

I'll talk about the exact system in just a second.

But before we move on, there are three other points to make about product name keywords...

1) 6,000 KEYWORDS x VARIATIONS = 10,000 TO 20,000!

Firstly, as I say with this system, you'll get between 6,000 and 7,000 products to target every month. And since each product is its own product name keyword, that gives us 6,000 to 7,000 keywords to target.

However, as well as the main keyword, there are also variations of the product name keyword we can target, which get less traffic but can actually have much lower competition and so be even more profitable.

For example, people will search "productname review" (for reviews about a product), or "productname coupon" to find coupon discount codes.

Here's how this looks on Google's Keyword Planner for the keyword HostGator (one of the most popular web hosting companies):

You can see these variations get far less searches than the original product name keyword, but they can actually be much more targeted (people searching "hostgator coupon" are literally about to buy). We can see the better targeting is reflected in the higher bid prices.

These sub-variations can also vary depending on the product. For example, "hostgator plans" makes sense here (there are different payment plans with hosting accounts), while there may be other variations for other types of products ("productname bonus" is a common search in the Internet marketing space, to see if any affiliates are offering bonuses for people who buy through their link).

So, consider expanding the 6,000 keywords inside this guide by adding a variation word like "review", "coupon" etc at the end.


Secondly, while we are going to be targeting these productname keywords using free traffic ("SEO" ie "organic search"), you can of course buy the same traffic on Google Ads or Bing Ads (which costs money, but means we don't need to take the time that SEO takes).

Back in the day you used to be able to do this quite easily. In fact, I had a friend who used to be a teacher who quit his job just by running ads on the keyword "hostgator". I believe he was bidding something astronomical like $50 a click, but was actually paying more like $3-5.. and since he was making $10 or more from each click, he was banking around $8,000 a month, most of which was profit.

He had no website, and didn't really know what he was doing.

But he was pulling in more than many doctors, lawyers, etc. It was a joke.

Sadly, these glory days are (largely) over, at least on Google.

Also, since this is a beginner's guide, I'm going to focus on free traffic.

And that means we want to rank on Google. There are a few reasons for the focus on free traffic makes sense:

Firstly, it's free. I've spent five-figured buying traffic every month for the last decade. Whether it's paying my affiliates huge commissions, PPC ads, or ads on niche websites. But... I have the money to spend and frankly have more money than time. Not everyone does, especially when starting out.

Secondly, a lot of affiliate programs (and networks) don't allow you to send traffic directly to from Google ads to their website (so no "direct linking" or "direct to merchant" traffic as it's known).

Thirdly, Google makes it very difficult to direct link owing to various rules on destination URLs. It is still technically possible to direct link to some affiliate programs, but much harder. So this is one reason why we focus on free/organic traffic when targeting the buyer keywords.

If you do still prefer the idea of paid traffic, take a look at Bing PPC, which has less volume than Google, but does allow affiliate direct linking. Otherwise see below for the free traffic/SEO approach I recommend for many beginners.


Now one final point about product name keywords - while this guide is focused on these "product name" keywords, you can actually do very well from "product genre" keywords too. In fact, a few years ago, I was making about $300 a day from just one keyword, targeting two countries. In fact, I've done this in several niches, often "little-known" ones that many people didn't know about (tip: think of your own hobbies and try phrases that people outside the niche won't know about). So don't discount these "product genre" keywords entirely.

But the basic point I want you to take from this is: "the best way to profit as a newbie affiliate is to find hot affiliate programs, then target buyer keywords for those products".

And the good news is, that's exactly what we're about to do with the this system and my free software...




In this guide, I'll give you a system and software tools - focused on getting free traffic and earning affiliate commissions.

The tools let anyone promote ClickBank/JVZoo/WarriorPlus/any type of affiliate programs... using YouTube/Google SEO traffic.

So you get free traffic from both YouTube & Google for that keyword, then turn it into affiliate commissions

As discussed, one of the most profitable affiliate tactics is to rank on Google for "product name" or "product name review" keywords (e.g. "Affiliate Bots review").

There are literally thousands of these opportunities across ClickBank, JVZoo and Amazon - but up until now it was time-consuming to do...

Here's how we are about to automate this system...

My affiliate program software give you six-thousand products each month across ClickBank, JVZoo, WarriorPus & product launches:
> This is done using the software here on ProClub - KOTZoo, WarriorPlus, CB100 and LaunchPulse softwares (softwares 1-4).

Then you can target those 6,000 "product name" keywords (using tools #5 and #6):
> Firstly, "1 Click Affiliate" creates scripts (built off the back of copy/HTML which has made me millions)...
> Then you use "Rapid Video Ranker" video creator to turn the script into a quick video...

Then you rank that video for the "product name" keyword on Google/YouTube & rinse+repeat across 6,000 products/keywords a month (or 18,000 if you're using variations).

That's the system in a nutshell - "automatically get 6,000 products/buyer keywords then automatically rank websites and videos for them & get free traffic".



Affiliate Bots Softwares

Along with PDF & video training, there are 37 software tools included in Affiliate Bots front-end package.

I'm going to give you 7 of them for free right inside this article.

The first four tools let you find affiliate programs to promote, and the final two let you promote them and get traffic...

I'm also going to give you a bonus 7th tool, and another guide, so you can check out Bing PPC - if you prefer paid traffic (keep reading).


1) Warrior50 (Software For Finding Daily Affiliate Programs on WarriorPlus)

Database of ALL affiliate programs on WarriorPlus, updated daily - filter by EPC/ average$persale/JV links/sales letter preview to find the best product to promote


2) CB250 (Software For Finding Daily Affiliate Programs on ClickBank)

Database of the top 250 ClickBank affiliate programs - filter by gravity/category/alexa/etc to find the best product to target


3) King of the Zoo (Software For Finding Daily Affiliate Programs on JVZoo)

Database of the top performing products on JVZoo, updated every 12 hours.

Each product is ranked by a unique score, based on it's "top-sellers" ranking over the last few days.

Browse by price, units sold, EPC, conversion rate and overall launch revenue. Preview screenshot of the products.


4) Launch Pulse (Software For Finding Daily Internet Marketing Product Launches)

As well as providing databases for the top Amazon, JVZoo & ClickBank products, we also have a database of product launches.

The "launch pulse" database displays the top product launches coming up over the next 30 days, on ClickBank, JVZoo & W+

Filter by price, JV Prize, commission... then find launches with low Google & YouTube competition (data updated daily).



5) 1 Click Affiliate Page Creator

NOTE: This is the one tool I can't give you for free, as it requires a login to use (because of the "clipboard" function)..

You'll need to pick up Affiliate Bots to get access to 1 Click Copy (and 36 other tools).

However, I will give you a template that can be used for almost any affiliate program if you prefer not to pickup AffiliateBots.

The 1 Click Affiliate software is pre-loaded with templates blocks of copy/script/text which has made me millions, both as a vendor and affiliate.

Just enter a few words to describe the product you're promoting, click go... and my proven sales copy is customized to your product and niche.

You can then check all the ones you want - and export a block of proven, customized text.

This exported HTML can then be used to create a webpage, affiliate pre-sell, email swipes etc...

But the main benefit is that the script can then be imported into my "Rapid Video Ranker" to create an instant video (discussed next)...



6) Rapid Video Creator (Video Creator)

Desktop-based (Adobe Air - PC/Mac) video creation software, to create slide-based videos in just a few clicks.

Start by importing a block of text (sales script or article), and a voice over (or choose from 10 royalty-free music), then click next.

Each line of text is now presented as a slide, and you just click to set the timing for each slide.

You can literally import an entire sales script, and each line is broken down into a slide video in seconds! Then upload this video to YouTube & get free SEO traffic.

Edit settings (add mp3 audio, change background and font), insert slides (text/image/video), etc.

PLUS: you can import copy created by "1 Click Affiliate" (see above) so your script is based on my proven templates...




Before you get started with this guide, you'll need a few things.

Firstly, there are two things you MUST have:

At least ONE affiliate account with either: WarriorPlus, ClickBank and/or JVZoo - to earn affiliate commissions, you'll need to sign up with an affiliate network. The first thing I suggest you do is create a free JVZoo affiliate account here, then create a free ClickBank account here. Both accounts only take a few moments to create, are free, and are open to residents of almost every country. I also suggest you create an account with WarriorPlus here.

If you want to massively scale up the number of products on offer, you could consider becoming an affiliate with Amazon. However I'd start with ClickBank, WarriorPlus and JVZoo. Amazon is slightly trickier and only accepts affiliates who have websites. Also, be aware that Amazon runs separate affiliate programs for each country. So your USA affiliate account won't earn you sales from people in Australia etc, and vice-versa. I suggest you simply signup with the (USA) affiliate program - as 70% of Amazon's revenue comes from the US (over 44% of US households of Amazon Prime accounts). Remember: you'll need a website with some content to get approved with Amazon..

JVZoo, ClickBank & WarriorPlus are the easiest way to apply my system, so create an account with at least one of those.

A YouTube account - we're going to be creating videos with the Rapid Video Ranker (video creator) software, so we'll need a Youtube account to upload the videos to. I suggest you create a generic channel for now ("todd's best products") unless you already have a specific niche or domain in mind (then call you channel something like "bodybuildingreviews" or "yourwebsitecom").

Secondly, there is ONE optional (but recommended) step:

A Website - you can make money as an affiliate without a website (the videos you create rank and get free traffic, and we can promote our affiliate link within the description of the YouTube video), but we highly recommend you do get a website. It means we can make more commissions AND it means we're more likely to get free Google traffic (so we rank our video AND our website for the same keyword!)

The goal is for articles on our site to rank on Google for our targeted keyword and we get free traffic when people search that keyword and click through to our site ("SEO"). It's cheap and easy to setup a website, and it means you get both just free YouTube views AND Google traffic for your keyword. Who wouldn't want that?

RECOMMENDED: Don't have a website? Check out my Done For You Website offer here. Here are the type of sites you get:








There are several tools I'll give you, and the core system is broken down into a number of steps:

• STEP 1 - Browse FOUR separate softwares to find affiliate programs for WarriorPlus, ClickBank, JVZoo & IM Launches

• STEP 2 - Create a pre-sell script (and webpage) for your chosen affiliate program with "1 Click Affiliate" software (or, if you don't have AffiliateBots, use my template)

• STEP 3 - Import this script into the "Rapid Video" software to create your video review <-- Free YouTube/Google traffic

It's the easiest way to get free traffic from YouTube & Google, and turn it into Amazon/ClickBank/JVZoo commissions.

Now let's look at each of those steps in depth...


In years gone by, when it comes to choosing affiliate programs and keywords, I've had to provide detailed steps.

But here, the process has been automated by the four software tools. They literally force you to choose the best affiliate programs...

And since we're going to be targeting the keyword [product name] (or perhaps [product name review] or [product name bonus] if you like), we don't need to do any keyword research either!

In other words, we can find both the best affiliate program AND keyword in literally seconds!

Maybe the only problem is choosing whether to focus on affiliate programs and keywords on JVZoo, ClickBank, WarriorPlus or Launch Pulse, but I'll let you decide.

Either way, ALL products on all four tools are profitable, and with over 6,000 affiliate programs to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice...

1) Warrior50 - Software to Find WarriorPlus Affiliate Programs

Database of ALL affiliate programs on WarriorPlus, updated daily - filter by EPC/ average$persale/JV links/sales letter preview to find the best product to promote

Click here to run this search and bookmark it. Now check back daily.



2) CB250 - Software to Find ClickBank Affiliate Programs

This is a database of the top 250 ClickBank affiliate programs. ClickBank doesn't have that many new products appearing nowadays, so I suggest you just run the following search once and then target the products as you choose to:

1) Find products with Alexa rank of under 250,000 (Alexa is a sign of traffic... the lower the more traffic the website gets... so we only want sites that are amongst the top 250,000 online... these are likely to be selling well = more searches and commissions for us)

2) Find products with a gravity of over 20 (gravity is a way ClickBank ranks its products, and the higher it is, the more affiliates have generated sales in the last 30 days. Once more higher gravity = higher commissions.

Click here to run this search once. Now start working your way through the products. Consider using variations like "productname review" to double the potential keywords.


3) King of the Zoo - Software to Find JVZoo Affiliate Programs

This is a database of the top selling products on JVZoo, updated every 12 hours.

Each product is ranked by a unique score, based on it's "top-sellers" ranking over the last few days (there is no such score on JVZoo, so we created our own - kind of like "gravity" on ClickBank!)

Now, the truth is that ALL of the products on JVZoo are likely to be profitable to target, but the best products are NEW and/or RISING in demand.

That's why I suggest you simply check the "rising products", which will typically filter down to the top 5-10 results on any given day:


4) Launch Pulse - Software to Find Internet Marketing Product Launches

The "launch pulse" database displays the top product launches coming up over the next 30 days, on ClickBank, JVZoo & W+

These are typically "internet marketing" launches that have a huge spike in sales for a few days, and then the offer closes (or affiliates move onto the next offer).

Unlike the other three tools, products here have a narrow "window" for us to promote them. If we can rank #1 for [product name] on launch day, we might make $1,000 in commissions... if we get the same ranking a week later, we might make nothing.

For that reason, it might be best for only the most confident of affiliates to target these products.

1 If you want to be absolutely sure that the launch is going to be a big one, then select launches with JV Prizes of $5000. These are likely to sell a lot, and generate a lot of searches - after all, the product owner feels confident enough to offer thousands to their top affiliates...
2 Choose products with low YouTube competition. These have fewer videos ("results") on YouTube targeting our keyword (with "productname" in their title), so our video is more likely to rank and get views
3 Choose products with low Google competition. These products/keywords have fewer websites on Google who have "productname" in the title. Once more, less competition on Google should mean a better chance of getting free traffic.

I don't suggest you filter too much, for example search for either low YouTube or low Google results.

For example, click here to find Internet marketing launches with low YouTube competition and at least $1000 in JV Prizes and bookmark it. Now check back weekly.


Sounds obvious, but let me explain...

As mentioned, we're going to be promoting one of the products on these 4 softwares (let's say we decide on the product/keyword "Affiliate Bots")...

And we're going to be creating a video (and maybe post on a website) which is focused on the product name keyword ("Affiliate Bots").

Often the easiest way to get rankings for these keywords is simply by giving your video or post that title (as mentioned you can also target "Productname review" or "Productname bonus" if you're feeling adventurous, or want to target the lower hanging fruit).

All makes sense, right?

It's all pretty simple stuff - but there is one thing to be careful about...

The product name isn't always super obvious from a quick glance at our sites.

JVZoo and LaunchPulse are generally OK.

Firstly, you can see the product names on ProClub Launches look pretty clear:

It's obvious these products are called "WP Speedy Link" and "MailEngageX".

And we would be targeting those product keywords. Simple...

Secondly, you can see the products on JVZoo have quite short titles:

But it's still not 100% clear what the correct product name titles are. The final two are obviously "VideoBold Template Service" and "VideoPal"...

But the first two results are slightly more complicated: should we target " InstaPilot - Unlimited Account Package" or just "InstaPilot"...

And what about "Leadership Authority - Done-For-You PLR Package"?

In these cases, I would suggest you abbreviate the title to "InstaPilot" or "Leadership Authority" and target those.

Thirdly, let's look at ClickBank affiliate programs on the CB 250 (here's where things get slightly tricky):

1) The first thing you'll notice is, if we look at the product column, the products don't have names like "EZ Battery Course"... they're called things like "New Battery Reconditioning Course! Vsl Conversions 9.7% & Epc $2.1!". That's because this name is focused on attracting affiliates. So we can't just look at the "product" column to grab the product name.

2) In many cases, you can see links under the description. These links will often show you what the name of the product is - "" means the product is called EZ Battery Reconditioning, and "" means the product is called 3 Week Diet

3) In some cases, you can also see the product name hidden inside the title blurb ("3 week diet.." or "")

If you still can't see what the product is at a glance, then click on the link under product to visit the sales page. You should see it mentioned on the page. If you still can't work out the exact name, then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the sales page and click the order button and make a note of the product name on the order form.

WarriorPlus is also quite simple to do.

The goal is to get the title quite short.. but not short.

But do spend a few seconds making sure you have the right product name and keyword.


As mentioned, this is the one step/software that requires you purchase something - 1 Click Affiliate is part of AffiliateBots.

Click here - or on this banner - to access AffiliateBots (with 37 software tools):

If you aren't ready to join AffiliateBots just yet, then click on this template and then "fill in the blanks" for your chosen product:

This is obviously a heavily-slimmed down script compared to what you'll find inside 1ClickAffiliate, but it should get you started...

Now keep reading...

Now you have chosen a product/keyword, it's time to create our sales script.

This is actually incredibly easy to do. Simply visit the 1 Click Affiliate, and enter info about the product into the boxes.

1 Start by entering all the fields to describe your product
2 Click "Get Affiliate Ideas" and click on the right to add any blocks of text you like
3 Finally, click "clipboard" to review your text and then export it (to use in any campaign, or be imported into Rapid Video to create our video... discussed)

Let's start with an example for one of our ClickBank products we just looked at - the 3 week diet.

The first thing we want to do is go and check out the sales page of the product and understand what it's about/benefits

The more we can match our script to what's being said in the sales letter, the better we will do.

Here's what I have come up with (if you want to learn more about 1 Click Affiliate, watch the training video here).

Now click go, and browse the list of templates that appear).

Click the "+" on the right and start adding blocks to gradually build your script:

Try to add 5-10 blocks of text, and when you're done, click on "clipboard" at the top right to view everything you've added.

Now export the file and save it to your computer...

...then open the file, and it will open in your web browser.

We now have a full sales script, promoting our product, and we can upload this to our website, or use it in email promotions...

In fact, we can really use this script for ANY kind of selling you can think of...

But right now, for this particular system, we want to use it to create our video.

That brings me to Rapid Video, but before we load that tool up, we need to do a bit of preparation...



We're about to import this script we just made with "1 Click Affiliate" into the Rapid Video tool.

But before we do this, we want to prepare our script.


Firstly, our script is a "HTML" formatted web page, which is great if we want to create a website... but we just want to import some text into Rapid Video.

So we need to convert our HTML file into simple text.

Luckily this is very simple, simply open the file we just created, and it will open in your browser. Now select all the text, right click and "copy":

Now open a new text file in Notepad and "paste":

I suggest you now save this as "3weekdiet-script1.txt".

OK first part done. Now onto the second bit...


We now need to edit our script, and clean it up a bit.

Sometimes the script will be a bit ungrammatical - so you will need to rename and tweak it.

For example, here's a line taken from my script, with words that don't sound right bolded:

"Presenting The 3 Week Diet - the formula for flat stomach in super rapid time, and from just a few top-secret Feeling sexy-getting techniques, that the other dieter guys won't tell you about..."

I might change that to something like:

"Presenting The 3 Week Diet - the formula for getting a flat stomach in super rapid time, and from just a few top-secret dieting techniques, that the your personal trainer won't tell you about..."

So, skip through the script and give it a quick proof-read. You may also want to change the occassional word. So if you see the same phrase ("flat stomach") appearing over and over again, then change it to something like "six pack abs" or "a toned tummy").

Don't spend hours on this - just a minute or two making a minor proof-read.

TIP: as you edit more and more of my template scripts, you'll find you become more and more confident at writing your own copy.. not only making minor edits, but replacing entire blocks of text. This is a great way to learn copywriting!


We now have a great sales script, and are ready to create a video with the text.

But "text only" slide-based videos can be a little bit boring...

That's why Rapid Video lets you import images and videos into any one slide.

I therefore suggest you visit the sales page of the site you're promoting and save a few images, ready to be imported into Rapid Video.

A typical video might be 10-20 slides long, and we want maybe 2-5 of these to be images.

So visit the sales page, and right click and save any images you like (TIP: Rapid video works best with rectangular images, between 500x200 and 1000x500 size).


By default, Rapid Video comes pre-loaded with a music library of 8 royalty-free MP3s which you can use to accompany your video. But you may decide to turn your script into a voice over. You can get this done on Fiverr for maybe $5 for a short script... and it will make your video more engaging.

Of course, not everyone wants to spend extra money on every campaign (especially if you plan on making many).

Alternatively, you can use my 1ClickVoiceOver tool (found inside AIAffiliateBots) to create unlimited "human-sounding" voices with AI.


OK, now our prep work is done - our script is polished and proof-read, and saved as a text file, ready to be imported into Rapid Video...


Once you have created your sales script (and tweaked it and maybe grabbed a few images), it's time to make our video.

You do this with the Rapid Video Ranker software. So download and install the software, and have your script (and associated images) to hand.. and let's get started!

1 Firstly, you can upload an MP3 (a voice over or song). We've also provided 8 royalty-free mp3s you can use, just click the library icon next to "upload MP3" to choose one.

2 Now you can customise the color of the background and text. I suggest either black text on white background, or vice-versa. You can also use a background image if you prefer.

3 Now copy and paste the text from our edited 1 Click Affiliate script into the big box at the bottom (remember to "prepare" the file first, before copying and pasting)

4 IMPORTANT The way the software works is by dividing EACH LINE INTO A SLIDE. Like this:

This would be the first slide
If I put text on a new line, then this would be the second slide
This is yet another line, so would be our third slide
etc etc

This is important because slides don't look good if they are very long. As a general rule, try to keep each line of text between 5 and 25 words.

For example, in the above screenshot, #4 you can see I have highlighted a line which is far too long:

The 3 Week Diet is all you need to get a flat tummy So chuck the useless info you already have, and start feeling "beach ready" and sexy - no matter what your skill level...

So I suggest you divide it up into a few lines/slides, like this:

The 3 Week Diet is all you need to get a flat tummy
So chuck the useless info you already have...
And start feeling "beach ready" and sexy - no matter what your skill level...

5 When you're ready, click GENERATE to move onto the next step.

As soon as you hit GENERATE, you'll be sent to a page that looks like the above.

1 The video will immediately begin to play (remember, every line is turned into a slide - you can see the slides that our video has been broken up into, on the right hand side). Click play/pause and skip << >> to move through the video.

2 You can see that the lines of our script have been turned into slides. Now, as the video plays, click the blue timer button and it will set the length of each slide (actually it will edit the length of the previous slide, so the slide starts at the point you click the timer button):

By default, each slide will be between 3-5 seconds long (1000ms=1sec, so the above slide is 5 seconds long).

3 You can also see all the slides at the bottom in a timeline view. You can click to edit these slides if you prefer.

4 You can also see image and video icons to the left of the timer icon. This allows you to insert images or videos in place of any text slide. This is why I suggested you save some images from the sales page before... so we can now click the image icon, choose our image and insert it.

Once an image has been imported, it will appear in place of the text and the icon turns blue to show you that slide has an image/video:

5 You can also move slides up and down, or delete them (although if you've prepared your slides properly you shouldn't need to do this)

6 Once your happy with your video, click RENDER and save the video. You can aslo click FULL HD and QUICK RENDER to toggle between high res and low res videos (NOTE: some computers may have problems rendering in HD).



Now we need to upload our video to YouTube.

Create your free YouTube account, and click the upload button in the top-right hand corner:

Your video will now start to upload:

1 Your title should simply be the title of your product (Affiliate Bots... 3 Week Diet...Britax Marathon G4.1 Convertible Car Seat...etc ).

2 Your description should also be short and sweet, and focused on your video's title and your main keyword. Don't overthink it.

3 Your tags should just be a few variations of the main keyword you are targeting and your title

4 Make sure your video is set to public

5 When ready click "publish"

NOTE: If you want more information about how to optimize your videos and channels, you should definitely check out my Video Bots course, which contains several guides and 4 software tools on video and YouTube. It's one of my best-selling courses, and with good reason - you can see why it's so popular (and very likely immediately decide to sign up) by clicking here and watching the demo of my YouTube-research tool, "Tube Titan".



Now you've created your first campaign - your video is live, and your website is live.

The next step is to launch more campaigns, grow your YouTube channel, and rinse and repeat - across 6,000 keywords and products each month!

With an almost infinite number of niches and keywords to target, and the incredible tools you have in your hands, go out and make this your year...


Now you might remember, I said that a lot of people like to focus on free traffic...

But that I invest five-figures every month on traffic (via ads, commissions to my affiliates etc).

So I definitely recommend you consider paid ads.

But what if you're an affiliate beginner who wants to dip their toe into the world of paid ads... quickly, easily - and without breaking the bank?

Well, I have the answer to that too:

Click here - my guide to promoting affiliate offers on Bing... using my free website-building software

And yes, this is software tool #7 ;-)


If you've read this far, you're obviously excited about profiting as an affiliate.

And that's where my final recommendation comes in...

My Affiliate Bots is one of the top-selling products I've ever created.

And there's one good reason for that - you'll get access to 37 software tools:

There are two I'm particular proud of

Tool #7: Web Widgets - which boosts the conversions of any website with "popup widgets"...


Tool #11: AI Search - the world's first traffic search search-engine preloaded with over 1 million traffic opportunities:


And of course, you can check out the training video for 1 Click Copy, which is mentioned in this article too:


Finally, if you want a full detailed breakdown of what's included inside Affiliate Bots, check out the training video I did for my customers:

AffiliateBots is now on v2.02 and has sold over 5,000 units since launch - in over 90 countries.

So hit the banner here to see what all the fuss is about!


OK thanks for reading...

I'll see you in the AffiliateBots members area.

Or search the "software" link at the top of this page for even more affiliate software.

A lot of it is 100% free, so enjoy ;-)



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