Make Money as a JVZoo Affiliate & JVZoo Seller

Make Money with JVZoo - 10 Tricks from a JVZoo Super Affiliate

Chris here, and...

I've sold over 15,000 products as a JVZoo affiliate:

...generated over 100,000+ sales as a JVZoo seller...

...I've had 20+ JVZoo POTDs & #1s, built up over $40k in monthly recurring income...

It's safe to say...

I know how to profit with JVZoo.

So let's transfer that knowledge over to YOU.

In this article, I'm talking about making money, as a JVZoo affiliate.

So keep reading, or watch the video version here:


Question: How can you make affiliate commissions, with JVZoo?

This article is the answer.

I'll give you 10 JVZoo tricks you probably don't know. Such as...

• how to make money with JVZoo in 2019 (obviously)
• how to get FREE products (worth thousands)
• some of my best traffic sources (surprising)
• how to clone the top JVZoo affiliates (ooh)...

I've made money with ALL of these tricks:

And YES, I'll give you case studies, and examples...

So let's dive right in...

Time for tip #1!


Make Money with JVZoo - Tip #1: Focus on Lower Priced Products

My first tip is to promote lower priced products, especially if you're starting out.

For most affiliates, your first 100 sales will come largely from $7-27 products, and not $47+ products.

So head over to the ProClub Product Launches page, and select products priced under $20:

Or check out Muncheye for even more launches (but less filtering):

So focus on low ticket, avoid mid ticket.

If you're a beginner? Forget about high ticket products ($100-1,000+).

Newbies and intermediates are best focusing on lower priced products.

Trust me, you'll make more money.


A few reasons...


Benefit #1 - Lower priced products = faster sales

Selling lower priced products allows you to get sales more QUICKLY.

If you send just 100 clicks, you're more likely to generate at least 1 sale of a $7 product, than of a $47 product.

Maybe after 500 clicks, the $47 product will have made 4 sales ($184), and therefore more than the $7 product (which made, say, 20 sales - $140).

But... can you send 500 targeted clicks?

Trust me: there's nothing worse when starting out, than hitting refresh, desparately hoping to see a sale.

It's been more than a decade since I truly felt that pain, and I still remember it vividly.

So in summary...

Selling lower priced products means, smaller, faster sales - which takes some of the pressure away.


Benefit #2 - Faster Data with lower priced products

Secondly, and following on from this, targeting lower priced products, means quicker sales, which means faster DATA.

That means, you can see which offers are profitable - from less traffic.

Oh, and in case you're thinking...

"But no-one makes money with a $7 product?"

WRONG! In fact..

I have 203,000 reasons why you're wrong.

Here's the funnel stats for my Affiliate Titan offer, which is the 14th all-time JVZoo selling product of ALL TIME.

As you can see it generated over $70,000 of revenue on the front end, with an average price of just over $7. Not bad...

BUT the overall price, including funnel and upsells, is closer to $16 (see above).

That bumps up my respectable $70k gross... to a far stronger $200k.

So don't be fooled by the offers paying "100% on $7" (or another low price like $17).

If you think, "these guys aren't making bank. Their affiliates won't make bank".


True: you might only make a small amount with a lower priced product - at least on the front.

But, once upsells are taken into consideration, you can still generate some nice revenue.

Very probably more than the higher ticket ones, and probably a lot quicker too.

And that's great if you're starting out...

TIP #2: Predict six-figure product launches, like a "Super Affiliate insider"

JVZoo is a platform built around product launches.

Just compare the top 10 products today - vs 7 days ago:

Pretty changeable, right?

Contrast that with ClickBank's Internet Marketing "e-business" category (CB is more of an "evergreen" affiliate network, less focused on launches and marketing offers):

As you can see, products on JVZoo turn over every few days, much more than CB.

JVZoo is all about huge product launches that only last 3-10 days.

That means: timing is VITAL with JVZoo.

Just look at this "daily sales" graph I mocked up for a typical JVZoo launch.

I've plotted revenue & EPC over a 7-day period:

I mocked this up myself, but you can substitute the stats for many JVZoo launches and it would be fairly accurate.

As you can see, fully 30% of sales comes in during day 1, and earnings per click (EPC $) are highest on day 1 ($5 vs $2-3 for the rest of the week).

If you promote on launch day, you could clean up.

Partly this is just the "newness" factor. A product sells best when no-one has it yet (so the potential market is ...everyone). As affiliates promote harder and harder, the best buyers are already "taken" - so you're selling to a smaller and smaller pool of potential buyers.

But that's only part of the story. Often with product launches, prices increase daily - from $17 to $27 to $37. Sometimes they increase hourly. As the prices get higher, and the scarcity wears off, conversions fall. Another reason to get in early.

So, we know that timing is vital, and we want to get in as early as possible.

Ideally on the first few days of the launch.

But... is there a way to get in even earlier...

Maybe... weeks before the launch even happens?

And how do you do it, if you're not a "JVZoo Affiliate Insider" like me?

And you can't "predict" the big launches because the you personally know the product owner?

Luckily, there is such a way to find these launches...

How affiliates can find the big six-figure Internet marketing product launches

In fact, there are 3 ways to predict the biggest IM product launches:

1) Firstly, become a part of the community. Join all the lists. Sell your own products. Add people on Skype. Hustle your way into the Skype groups. Make friends. Buy people drinks at seminars. Get a feel for what works. This is my method, but... it only works when you already have sales/products/momentum (or you're a big social butterfly.. good for you).

2) Secondly, if you're not an insider, then the easiest way to discover future big launches, is to go to the ProClub launches page.

Then, under "Any JV Prize", select at least $1000:

That will bring up all the launches that have at least $1000 in JV prizes.

Now, here's the logic behind this: the hottest affiliate programs are announced well before they launch. And often the product creator will have a good sense whether a launch is going to be very successful ahead of time.

Perhaps they've planned it for months, perhaps they've spent thousands developing the software. Or maybe they've just hustled really hard to get all the top affiliates onboard.

Either way, a sure sign of a big launch is when they put their money where their mouth is.

And a JVZoo seller who is confident about their launch will be offering huge JV prizes. Why else would they risk $20k in prizes, unless they know the launch will make $40k (assuming a 50% affiliate commission).

So, check the ProClub Internet Marketing Launches page and filtering out prizes with at least $1000.

3) Thirdly, if you want even more results, Muncheye has even more launches than ProClub.

But, it doesn't have the ability to search by JV prizes and other metrics like ProClub does. But still, another tool to add to your arsenal.


Tip #3: You Will Need to wait for JVZoo Instant Commissions (And Chase Delayed Commissions After 30 Days)

Sad but true.

When you first start out as a JVZoo affiliate, you won't get paid right away.

In fact, you should be happy if you get paid within 45 days.

You'll probably end up chasing a few JVZoo sellers who don't pay your commissions.

And... that will continue for at least the first 60 days after you make your first affiliate sale.

Here's why...

Start by logging into your JVZoo account clicking "My Account"

Then scroll down to Affiliate Information and look at the number of sales you've generated, which are at least two months old - and also, look at your refund percentage.

Here's what I see:

Note - my stats here of 15,000 sales and 8%. And the reason this is relevant isn't just bragging rights.

It's because sellers (and JVZoo) see this when they are deciding whether to approve my JVZoo Affiliate Request.

Here's why this matters....

Firstly, my stats mean I qualify as a "JVZoo premium affiliate", and so I'm going to be auto approved for any products, and I'll also be on instant commissions. I can just click "request approval" and instantly get an "instant commissions" link (no need to wait around for the JVZoo Seller to log on and approve me).

But secondly, the few JVZoo Sellers who have the "premium affiliate" option turned off - and therefore needs to manually approve all affiliates - will still almost certainly approve me as "Instant Commissions".

Instant JVZoo Commissions means, I get paid right away (if not, I will hit them up on Skype, assuming it was an error).

Still got me on delayed? I just won't promote.

How to get approved on instant commissions as a JVZoo Affiliate?

Really it comes down to how many affiliates sales you made, that are least 2 months old.

Ideally, you want to see at least 100 sales and a refund percentage of below 10%.

It's up to the vendor who they set as "instant" but these are fairly good stats.

It also helps to be based in a "trustworthy" country - JVZoo shows sellers the affiliate's name, stats and country.

So someone in "United States" looks more trustworthy than an affiliate with no sales from, say, North Korea.

In case you're impressed by 15,000 stats, you shouldn't be...

What's possible as a JVZoo Super Affiliate?

Here are some of the top affiliates I see approved in the "your affiliates" section of my JVZoo Seller account (NOTE: BBC Systems is JVZoo themselves, who are naturally the ceiling for what is possible as a JVZoo affiliate):

So, what if you're a new jvzoo affiliate, with 0 sales, 0 refunds -- and no track record?

Well, if you're not a premium affiliate, then you will either have to hope that the vendor approves you and sets you to instant...

Or, more likely, they will set you to delayed commissions.

Now like I say, part of the problem is it takes two months for sales to appear within the vendor accounts. So from the vendor's point of view, they just see a load of "zeros" and unknowns... and it's never good to risk your merchant accounts on an unknown.

I set anyone with low stats to delayed.

And, by the way, this isn't just me being mean...

JVZoo will actually encourage vendors not to mark people as instant.

If a JVZoo seller goes to their "Your Affiliates" page, and clicks "Instant Commissions", they will get a popup that says:

"Are you sure you want to pay this affiliate instant commissions? Only do this for affiliates that you know."

Pretty agressive, right?

So JVZoo specifically WARNS sellers who try to set affiliates to instant.

Many JVZoo sellers will only set affiliates with at least 250 sales to instant, which is quite a high threshold.

Oh, and in case you're screaming at the screen...

But I wrote a really compelling letter to the JVZoo Seller!

Sorry, but you're still stewing in the pit of delayed commissions for 60 days.

See, pre-2018, any message that you try to send the vendor, used to appear in its own visible column.

But that message is now hidden behind an icon on the JVZoo Affiliate Requests page:

The vendor has to click it to read it.

And in the above screenshot, you can see I have 2763 affiliate requests to approve.

What are the chances of me reading every single message?

So, even if you plead with the vendor with a message asking them to mark you as instant, they almost certainly aren't going to even see it.

In conclusion, you will need to forget about these JVZoo messages, and reach out directly to vendors ahead of time - outside of JVZoo's ecosystem - to ask them to mark you as instant, perhaps using Skype or email.

Otherwise, you are almost certainly going to be marked as delayed, at least for the first two months.

As someone generating six to seven figures every year since 2005, I can say that delayed commissions suck.

Even when you don't need the money, they suck.

And they suck even more when you do.

But it's a great feeling when you come out the other side, and start getting auto-approved like a boss.

In the meantime, you just need to play the long time.

Or, split your time & energies with other affiliate networks, such as ClickBank, that pay you out more quickly.

Why not spread your promotions, and use those other affiliate networks to build up your capital - while you build up your reputation on JVZoo?


Oh, and one final point regarding delayed commissions. If a seller ever sets you on delayed commissions, then you promote and make commissions, it's very easy for the vendor to forget about you. It's not personal, it's actually a headache for the vendor to manually go in and pay people they forgot about.

Vendors are naturally busy, and have a habit of forgetting about stuff that happened two months ago.

And there isn't really a formal process for JVZoo to monitor delayed commissions.

Here's what this means...

==> You WILL need to keep track of money that you're owed <==




In fact, do not assume you will EVER get your delayed commissions.

This is not a reflection of the vendors ethics, and it not a reflection of a JVZoo deep state conspiracy.

It is simply the way the system is setup, and another reason that it pays to keep track of money in/money out.

Especially on a platform like JVZoo which doesn't directly take payments (that "credit" goes to Paypal).

So, here's my advice...

Once your referred sales hit the "30 days old" mark, start chasing the vendor.

Even if they expressly say "we pay delayed after 45 days", chase them at 30 days.

It's just a quick "ping" to make sure that they haven't forgotten about you.

You've grinded it out, and started to generate some nice sales.

You're about to get set to "instant".

But first, make sure you get those first sales that you earned.

Now this has been a pretty depressing tip...

But look at your calendar and glance back 60 days - it wasn't that long ago, was it?

Well, that's the time it takes to go from JVZoo newbie to premium affiliate.

And once you have that status no-one can take it from you, so start making sales!


Tip #4: Silly Loophole - get free JVZoo software & products... FOREVER

I love this one.

Did you know, you can get free JVZoo offers, simply by asking for demo access...

Or even more simply... by just visiting the JV Doc on the JV page?

It's crazy, but it's true.

You'd be surprised how many product owners are willing give out free product access for their product launches, even to beginners and newbies. I've actually done it myself a few times.

And you'd be even more surprised how many product owners have a publicly available, FREE & OPEN link to the product that they're about to sell $xxx,xxx of - right inside the JV Doc which anyone can publicly access.

And it comes down to "demo access".

That's a way for the product creator to give trusted super affiliates a preview of the product before launch.

The proper way to do this, is to personally reach out to trusted affiliates and create an account for each person.

But that involves work and.. well, when you're making $3k/day for sending an email, work becomes an ugly word.

I'm assuming you aren't a "trusted super affiliate".

But it doesn't matter.

Because many vendors are lazy, you can still get access to many of these products, for free, even before people who pay for the product on launch day!

Here's how...

There are two ways to get demo access.

1) The first is to go to ProClub's Internet Marketing Launch Pulse page, and simply visit any JV page (the link under "product").

2) Then look for the "Launch Doc" or "JV Doc":

This will open the JV Doc. Now scroll down, and look inside for a section marked "JV Product Access" or "Affiliate demo access".

Surpisingly often, you'll be able to a free link for you to try the software as an affiliate!

If that doesn't work, the second way to get demo access is to simply ask the vendor for it.

So, you can either visit the JV page and look for a Contact Us email or Skype, which is very often at the bottom of the page. Just go to ProClub, hit a JV page link, scroll down and grab their FB/Skype ID.

Or you can stay on ProClub and look under the "Updates tab", which is the blue icon here:

This is a very useful feature, which stores and displays all the JV updates sent out for a particular offer.

And for our purposes here, it has one useful feature - it displays the email address that you can reach the vendor at.

Once you have that email address, you can simply reach out to them and ask for demo access. And I've prepared a template email here which you can see.


I'm interested in promoting your product, "PRODUCT NAME".

I will be doing a detailed product review - showing all the benefits of the product.

The link to my website is "XXX".

I am aiming to rank #1 on Google & YouTube, so my positive review will be the first thing anyone searching on Google/YouTube sees.

Hopefully this will help your launch be even more successful.

I would like to get started on this soon, so I have the best chance of ranking, and helping your prelaunch.

Would you therefore be to get me demo access to the tool?



So firstly, check the JV Doc.

Secondly, ask and thou shall receive.

I'd say this will bag you free access to the product in about 20-50% of cases!

Now onwards...

Tip #5: Find the top-selling JVZoo affiliates

In any endeavour, it's very important to find out who the most successful people are - and model after them.

The best way to become seriously wealthy is to copy what the seriously wealthy are doing.

And that's also true of JVZoo affiliate marketing.

So let's do it right here...

Now, there are two ways to find out who the top affiliates on JVZoo are.

Firstly, we look at JVZoo leaderboards. And the way we do this is by going over to the JVZoo Top Sellers section and:

1) clicking on Affiliate Details next to an offer, and then
2) scroll down and click to see if they offer an affiliate contest
3) click on "affiliate contest" to view the official leaderboard of top affiliates

These "JVZoo affiliate contest" pages track sales very accurately and are always publicly viewable.

So we can clearly see who is making money promoting offers right now

Tip: focus on the "JVZoo top sellers past 30 days" to see which affiliates are dominating the biggest launches.

So login to JVZoo, then click Products > Top Sellers.

Now scroll down to "Top Sellers in the Past 30 Days, and choose an offer.

Finally, click on Affiliate Details then scroll down to "Affiliate Contest" in the bottom left. You can now see the affiliates who ranked number #1-10 for that particular product launch, on the official leaderboard.

NOTE: Many offers DO NOT use "JVZoo affiliate contests", especially those on multiple networks (JVZoo+Warrior+CB), where it would be impossible to track across all networks.

What if there isn't an "affiliate contest"?

Don't worry, in that case the JVZoo seller will simply manually work out the numbers and send out daily emails.

And we can find this information, either by signing up to the JV list (on the JV page), or checking ProClub Launches (which tracks JV lists for us).

So go back to the ProClub Launches page, find a launch, just like we did previously, and click on the Updates column to see all the JV updates for the product.

Then you can click on any of the emails and see exactly who's been dominating the JV leaderboards for that particular offer.


Tip #6: Clone what the top JVZoo affiliates are doing.

This follows on from tip #5.

Now that we know who the biggest affiliates are, it's time to find out exactly what they're up to.

So we can reverse-engineer their methods, and work out how they're generating all of these commissions with JVZoo.

In many cases, the answer is simply "they have big email lists to promote to, and maybe they also do a video review and post on their website".

But there are just as many affiliates using strange and surprising methods.

So let's look at a few ways to do this kind of sleuthing.

• Firstly, search on Google for their name and the product they've promoted ("name + product"). For example, "Sam Bakker Viddyoze". This will bring up any bonus pages that they're running.

• Secondly, run the same search ("name + product") on YouTube to find out if they're running a video bonus review on YouTube. Pay attention to how many views they're getting (but remember that YouTube doesn't count every view, so "342 views" could actually be more like 2,000 views... trust me they count views weirdly).

• Thirdly, use the competitive intelligence tool Similarweb to look at the domain name of the sales letter/product they promoted. So if you're researching videoappsuite, the sales letter is and so you would check this domain on SimilarWeb at

You'll often find surprising traffic sources that show how the top affiliates are promoting a particular offer. e.g. via search or social, or via a website that no one else knows about.

This is of particular interest when a launch does a surprisingly large number of units, or when an unknown affiliate comes out of nowhere and takes the top leaderboard prize. How did they do it? SimilarWeb is the trail of breadcrumbs you need...

• Finally, the best way to find out what an affiliate's up to is to actually get on their buyers list by physically buying their products. So head over to the JVZoo "Find Products" page, and find products for the vendor you want to follow, and buy.

If they're worth their salt, you will get auto-added to their list (JVZoo has IPN integration with GetResponse, Aweber, Sendlane, so it should happen automatically... even if you didn't expressly fill in a squeeze page after buying).

If you generally want to get on the buyers list of the top-selling products at any time, go to our custom JVZoo "top seller" affiliate program database King Of The Zoo - which displays the top-seller JVZoo affiliate programs, updated every 12 hours:

Dig around, and buy some of the products you like the look of.

You'll get the product... and the intel from watching these super affiliates at work.

It's an expensive way to get on their buyer's list, but it is a price worth paying.

Being on many buyer lists is the ultimate way to follow the old adage "do as I do, not as I say".

JVZoo Affiliate Research - An Example

In the video at the start of this article, I researched the current #1 offer on JVZoo, Video App Suite.

This was a huge launch, so we want to see what the top affiliates are up to.

We started off by finding out who those top affiliates actually were, via the Video App Suite affiliate contest page:

Then, we copied these names and run searches like "affiliatename + productname" and see what comes up, whether websites, videos, etc. And also checked out SimilarWeb for any weird traffic sources.

I won't do all that here, but I will share a nugget I randomly discovered.

While preparing this video, I actually took the name of the "Video App Suite" #2 affiliate, Ivan Galileo, and by accident I searched 'Ivan Galileo viddyoze,' which of course is a different product (albeit another top-selling JVZoo video tool which sold very well).

But in doing so, I discovered that Ivan Galileo seems to be focusing on the German market and he actually has "" domain, which of course is a German domain extension.

Now I don't know what's going on here, and can't say for sure.

But what I do know is...

1) Viddyoze JVZoo launches do big numbers
2) They have explictly said a lot of their traffic comes from outside the usual "IM community"
3) I know that foreign markets can be awesome markets to sequence into
4) This guy is a top affiliate who seems to own a non-English-speaking domain

Putting all this together, makes me think: perhaps our guy Ivan is focusing on the German market, and he sells JVZoo products (especially video niche?), to corporate B2B customers... or a surprising other market?

We could go deeper into the rabbit hole, but alas... our time is up and I have a phonecall to make.

TIP: If you are bilingual, and know the slightest bit about Internet marketing, you can very probably make money from your second language. The English-speaking markets are MUCH more saturated & competitive than other markets, but the millions of English-speaking marketers cannot reach outside of the big 5 countries. That presents you a huge, low-competition opportunity in dozens of countries. This is especially true, if the language you speak relates clearly to at least one rich country (Germany, France, etc).

Definitely explore this if you are an affiliate who is bilingual, or if you are a vendor who is looking to enter into different markets.

Anyways, we've gone off topic here, but that's the point: this is the kind of competitive intelligence and surprise information that you can find just by digging around in the affiliate contest page and looking at ProClub to see what the top affiliates are doing.

Tip #7: Give away bonuses with every affiliate promo

In my experience, adding a bonus can add between 20 and 300% to what an affiliate promo does.

In fact, I almost never run a promotion without a bonus.

My customers know I am going to go the extra mile for them, so they are loyal and want to buy from me.

It's also worth noting that many buyers (especially the "best" ones) are by definition going to be on lots of buyers' lists.

Your best buyers are probably subscribed to 2-20x other marketers' lists, and will buy a product based on the best bonus.

So, if you and another affiliate promote the same offer, but one of you has a better bonus, who do you think the customer will buy from?

It's possible your customers are spending lots of money... on the products you're selling... just not from you.

And that partly comes down to having a good bonus.

Now, I actually built my own custom BuildYourBonus page which tracks sales and gives away bonuses for all the top new Internet marketing launches:

It was expensive, but the reason I did it was because bonuses are so valuable.

But don't worry, this kind of "bonus delivery software" is overkill for 99% of affiliates.

In most cases, if the product that you're giving away is just a simple download, then you can easily add these to be delivered automatically via JVZoo and WarriorPlus by simply going to the affiliate link page and clicking Add to Your Bonus:

The techie side is actually very easy. The real question is...

How do we find relevant bonuses to give away?

There are a few ways to do this.

Bonus Creation Strategy #1: Just check the JV Page for "Semi-Exclusive Bonuses"

Firstly, always, always, start off with bonuses that the JVZoo seller gives away themselves.

You will find they almost always have great bonuses. This is our starting point.

And you can find these by visiting the JV page, and looking for a link "bonuses" - or just open the JV Launch Doc and find bonuses there.

You can of course use these bonuses yourself. Start digging - there's a lot of great products!

Bonus Creation Strategy #2: Buy Products with Giveaway Rights

Secondly, we will want to supplement these bonuses with our own, so we stand out from other affiliates.

And we do this by buying products with "resell rights" or more accurately "giveaway rights".

The website IDPLR has some good ones, but be sure to ONLY look at products that have giveaway rights. Not all of them do.

Likewise, my Affiliate Funnel Bots offer has giveaway rights to over $5000 worth of software, with 10 software tools:

I still can't believe we rolled all these tools into a package so cheap, but there you go:

Lastly, once you're done with IDPLR and FunnelBots, head to Google. And run this Google Advanced search: giveaway rights

You'll get over 1,400 results to chew through:

That will bring up all products that have been sold JVZoo that had the phrase 'giveaway rights.' And there's many, many good products you'll discover this way.


Bonus Creation Strategy #3: Create your own software - fast

Thirdly, if you really want to stand out and have the highest value bonuses then I highly recommend you build your own software.

Sounds ambitious?

Let me teach you a trick...

Presenting: my AI Software Generator tool (which is inside my DayJobKiller course).

The Software Generator allows anyone to create unlimited software.

You can sell this software or give away, simply by building a Microsoft Excel file in just a couple of hours.

It's a crazy tool, and I'm proud it's part of the DJK suite (just one of 8 tools).

Of course, in an ideal world, you would actually hire a developer to build custom software to use as bonuses.

Then record a video review and add it to a custom landing page.

It can be very profitable, but does take some time:

Also, building custom software can cost hundreds...thousands...or more. So I definitely don't recommend it when starting out.

For 99.9% of people, the Software Generator is by far the easiest way to create software to sell or give away, and it's just one part of the software suit inside DayJobKiller.

So I highly recommend, if you're a JVZoo affiliate or a JVZoo vendor you definitely want to check out DayJobKiller. And in particular, the software generator.

It's a great way to create rapid software... to use as JVZoo bonuses, WarriorPlus bonuses... or simply software you can sell.

Tip #8: Widen your distribution, build your audiences, and build your list.

So just to give some context, in my experience as a vendor and as an affiliate, the number one affiliate ranking on Google for product name and product name review might bring you in only 2% of the sales.

So I've written this from my point of view of as a JVZoo affiliate (15,000+ sales).

But don't forget, I'm also a JVZoo vendor (well over 100,000 sales).

My experience as a vendor means I can see which affiliates are ranking for my products, and work out how well they're doing.


What Is Ranking #1 - On Google - For Product Name Keywords Worth?

Answer: About 1-5% of overall launch sales.

Now let's break out the "blur" tool, and give you an example of an affiliate on a recent launch who was ranking #1 of my products (ie he ranked #1 on Google for both "my product" and "my product review":

As you can see, he did over $330 in sales and 17 units.

Now, overall, the launch did around 1500 to 2000 units. So not a bad promo, but equally not a huge.


What Is Ranking #1 On YouTube For Product Name Keywords Worth?

Answer: About 0.5-3% of launch sales.

Next we can apply the same logic and look at the #1 website/affiliate ranking on YouTube for one of my products.

And again, here we can see that they did about 0.5% of the sales.

Asssuming they do one promo like this a week, you're looking at maybe $10-20k/year.

So again, not too bad, but not incredible.

And, if you're thinking that either of those stats aren't huge, you're right.

The reason why?

They're using only one distribution platform.

And an unreliable one at that (can you rank #1 every time?)

It's just not good enough...

As an affiliate, you must widen your distribution.

And ideally, OWN the distribution channel.

And that means: building audiences and building lists.

Whether it's an email list, a push notification list, a website that gets traffic, or a retargeting audience you can plug into every week...

You NEED to have a consistent, reliable audience to plug into, ideally one you have control over.

And that probably means owning your own list of some kind.

But don't take my word for it.

Let me show you the $$$.

Here is a screenshot from an affiliate promo I did for WarriorPlus:

(Yes, yes, this is a JVZoo article... but I've chosen WarriorPlus instead of JVZoo because JVZoo don't break don't stats this easily).

Now, you can see that this promo made me $1220 in commissions,

Here's how those commissions break down by traffic source/audiences/assets:

• my email promo did over $800.

• my Push notification promo did $200.

• banners on my websites did $140.

But here are the main takeaways from this one screenshot:

1) I have multiple ways ("audiences") to send traffic
2) I own and control the audiences (no "algorithms" to worry about)
3) I track everything so I can improve next time

Importantly, even if you took away my email list, I'm still generating a pretty good amount of money from this promotion.

So I highly recommend that you focus on building these kinds of distributions through lists and audiences.

The Basic Formula To Making Affiliate Commissions

And remember, the basic idea is profiting as an affiliate is simple:

(Clicks you send) x ($ Earnings per click) = Your Commissions

So, the more people who see your promo, the more clicks you will send, the more money you will make.

And to to do this reliably, and repeatedly, you want multiple audiences and lists.

If all this still sounds a bit vague, here's a list of some possible "assets" and "audiences" you can build to promote your offers:

1) Email lists, still the best way to drive targeting traffic. And again, check out my Affiliate Bots offers for some premade landing pages, done for you funnels, and software with resell right to help you build your list.

2) Push notifications a great way to build a list that very few people know about. Often as much as 40% of my commissions come from Push. And I'll talk about that in just a second, or just go here.

3) Your websites. You should definitely have a website that you promote to regularly. If you don't then get my done for you website, and choose a niche in the Make Money category. And then simply start writing reviews, product reviews, about all the new products that are coming out, which you can get from ProClub.

4) Retargeting audiences. This is a super profitable way to build a list within Google and Facebook's advertising system that you can retarget and advertise back to.

TIP: If you do want to build a list and build an audience in 2019... and have either never done it, or tried "the old way" and failed...I highly recommend you consider Push notifications. Push is something very few people know about (at least, right now). And the easiest way to do this is via my new Push Pro software, which you can check out by clicking this link (NOTE: I don't always open this up, so you may need to wait a few weeks or longer to get an invite link... but check it out):


Tip #9: Use JVZoo tracking IDs.

So now you're thinking about multiple promotion methods, and building audiences and lists.


But now you'll definitely need to start tracking your affiliate links.

Good news: it's very easy to do this with JVZoo. Simply add the codes at the end of your affiliate link, which is ?tid= and then your tracking code, like this:

So if our affiliate ID is "1234567" and we are promoting product "9876543" and we want to use tracking ID "email", here's how our link would look:

Ive bolded the extra bit you add to a JVZoo affiliate link to create the tracking ID.

Bad news: JVZoo doesn't let you easily see individual CLICKS as an affiliate, only SALES.


So you may want to supplement JVZoo's own tracking system with a superior tracking tool such as ClickMagick.

Tracking is also especially important if you follow my next tip, which is...

Tip #10: Split-test subject headers, banners, affiliate links... everything.

Now split-testing is vital as a marketer.

Firstly, it will immediately improve sales for your current promotion.

But it's much more than that.

In the long-run, split-testing gives you data & knowledge to build future promotions on.

Quick example: which of the below images would you say would have performed best? And by how much?

Well the one of on the left outperforms the one on the right by 300% in terms of both clicks and sales.

Why is that?

Hmm... possibly the logos, possibly the position of the laptop.

But the truth is, you don't really know, you just have to run the data and learn from it.

You can only make firm conclusions by running more tests, and learning from them.

There are a million parts of the marketing mix to test - email subject headers, Google ads, article titles... the list is endless.

But the first element to test, are parts of any webpages you have.

Start by split-testing headlines, then move onto other major parts of the page (like videos, designs, offers etc).

Generally, it's better to start by split-testing the major components and move onto the fine-tuning later on.

And in case you're wondering: which tools to use, for you A/B split-testing of landing pages & websites?

I recommend two tools for A/B split-testing:

#1 - Google Optimise, which is great for nerds like me.
#2 - Visual Web Optimise, which is the easiest option for everybody else.


I think that covers it.


I suspect there was at least one tip you had no idea about.

It's not easy getting started as a JVZoo affiliate, and there isn't masses of useful documentation.

But it is worth it.

I've generated well over $2 million in sales and commissions, with JVZoo since 2014.

So execute on these tips, level up, and keep moving.

Oh...I almost forgot...

I do have one final tip: check out my Affiliate Bot offer.

Bots includes 37 software tools - affiliate marketing tools, website builders, video creation tools, and much more.

Including a traffic search engine, AI Search:

and a tool that improves the conversions of any website, Web Widgets:

I basically went nuts and invested well over $20k on software building these tools.

Luckily, I'm still profiting from them today:

And, after 10,000 sales, it's safe to say others are loving Affiliate Bots v2.01 too...

So check it out. If you profit as an affiliate, own a website, or want to get more traffic, you will absolutely find at least of the 37 Affiliate Bots tools beneficial to your bottom line.

OK, it's been fun talking.

Thanks for reading this far.

And keep pushing those affiliate bars!



P.S. This article was long, so here's a recap...

Top 10 Ways to make Money as a JVZoo Affiliate

Tip #1: Focus on Lower Priced Products
Tip #2: Predict six-figure product launches, like a "Super Affiliate insider"
Tip #3:You Will Need to wait for JVZoo Instant Commissions (And Chase Delayed Commissions After 30 Days)
Tip #4:Get free JVZoo software & products... FOREVER
Tip #5: Find the top-selling JVZoo affiliates
Tip #6: CLONE what the top JVZoo affiliates are doing.
Tip #7:Give away bonuses with every affiliate promo
Tip #8: Widen your distribution, build your audiences, and build your list.
Tip #9: Use JVZoo tracking IDs.
Tip #10: Split-test subject headers, banners, affiliate links... everything.

P.P.S. And here's a run down of all the affiliate links & profitable resources I discussed.

Recap: All The Links

JVZoo hides some of these links, so be sure to read through (login to JVZoo before clicking some):

ProClub - Internet Marketing Product Launches Database
Muncheye - Internet Marketing Product Launches
JVZoo Top Selling Products
ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace
Check Your JVZoo Affiliate Sales with Tracking IDs (login needed)
JVZoo Official: Premium Affiliate - Training Video
JVZoo Unpaid Delayed Commissions - Check What Affiliate Commissions You're Owed
JVZoo Find Products -- Affiliate database of all products
King Of The Zoo - find the top-selling JVZoo products, updated daily
IDPLR - Resell & giveaway rights for 100s of products
Affiliate Funnel Bots - resell & giveaway rights for $5k of products, squeeze pages + more
ProClub Build Your Bonus - my custom, top-level bonus-fulfillment software
Software Generator - I sold over $300k of software like this. Now it's your turn. Build your own software in an afternoon. Then sell or give it away. Outrageous that I had the idea for this tool. Even more outrageous that I built it. And frankly inexcusable: that it's only ONE of EIGHT tools included inside DJK. I must be mad. Or generous. Or a bit of both. Hit the link to check out the full preview/training video for Software Generator - then hit the DJK sales page, knowing what you're getting, and checking the other tools.
Push Pro - build your own list... but using push notifications, not email. If you've tried list building "the old way", you will want to check this out (provided it's open when you hit the drop.. fingers crossed.. for you)
JVZoo Official: JVZoo Affiliate Tracking Links - Training Video
ClickMagick - tracking platform for Internet Marketers & BullNerds like me. VITAL when running any kind of cold traffic like Solo Ads
Google Optimize - FREE Advanced - Split-Test Solution, very powerful, but built by PhD engineers who don't care about usability
VWO - PAID Split-Test Software - very easy (and lets you "live edit" pages, hence "visual web optimizer"). Cheap for low-traffic users, but expensive when you hit xx,xxx visitors
AI Search Engine - part of Affiliate Bots 2.0. My searchable database of over 1 million targeted traffic sources. Best tool I built in 2018 (now doubled in size for 2019.. you pay the same price)
Web Widgets - Also just one of 37 tools inside Affiliate Bots 2.0. This tool will boost the conversions of any sales page/conversion website. You know it's true, cause I have 12 widgets on the Affiliate Bots 2.01 sales page itself. 37 tools? In 1? At this price? Geez, I'm too generous... I need to move to a $97/month SaaS model.


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